Last Night...
Last night....a dream???

Thinking of your voice and our past conversations while knowing all the ways you want me was driving me crazy, I needed to hear you. When you called I was already wet and filled with desire, so hearing your voice made it even more intense.

Although, I was already horny and ready I did enjoy you teasing me and making me wait. Your instructions were clear and sensual as usual. I sat on the edge of the bed, my tight dark green cotton tank showing every bit of excitement as my nipples tried bursting through. Panties slung around one ankle dangling with proof of my wetness glistening inside them. Hearing your hand stroking your hard cock that ached only for me, made my body quiver. I moved my hand over my breasts as instructed and paid close attention to the erect nipple, gently holding it between two fingers, rolling and pinching. Almost whimpering at the sensation of it.

Slowly working my hand down to the sweet spot between my spread legs. Closing my eyes imagining your hands, knowing exactly how you would flick, gently pinch, roam and probe. I listened for further instructions. Your heavy breath and slight moans as you stroked and instructed tickled my ears and made me crave more. I needed more. My hand slid through my wetness, two fingers made their way inside as you told me how much you wanted to taste me; needed to taste me. Before you even asked I had snuck my fingers up to my mouth and tasted for you, sucking and slurping on them imagining I was sucking my sweet juices off of you.

Your intense breathing and demands had me on the verge, I needed to hear you say it, I needed to hear you tell me to cum for you....and you did. My fingers rubbing and sliding in and out, sticky slippery goodness leaking out and my covered fingers getting it all over my inner thighs. Hearing you demand more made me need more. My fingers sped up, my legs quivered, my back arched I felt the pulses around my fingers, moaning and breathing heavy I released the treasure you created and demanded.

I loved hearing that sigh and satisfaction slip pass your lips. Your words of encouragement and satisfaction made me feel complete - "that's my girl, thank you baby"....mmmm lover "Thank YOU, my sexy friend". Until tomorrow night lover....
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