Last night in Fuji
I was stationed at a little MARINE CORPS in Mount Fuji Japan back in 1989.

I remember loving it there because I was just a small town , Hay hauling boy from Barnett Mo. I was a bit of an over achiever. Had to do things just a bit harder and better than the next guy. I suppose that explains why I pick the Corps instead of any other branch.

That and I knew the ladies just loved Marines!

I was tan, and stood a very stout 5'7 blond hair and hazel eyes. Only weighed 160 and could run the 5k in 18 minutes Yup, at 22 yrs. old I was traveling the world and loving every minute of it!!

It had been a long three months now and we were about to set off on the USS Dubuque the very next morning at 0:400 so a few of the guys decided to hit a little bar about a mile just off base called the White Lion.

It was in late December and it gets very cold there in that time of year so I thought about just staying in and getting ready for the next morning. I was a little bummed due to the fact this was going to be the one country I've visited and didn't get laid, I generally had a way with the ladies, very confident and cocky, and didn't have much of a problem with shyness AT ALL, So there was never a problem getting laid if I put my mind to it' weather it be a 20 dollar hooker of someone id met in a club, but this time id had no luck at all due to the hours we pulled and the overall lack of women around the base.

Boredom got the best of me and I finally decided to join in at the bar..just for a couple of drinks before we left So I got cleaned up and made the cold mile journey.

once there I remember all the guys standing around the bar and up against the walls talking and being loud ( as MARINES are) every table was full....except one table...

I couldn't believe what I was seening for in the middle of all the obnoxious chaos going on was two of the most beautiful Asian ladies id ever seen!

They were both sitting at the table alone in the middle of a pack of wolves whispering back and forth to each other as if the glaring eyes and sly comments didn't bother them at all. it was as if no one was in the room except them (and that intrigued me even more.)

more to cum!

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