Late for my three o'clock meeting
She was irresistible. She sat down about 5 seats ahead , facing me, on the number 6 train going uptown. Above the seats separating us, I could see her perfectly coiffed, sporty, blonde hair, her full, red lips. Above all, my eyes were drawn to her beautiful tits. Covered in a brown tube top, they were perfectly full, round, and firm. I am a sucker for tube tops and for tits. No doubt, I stared at them, trying to figure out whether they were real of fake, not that it mattered to me.

I pictured pulling down her top. Grabbing those glorious tits, working them with my hands, licking and sucking her nipples, working her into a frenzy.

I am sure, she felt my eyes on her, but she did not seem to be bothered. Whenever I looked in her face, she was squarely looking at me with, what I thought was, a slight smile on her face. I did not care much that she saw me undress her. I figured I would enjoy the ride while it lasted and our ways would part and that would be that.

It took me by surprise that as the train slowed for the next stop, she got up and walked towards the exit. I was not ready to let her go, I wanted more. Instinctively, I got up and followed her onto the platform

And here is where I realized that she did not just have glorious tits. Walking in her wedges, she showed off her toned, tanned, elegant legs ending in a tight, perfectly round, muscular ass under a short white mini. Once again, I found myself staring, thinking about how I would love to pull down that mini and lick her pussy for her, and for me.

I kept my eyes on her as I followed her up 7th Avenue. She turned on Raleigh and I saw her from afar going up the steps of a brownstone, unlocking the door. I was about 50 yards back, by the time I was at the door, she had disappeared. The plan had been to follow her, see where she ended up, maybe even make a mental note of the address, walk on, get back on the six train and still make my three o'clock meeting uptown.

As I walked by, I noticed the door was left open. Against all better judgement, I walked up the steps, pushed the door open cautiously.

"Hello?", I yelled, expecting silence or outrage from a startled voice inside, which would have woken my up from my silly dream and made me turn around and leave.

"Come in" instead a friendly, but firm female voice said.

She was standing in the living room, in her full glory.

"You have been following me?"

"Not really", I said. "I just could not get enough of staring at you".

"I noticed", she said. She smiled.

"What is it that you wanted to look at?", she asks.

I grin a little, I am not embarrassed at all. I am too excited.

"These?" as she puts her manicured hands on her tits and squeezes them.

I smile. "They are so beautiful", I say.

"Come here", she says as she extends her arms to me.

I stand next to her. She puts my hands on her top and I know what to do. The one thing I have been thinking about for the last 15 minutes since first seeing her. I push down her top, no bra, revealing her bountiful breasts, fake, voluptuous, firm and perfect.

I push them together and run my tongue along the slit between them. But I can not stand being overly gentle too long, her firmness calls for rougher handling. I run my hands over her nipples, hard and deliberate, and I am delighted to see her head fly back in joy. I play with her for a while, pushing the two mounts this way and that way, rubbing and pulling on her nipples.

She pulls my head out of her tits and asks"Was there anything else you were thinking about on the train?"

I smile and put my hand on her lower hip, grabbing for the mini. She spins around and bends over, holding on to one of her dining table chairs. "This?" she laughs.

I hitch up her mini and feel her her perfectly round, strong ass under my eager hands. I quickly remove her thong and return to massaging her, pulling her cheeks apart and making sure she can feel my fingers in her crack.

Seeing her ass and cunt in full view, I can not wait any longer. I unzip my pants and my hard cock springs out. I have not undone my belt or button and only by hard cock and balls, squeezed through the zipper opening, are out.

I run my cock over her ass, dribbling my early juices over her, leaving a nice trail. I slide between her legs, not entering her, just rubbing her slit. She puts her hand on it as it emerges on the other side, pushing it against her. Her hips pushing back at me, gyrating into me.

I want more of her. I kneel down and start licking her from behind, while she is still bent over. Her elbows resting on the back of the chai, I am delighted to see that she is cupping her tits and playing with her nipples, while I run my tongue deftly from her ass to her pussy and pack. Spreading her lips, exposing her fully to me and to my tongue.

"Harder" she orders, and I do. Now sliding my tongue into her as far as it will go, circling her inside, licking her walls. Her legs are trembling and her hips are gyrating under my touch. My cock, still trapped, is pulsing.

She gets up, pushing me outside of her, looks down on me and says "Come" and walks over to the sofa. She is still wearing her wedges, making her legs long and her walk sexy; as if it made a difference now. She lays down on her back, spreads her legs and lifts her knees to her chest. Her red, glistening pussy in full view. It is an invitation.

I finally undo my pants, take off my shirt and her smile tells me she likes what she sees. Hell, I worked hard enough for it at the gym. I stand between her legs and slide my big wanting cock inside of her, my eyes firmly fixed on her tits. I make them bounce as I begin to thrust into her. First slow, but then harder and deeper.

I push her legs apart for her and she uses her free hands to begin fondling her tits. I guess I am not the only one who likes them. I keep pumping, making sure I hit the right spots inside of her, while I am pacing myself.

She moans as I work her and she begins to play with her pussy while I fuck her hard standing over her. Her body twists and wriggles, she moans and groans, as do I, I tell her to cum for me, she tells me to make her cum now, to fuck her harder. Her fingers rub her clit, harder and faster in a crescendo that will make her explode.

I can tell she is close, so am I. "Don't you fucking cum inside of me" she blurts. I keep hitting her pussy with my exploding rod not able to hold it longer.

I pull out of her as she makes a final assault on her clit and comes in a huge wave, sending shudders through her whole body, clinching her pussy hard. Moaning loudly.

I grab my cock and stroke it while I watch her cum. She looks up and smiles, I begin to pump hard, arching forward over her pussy. My cum showers her perfect abs as she watches me. She runs her hand over her belly, spreads my juices over her tits, lifts her fingers to her mouth and licks her hand. "Mmmmmhhhhhh" is all she says.

I collapse between her legs. One of them draped over me, one behind me. My hand on her abs, caressing her leg, running down to her pussy. One of her hands on her tit, the other on my hand. It is peaceful.

After a while I get up from the sofa, grab a towel from the kitchen and clean us up. My cock still semi-hard, the door of the apartment still open.

As I get dressed, she lays there naked, her legs still apart, relaxed, comfortable with herself, and watches me. "Thanks, man. That was just what I needed, well wanted", she adds with a giggle. "Oh my god, I wanted you so much, the moment I saw you" I say to her, "So, thank you!". I grab my bag, go over to her, I give her a kiss that lasts just a bit longer than it needed to. "Maybe I will see you again on the six train" and through the door I go, late for my three o'clock meeting.
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