Laundry Room (part one, full)
This summer, I worked at a summer camp as Assistant Cook. Part of my responsibilities was to do the kitchen laundry every day. After one day, it became my favorite time of the day...

It had been the worst day of work so far. I had left the kitchen to do laundry in an attempt to get away from my boss, the head cook, for at least five minutes.

While in the laundry room, bent down with my head nearly in the dryer and my ass in the air, a friend of mine who was also a male counselor came in to make use of the shade while on his break.

I didnt realize at first that he was there, but when I stood up I caught him staring at me. It is so hot in the kitchen I often wear less than the official dress code, and today was no exception. The only difference was I did not have the typical apron to hide much of what was in that moment exposed...

I blushed, knowing he had seen what was hiding under my skirt, my nipples hardening beneath my thin yellow tank top almost immediately.

"Hey 'Kenzie, what are you doing in here?" I asked, to try to cover up my embarrassment.

"Just hiding out for my break is all... Looks like I found something interesting though, am I right Leah?" Mackenzie had me blocked into the little dark room, he was taller and stronger than myself and between me and the door.

"I should probably get back to the kitchen, something might burn.." I tried the first excuse I could think of. Wow, he's cute - wait, why am I thinking that? I needed to get out of there before I did something I would regret.

"I was actually just over there to snag a snack, and things seemed pretty slow. Take it easy, chill with me for a minute." He was pretty persuasive, and here I was nearly drooling over his summer tan and toned arms. I don't think I had ever looked at 'Kenzie quite this way before.

Momentarily tongue-tied I stumbled out some meaningless response, and continued to blush and scuff my feet. I felt the tension in the air, but had no idea what it pointed to. He moved closer to me, which wasn't difficult in the close confines of the small room. He placed his hands on my bare shoulders and I could feel his breath on my cheek.

"You know, Leah.. you're a great cook, but I've been dying to eat something other than camp food." His grin was sly, and it widened when he noticed my confusion. "Specifically, I've been dying to eat YOU."

'Kenzie grabbed my by the hips, hoisted me up onto the washer machine, and proceeded to (with very little prelude or warning) kiss me all over, rather voraciously. He yanked my tank top over my head and nearly cooed in appreciate of my perky little breasts and hard pink nipples. It was a matter of seconds before he had one in his mouth.

I had finally gathered enough piece of mind to understand where things were headed, and I began eagerly participating and encouraging. I spread my knees apart so that he could get as close to me as possible and laced my fingers into his hair, he took the opportunity for one of his hands to travel towards my little pussy mound where he began to tease me by touching everything but the one spot i desperately needed him to acknowledge.

He continued to ignore my clit, although at that point I couldn't tell if it was on purpose or not. Out of frustration I took a hold of his head and forced it between my legs, clearly dictating what his next move should be. He started out cruelly slow, licking across the outside of my slit and sucking gently on my pussy lips. He continued to tease for what I almost hoped would be eternity, but all too soon it ended.

Expecting him to move on, or crank up the speed, I moaned and squirmed on top of the washer. I was flushed, and very near to an orgasm when I heard him say out of the haze of pleasure, "Well that's it for today, Leah, see you tomorrow!"

I almost cried.

I understood the situation then. He was doing this for his own pleasure, not mine, and he would clearly be unhappy if I took my pleasure upon myself. But I did so anyway. And it was the best orgasm I have ever given myself.

The next day the laundry room got even hotter...
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