Lazy Sunday
Sleepy stretch; my fingers and toes splayed as I glimpse the early morning light. I roll over to snuggle into you. My fingers lazily playing on your chest, drawing soft circles. I look up and you're snoring with drool running down your chin.

"Hmmm. Very sexy," I giggle to myself. My gaze leads me to look down your form and I see the familiar curve of the blanket. I take a brief peek underneath and see that your cock is drooling as well. "Oh yes, very sexy."

I slide down, careful not to wake you, and crawl under the blanket between your legs. I spread them wider and lay down slowly lapping under your balls and suck softly on your perineum. Inhaling your scent, I stifle my moan. Oh, you smell amazing, raw and masculine.

That scent makes my pussy throb and moisture form between my thighs. My fingers move down to stroke soft and slow against my clit as I grind my hips into the mattress. The speed of my fingers matches that of my tongue circling your balls.

I'm careful not to wake you. I listen for the smallest stirring, the smallest change of breathing. I stop when your leg twitches and don't continue until I am sure you are sleeping again.

My hips continue to thrust against fingers and bed. I want nothing more than to ride your cock hard and fast. I want nothing more than to jump on you and envelop your dick, driving hard until we both end in a climactic, glorious orgasm that leaves us both panting, sweating, reddened and sweetly content.

My lips press against your balls. I kiss them softly like two precious gems; lovingly, reverently honoring and caring for them. I hold the orbs in my hand and gaze at them wondering if this is where your desire stems from. The soft skin is like silk in my hand; and it feels decadent and raw.

I press small kisses along them, each one sucking a little more of your skin each time. Open-mouth kisses wetting your skin until finally, I fit your whole sack in my mouth. I slowly roll your balls with my tongue, getting lost in your flavor and scent.

My fingers are glazed in my desire as I stroke my pussy that weeps and longs for you. Your balls fill my mouth and I swear I can feel your lips on me again; your tongue penetrating my wet canal. I can feel your nose grinding into my clit and your mouth panting hot air against my sex.

"STOP!" My mind shouts, stirring me from my thoughts.

Your leg twitches and I pray that you don't roll over. You let out a small sweet moan and settle again. It seems like an eternity that I freeze in this position, listening for your slumbering breath to resume. That deep rumble begins, my mouth unclamps from your sack and I watch the drool run down to wet the sheet. I give your velvet pouch a soft lick and slowly approach the base of your cock with my broad tongue.

My hips swell and fall like waves on the ocean as my fingers wiggle and shake. Soft panting breaths escape my lips and fall across your cock. I tilt my head and press my lips around your shaft. My mouth sucking on the side of your rod, deep and hard. It makes me wonder if I can give you a hickey on this blood engorged thrill ride. I try my damnedest to make it happen. Sucking hard and deep I want to mark you and claim you as mine - a brand on your skin that you belong to me.

My mouth feels empty and void, hungry to taste your cock again. My tongue strokes up and around your head. It swirls along that ridge as I feel the throbbing against my lips. I plunge down and moan softly as your cock fills my mouth.

"FUCK!" I was lost.

Your legs clamp over my back and your hands run through my hair. I smile, my hips grinding hard, electricity scorching through my core with every stroke. I can finally release the deep, longing moan that I've kept repressed since my mouth first touched you this morning.

Plunging down deep, I feel your cock in the back of my throat and I try desperately to swallow it down. I gag a moment, saliva running down your shaft. I swallow and feel you filling my tight throat. Your hips begin to pump and thrust as my mouth takes your length. My nose presses into your hips and my chin smacks against your balls.

You thrust your cock deep as my hips grind hard. My fingers dance on my clit and I feel my orgasm imminent. I'm on the edge as you thrust and stretch my throat. My fingers in a frenzy and my mouth devours you.

Your balls tighten under my chin. I can feel it coming. The head throbbing in my mouth, plunging deep into my throat. My hips wild, grinding as my fingers stroke desperately. Your cum flows through the pulsing shaft and your hips thrust forward while you scream out your release.

I soar as my own sex climaxes in a thousand little pinpricks inside my core. My wet depths quiver as I feel your spray in the back of my throat. I stroke firmly and quickly over your cock as my tongue laps at the tip. Splashing your seed against my cheek with every tongue stroke, my lips seal tight against your skin as I suckle at your phallus. My cheeks vacuuming every last drop within you.

We both lay in the sun soaked room, panting and gasping for air. Collapsed on your hip, I feel your hand stroking my face. You pull back the covers as I smile up at you with your cum dripping from my chin. I moan deep as you pull me up to kiss your lips, to share your essence. Then we fall asleep again to enjoy the lazy Sunday we always share in bed.

I open my eyes and the shadows on the walls have shifted. My smile grows as I feel a wet stirring between my legs. I lift the covers and you know you've been caught. Oh, how we enjoy this game.
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