Learining Her Fetish, Discovering His Weakness
Julie forgot how hot it was in the south. The open window on the bus, stifling heat pouring in, reminded her, very quick. Her red hair, tied in a nice pony tail when she left cool, Vermont, was now frizzy. Strands were sticking to her temple. Trails of sweat ran down her freckled cheeks.

Four years ago she left the family farm, now returning to help, not just to plant and harvest, also a thousand other things to do on the farm, but to put the finances in order, to be an accountant for her parents.

She cried upon seeing her mother as she got off the bus. Her mother cried too, bright green eyes, shared from mother to daughter, swam with tears. Her dad too had tears of joy, his red hair thinner. Julie hoped her's would not.

Seeing the family farm brought back many happy times. Corn, taller then her, as a child, Julie and her friends would hide under their stalks. Her eyes went to the south pasture, green tomato plants, their red fruit soaking up the sun. Woods bordered that pasture. A cave was in those woods, her cave.

Running through the rows of corn, silk tassels of hair stirring in the breeze. Last time she ran through the rows, she was trying to stop her collie, sweet ums, from chasing the bunnies out of the field. She missed him still.

A canopy of maples brought some relief from the sun. Beams of light, finding their way in, warmed her cheeks. She removed her sneakers and socks, letting her toes cool in the rich earth.

Her cave, much cooler, her sweaty body chilling in its shade. Like yesterday, she remembered every turn and twist of passages, every rock that might stub her toe.

She moved deeper into its darkness, her eyes quickly adjusting till she saw the dream like reflection of the pool, shimmering on the walls. Smiling, she put down her sneakers, took off her sweat damp clothes, and dived in.

Cold, silk feeling water made her scream in delight as she surfaced. Laughing, she forgot what a perfect amphitheater this chamber is. Her hello, whispered, amplified. She spun around to another amplified hello.

Tall, dark, wavy hair, blue eyes, amazingly bright, friendly smile. He's holding a shirt in one hand, his well muscled chest, Julie wasn't that shocked to wonder if sweat ran down its tan skin. "My name is Brad," his voice so deep! "Came in for a dip, see you had the same idea." He laid his shirt on a rock, next to her clothes. She felt herself blush, knowing he was looking at her panties, lying out for him to see. He started undoing his pants, "what are you doing?" His smile widened, it was contagious to her. "Taking a dip, like you, naked like you." Her toes curled from his voice, her body, no longer cool, its skin burned, her ass the most, wanting his hands there. Her nipples stiffened, like a small stalactite, growing down from the roof of the cave, hidden in the shadows. She didn't look away as his pants came down. Muscles bulged in his thighs, a dark crop of hair, above his cock, very long, like the longer stalactite hanging over their heads. She watched him undress, not a shy bone in him, her mind blank, body, liquid hot, seeing the glory of a naked man. He dived in, creating ripples from his point of entry. She felt him in front of her, he's looking at her nakedness. His head eased above the surface, his friendly smile so very sexy. His face had marbled features, strong, but soft underneath. He kissed her, stealing any rational thought she might have had.

She melted, fitting snug against his body, his tongue found hers, making her mind spin. Their legs entangled, his hard sex pressing her tummy. His large hand cupped her tiny breasts, another gift from her mom. Finger and thumb pinching, waking a heat in her. She moaned in his mouth as his hands squeezed her ass. Heat rose like steam in her body. She felt him moving her through the water, dancing her through its silk.

Brad knew this pond as well as Julie. He sat himself on a smooth ledge sticking out under the shore. He pulled her up onto his lap, his cock poking her skin. Mouth on her breast, sucking nipple and drops of water, squeezing her small ass harder. Her legs straddled his, he moved to her other breast, her fingers worming through his hair.

Her body jolted forward, her scream would have woke bats, if they nested in the cave. His hand stung her left cheek, fingers rubbed where he just smacked, red rising in the skin. She smiled, liking the burn. WHACK! Her body went forward again, her nipple grazing his teeth. WHACK WHACK WHACK!!! Both cheeks were sporting red wispy lines now. Her vagina lips swelled, her wetness, a mix of water and her. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK!!!!! Her green eyes were smoky, starring into his burning blues.

Over his lap, his cock hard against her hip, drops of cum, sticky on her skin. His hand pounded her ass, red welts on her cheeks. Cum on his thigh, running down into the dust of the floor. They were out of the water, leaning against the wall of the cave, Julie cumming from an old fashioned spanking, a fetish she never knew she had.

Standing her, admiring his hand work, burnt, red lines, looking wind blown across her ass. Brad moved her legs apart with his, his cock a throbbing muscle. She moaned, as loud as when he spanked her as he entered her pussy. Her walls stretched to allow for its thickness, her length had no choice but to stretch as his cock was very very long. She came, hard, swift, juice running down her thighs. He held her hands against the wall, holding her up, fucking her sweet body like a crazed man. Fast furious thrusts made her body lift, forcing her on her toes. She squirted as his cock pounded her core deep inside. He pulled out as he swelled, thick squirts of cum splashed her ass, cooling the sting.

Turning her to face him, forcing her to her knees, he watched her mouth take him, clean his cock. Her suck was slow at first, her tongue licking the last few drops that came out. Wanting more, more cum, fucking, mind blowing orgasms, hard, stinging spankings, she sucked him harder, feeling him grow in her mouth. It was his turn to moan, for his knees to buckle, his hands to palm the wall, holding himself up. His moans turned to gasps, his body bucking, her mouth doing its magic. Lips tight on the shaft, tongue licking its vein passages, suction hard, lifting him, making him stand on toes. "Here it comes," he need not say it, his cock was a wiggling mass in her mouth. Cum splattered the roof of her mouth, warm, thick. Cum went straight down her throat, more melted on her tongue, tasting so good to her. She discovered his weakness, his body quivering as he came to her mind blowing suck.

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