Leather, The Cause Of It All!
This story is inspired by V 9's very attractive "luvtowearleather." Seeing her pics triggered a sequence of fond memories. So, I asked her permission to spin a yarn about how hot, sexy, leather outfits turn me on.

The turn on begins at a swingers club I frequent. Tonight, three gorgeous gals walk in wearing leather that kills. One's wearing a fringed leather teddy, another a soft roughout babydoll and the last one has complete control over my expanding awareness.

Time Out:

One fact about swingers! At a party, no one has to feel awkward or intimidated about why they are there.

Another fact! It's O K to spread the word about who's who, who does what, who likes it a lot, who gets it on, how long, how intense, who likes it hard, fast and wild, who likes to be subtle.

Yet another fact! It's O K to ask for support. For instance, I asked for help in controlling premature ejaculation. With several suggestions I attended a couple of sex workshops where I learned that pre mature ejaculation can be transformed into multi orgasmic experiences. This piece of information and a hell of a lot of practice, turned me into an all night, all week end long, sex loving maniac who craves sex more and more as a result. People create their own priorities in life. Swinging is mine. Try it, you might like it...then again...:)

Time In:

She has an outfit that grabs my eyes and shifts their focus right to my favorite lusting passion. Her tight low rise chocolate colored roughout shorts with loose lace up sides has me picturing her thighs wrapped around my ears, my tongue slipping and sliding toward her treasure of treasures, her unusual bulging mound of Venus opening the edges of her shorts just enough to make any grown man salivate profusely.

Her loosely worn lace up bra matches her shorts. Full rounded tight picturesque breasts with nipples so huge they peeringly illuminate the darkness above a low cut front edge of each cup. Her nipples are awkwardly the largest part of her breasts. I've always had this fantasy about meeting a girl with enormous nipples. Be careful what you fantasize about!!!

It's been my experience that those of us with awkward anatomical features have a companion mate somewhere in the world. It's also been my experience to find acceptance especially at swingers parties where awkward translates into enticing.

This is the night I decide to wear tan 'cutout' leather shorts with open matching leather vest. I love the way they fit and feel. I have to be cautious though, the feel of soft roughout leather is like an aphrodesiac. The movement of body parts inside loose fitting leather is a tantalizingly erotic feeling to say the least. No underwear needed, it just limits the feel and freedom of letting it all hang where it loves to hang free.

Our eyes are glued to what fascinates us about each other. Another one of the thrills about swinging clubs, It's alright to display fasciation. In fact that may be the very thing that attracks companionship.

Her two friends notice the intensity we share for each other. They smile at her, hug and disappear into the kitchen. She wastes no time in advancing in my direction. I waste no time in meeting her half way.

"I love a guy who's completely free about showing how turned on he is. Hi, I'm Niki."
She doesn't bother with hand shakes, it's mouth to mouth feverish tongue depressing passion wildly on the loose.

"Hi, I'm"...

"I already know who you are Rod, that's why I'm not holding anything back. I've been wanting to be with you since the first rumor I heard."

"Wow, I didn't know rumors were so powerful. How come I haven't seen you here before?"

"I've only been coming for about two months. I let it be known that I'm interested in hooking up with a guy who'll not be intimidated by my strange awkward anatomy. One of your girl friends shared your same dilemma and I fell in love with her description of you."

"Double Wow!!! Sure hope I can measure up to that description. I'm always on the prowl for a women with extraordinary features. My friends shared with me that those are features not to be embarrassed by, they're features that enhance sensuality. Folks here have helped me come to grips with awkward."

"Somehow I knew we were going to hit it off. That leather outfit is striking. I love the way it accents your hanging features. I have no doubt about either of us measuring up to any preconceived expectations."

"Likewise, you seem to already know what turns me on 'cause you appear to have the accentuated features that drive me insane."

"Yeah, another girlfriend of yours who shares our 'extrordinary features' told me how you two disappeared for over a month after finding each other so sexually compatible."

"I do love getting intimate with one person at a time, taking it to the limit and getting together time after time with no superficial nonsense in the way. I can only do that with the right person. So far, there are only three girls I'm comfortable being with and one of them still won't let me fuck her. She loves oral sex and I love being with her so we hit it off. I love these parties because swingers don't have all the hang ups of social conditioned behavior. They escape the nonsense by truly being open and free."

"Well, I'm a no nonsense girl who loves fucking to the extreme. When guys get wiped out I usually go home and use a massive stimulating dildo to finish satisfying my desires. Your girfriends tell me I won't have that problem with you."

"I do love the same intensity you describe and yes, I love extremely deep penetration. Only twice have I found someone who loves it as much as I do. Of course I do love oral sex as well. If I have to choose one over the other it's definitely deep penetration to the max."

"I knew from the rumors we would be a match to recon with. I'm a get in on girl who likes getting subtle only after I've been throughly, satisfyingly pussy thrashed, which doesn't happen very often. I also love oral sex but no guy has ever wanted to eat my pussy because it's quite overtly awkward."

"Why does that turn me on just hearing those words? My mind is a blur with fantasy pictures
screaming by like a kalidascope. Awkward is my middle name and subtle is like a calm before another storm. You're right, we are a match to be reckoned with. I only hope our bodies can perform to our mental expectations."

"Let's find out! There's no fantasy that can match the reality you're about to witness. Let's sneak into one of these rooms and really get to kow each other. You may be the very person I've been searching for all my life."

As we excitingly saunder into one of my favorite rooms our hands can't control themselves. She uses both hands to fondle my cock and balls. One of my hands slides behind her petite butt to feel the errogenous area between her cheek and pussy, the other cups as much of her bulging vulva as possible. One finger then another slide up inside her low cut leather shorts and to my amazement they strike pure gold. The most lusciously wet pussy I may have ever felt is moments away from opening its gates of Eden.

Without hesitation we're out of our sexy leathers. My cock is so engorged and aroused that pre cum freely issues from its flared crown. Niki bends over licking cum from its gaping opening then realizes how wide and deep the opening is. Her tongue explores it's depth sending me into an exhilerating high. She feels my cock stretching out further as it fully hardens and begins throbbing. Her hands surround the shaft as she strokes its length then sucks a burst of pre cum into her mouth with tongue licking swipes that instantly have me on the verge of a desperately seeking orgasm.

"Don't you dare, I want our first orgasm to be together."

She leans into me for a kiss with an enticing trickle of cum at the edge of her mouth. We attack each other tongue first while she maneuvers my cock to the edge of her entrance. Spreading her legs she guides it's crown between her enormous cushion like lips sending shivers of excitement through my shaft and up my spine.

I envisioned her pussy to be huge but she's beyond belief. My entire crown and hood glide between her flowery lips before ever reaching her smooth saturated welcoming entrance. Her hands masterfully coat the head and shaft of my cock with her abundant juices. She takes time to investigate the huge bulge that flares out behind the crown into the massive head of my cock. Then she checks out the enormous taper down to the base of my shaft. "Rod, you destroy my imagination. Your girlfriends wouldn't reveal your secret weapon, they just said, "You'll find out all on your own."

"Well, I've had to overcome the destruction of circumcision. That doctor was a real butcher.
I've used a vacuum pump to help restore some of the foreskin but it takes a long time. The vacuum action has smooted out some of the uneven scar tissue but it's still rather gross."

"Hey, I love this cock just the way it is. Don't be messing with it, leave that to me. I know what'll cure whatever trauma ails you."

As she finishes her sentence she pulls me into her pussy until we tighten up. I hesitate but she wants more. She grabs my butt and pulls me further into her. My eyes can't stop checking out her enormous nipples. Her breasts are moderately full bodied but those nipples take up over half again the size of her breasts. I couldn't create a woman more fascinatingly sexy than Niki. Her wide mouth lips create an exotic smile across her chisel shaped jaw giving her a most appealing erotic passion hungry look. Her tongue is extremely long and she swirls it so sensuously no matter where it goes.

Her pussy becomes so tight then all of a sudden my cock burts through her super long convoluted cervix into a massive chamber of bliss. The last third of my shaft glides into her as her lips flatten out against my pelvis. The crown of my cock pleasantly mashes into the back of her uterus forcing her entire pussy to strech out of shape. We both take a few gulping breathes before realizing we're on the edge of a massive orgasm. She guides me over to a bean bag then leans backward saying, "Fuck me Rod, I'm going to cum, fuck me hard and deep, lets cum together."

The weight of my body forces my cock deeper as she pulls on my hip bones. She feels so amazingly tight yet the entire length of my cock glides with ease through a most exotic rippling maze of spongy textured warmth. I back off as that enormous bulge enters her cervix but after a few thrusts she relaxes and we're heading for a mutually awaited massive climax.

There are times when an orgasm just spurts out with bursting globs of belching cum. Then there's the orgasm that has very little cum and seems rather weak. But this sensation takes us into another dimension of sexual gratification. With deep breathes hesitating after every exhalation there's a forced pause in our breathing. She slows me down by twisting my hips suggesting a different angle of penetration. I follow her lead and my cock dives in deeper than ever. Her face lights up as we begin a series of long slow deep penetrations that bottom out with a forceful pile driving like crunch. The build up of cum is tremendous taking its time and not being rushed as we're both experiencing the same advancing peak of excitement.

What's about to happen has never happened before with either one of us. It's as if the seventh wave, the big one, is building momentum and finally crests with a giant pipeline slow motion break. Cum oozes out of my crown in a steady stream without any bursting jolts then expands into a full open faucet like gusher. Her pussy becomes saturated with our combined flowing force of juices. She spreads her legs into a perfect split. My hands press on her tighs to force them even wider. She guides my hips with every controlled complete sledge type hammering thrust.

"Don't stop Rod, give it to me with those long, deep thrusts, fuck me as hard as you can, as hard as you want...this is the longest orgasm I've ever had and it's not over...Oh Yes, keep that same speed, Now...Now Rod, do it, give me that precious cock of yours. Fuck my pussy like you've never fucked before, like you've always wanted to fuck and never could."

"I don't want to stop Niki. Your pussy is an amazing magnificent treasure chest of blissful ecstasy and I want to explore it's every hidden treasure. Hang on Niki, I'm gonna fuck you harder than I've ever fucked anyone. We're so fit for each other."

"Do it Rod, I want all you've got, don't hold anything back."

The smooth spongy feeling of her engorged pussy lips is such a sensual turn on. At first I thought I'd have time to enjoy the convoluted sections of her pussy inch by inch but she craves being fucked hard but not to fast. She knows the speed that it takes to sustain orgasms and she's letting me know it.

The flowery petals of her lips hang down stimulating my balls and adding a driving sensation of bliss to every thrusting plunge. My cock is so pleasurably engorged it feels like it'll never go limp. I love this sensation. I hope she means what she says because I won't stop fucking her untile she holleres uncle. It's almost as if I'm out of control. Her arms let go of my hips and they just flail randomly in the air. We seemingly go into a slow motion aura of bliss guided by automatic lust fulfilling passion. The sensation is so overwhelming it's as if an orgasm has a mind of its own and this one seeks boundless intense pleasure.

"Take me to the moon, Rod, fuck my pussy like a pile driver on steroids that's gone wild. Do it for me Rod. I know you're feeling what I'm feeling, go for it 'til we're both numb. I can take it so don't back off, drive that cock into my pussy full force."

I start fucking her so hard and deep that every thrust begins taking a special effort to complete. The exhileration is beyond belief and worth every once of effort. I can't believe how hard I'm fucking her and she's enjoying everything I've got to give. I've fallen in love with a deep penetration queen from heaven.

"Keep going if you can Rod, this sensation is so overwhelming. You fill my pussy with delight. I love that outrageous cock of yours. Don't change anything about it. Those gnarly scars send my clit into ecstasy. Can you feel it?"

As she describes her feelings I become aware of a huge apendage pressing on the entire length of my cock. I reach down to feel her exposed lengthening clit dragging along my shaft. Her clit it so huge it fits in the palm of my hand. I start stroking it as I continue fucking her. Her body spasms, rotates from side to side then begins convulsing in a spasmodic mode. Her state of bliss is encouraging the peak of this orgasm to continue without letting up.

"Oh God, Rod, keep doing that, you've given me that never ending orgasm I've dreamed of but never had until now."

I can masterbate her clit its so huge and its getting more and more engorged bursting out from the upper portion of her lips to expose its enormity. I stretch my hand around my shaft with her clit in between so she can feel her clit sliding against my cock and palm.

"Press harder on my clit, it's giving me a wave of multiple orgasms and I don't want it to end. Make me cum Rod, make me keep cumming 'til I'm dry. Fuck me Rod, fuck my clit, fuck my pussy...just fuck me into forever. Oh my God, I've never felt this good...fuck the hell out of me Rod, I know you can do it...I've been wanting this since like forever. Do it Rod, keep doing it."

Her words are like an inspirational aphrodesiac. She's in such a blissful state of heithtened awareness her words are almost expressionless. They just demand what her body craves and it makes me want to satisfy her every craving. She's already satisfied every craving desire I've ever fantasized. Just knowing how much she loves sex is an ultimate turn on. We can definitely get subtle later. I'm sure she enjoys other sexual pleasures but I'm sure glad she wants to be fucked the way I'm loving fucking her.

It's definitely the longest orgasm either of us ever experienced and it took just the right set of circumstances to achieve. Wonder if we can ever do that again???

"Hey Rod, you can slow down if you want, I'm on cloud nine and I think I'll be here for the duration. Thanks for giving me what I've needed and have been craving forever. I do enjoy other positions and I sure love being on top but I needed what you gave me and if you'll let me I'll give you whatever you want."

"You are what I want. If you'll let me I want us to satisfy as many craving desires as we have in our storehouse of dreams. This is just an apetizer of what I'm sure both of us crave. What would you say if I ask to treat you to a week of unending sex during a trip up the coast to Monterey?"

"First, I want you to keep doing what your doing. Who taught you to be a jockey? I love those extreme side to side angle penetrations with that maximum thrust in the center and I know you've found somthing out about my pussy that lights up that mesmerizing smile on your face like I've never seen anywhere."

"I swear, You've got a pussy that delivers the most outrageous sensual pleasure I've ever known. About those wild excursions I love sharing, I must warn you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I love fucking even with a semi limp cock. It's what gets me ready for the next go 'round."

"You've got me ready, willing and able. No one's ever fucked me like this before and I'm getting off on every thrust. I love being fucked for a long time Rod, the longer the better. The more positions you want to explore the more you turn me on. Then watch out 'cause I'll just bet you like being fucked by someone who can keep your cock throbbing for more and more excitement limp or hard."

She's keeping my cock so hard right now with gentle massaging strokes that won't allow me to stop fucking her. Her eyes close, she leans back stretching out her petitely thin body with perfect muscle control, then tightens her pussy around my throbbing cock. Her chest pulsates forward, her back arches, her neck stiffens signaling another orgasmic rush. I join her once more in completing our mutually magnificent introduction to creations greatest gift.

We relax into each others arms with sweet perfume and musk cologne sweat adding another sensuous pleasure to the after shocks of multiple climaxes. "Guess we're headed for the coast highway to my favorite hideaway."

"Let me throw my leathers on and I'm all yours. Hey Rod, I know you want to eat my pussy and suck my tits just as much as I want to suck your cock and balls. Lets spend our first night on the road doing just that. I'll suck your cock and balls while you drive, you eat my pussy and suck my tits as I drive and we can trade positions on and off as we travel the cum along highway to heaven."

"Niki, you're my all time favorite dream come true. Lets grab those leathers that started this adventure and hit the road."
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