Lesbian Doctor Examines Woman's Daughter
My eighteen year old daughter Kristy was recently hired by a modeling agency, but she had to have a physical examination at their downtown office before she can start working for them.

Yesterday I drove us downtown and found a space in the parking garage. We took the elevator to the tenth floor then walked into a very large reception area with several couches and comfortable looking chairs. We were greeted by a cute oriental girl receptionist and she invited Kristy and I to follow her to the physical examination room.

The receptionist led us down a long hallway then opened the door and said the doctor will be with us shortly. Kristy and I sat down and soon a very beautiful woman about thirty years old wearing a doctor's lab coat entered the room.

She introduced herself by shaking our hands then turned around and picked up Kristy's medical chart. She read through it briefly then said, "Miss Kristy, please take off your pretty dress and underwear if you are wearing any then stand next to the examination table."

Kristy stood up and took off all her clothes then handed them to me. The doctor set the chart on the counter then put on a pair of latex gloves and walked over behind Kristy. She ran her hands across Kristy's shoulders, down her sides, then gently grasped Kristy's firm little ass cheeks and squeezed them a few times.

While the doctor was doing her examination I could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra or panties. The white lab coat that she was wearing was exceptionally short and it was unbuttoned down the front almost all the way to her waist.

Anyway, she told Kristy to turn around and face her.

The doctor then leaned forward and kissed the nape of Kristy's neck then she softly said, "You are a very beautiful girl and you smell very nice. I have decided to give you a very special examination."

The doctor kissed Kristy's neck one more time then stood up straight and took a step backwards. She reached out with both hands and began gently caressing Kristy's firm young breasts. After a few moments the doctor leaned forward and gave each of Kristy's nipples a quick kiss then said, "Miss Kristy, your breasts are very nice. They are just right for your height, weight and frame size. I especially liked how your nipples perked up and got hard when I touched them."

The doctor then instructed Kristy to lay on her back on the examination table and raise her knees up slightly. As Kristy was laying down the doctor looked over at me and said, "Mrs Matthews, I always like to be comfortable when I examine new patients. Is it okay with you if I take off my lab coat? I will leave it on if you think it would be improper, but I prefer to be naked during this part of the examination."

I immediately responded, "Oh please doctor, just act like I am not even in the room."

The beautiful doctor stepped directly in front of me about three feet away and began unbuttoning her lab coat. She looked down at me as she unhooked the last button and let the lab coat slide down her arms to the floor.

I thought to myself at the time, "Oh my God what a gorgeous body she has! Slender and toned with a perfect pair of breasts that most women would die for!"

I immediately told her, "Doctor, you have a very nice figure. Has this agency ever approached you about modeling for them?"

The doctor thanked me for the compliment then turned around and walked over to the examination table. She put one knee on the soft cushion then hopped up and straddled Kristy. She moved forward a little bit so she was looking down directly into Kristy's eyes. I noticed the doctor's full breasts were hanging down and touching Kristy's as she said, "Kristy, do you like to have sex with girls?"

Kristy replied "yes", then the doctor asked, "When is the last time you had sex with a girl and what is your relationship with her?"

Kristy looked over at me for advice, so I said to her, "Go ahead Kristy, answer the doctor."

My daughter hesitated a few seconds then shyly replied to the doctor, "I love having sex with girls and my Mom and I slept together last night."

The doctor looked over at me and smiled then looked back down at Kristy. She began to casually move her naked breasts back and forth against Kristy's as she said, "Miss Kristy, I have to check between your legs to make sure you taste good and smell sweet. Do you mind if I do that?"

Kristy immediately replied, "Oh no doctor, I do not mind at all. Please let me know what you think about my pussy. I want an expert doctor's opinion."

The doctor smiled again then lowered her head and began tongue kissing Kristy.

Kristy began moaning softly and after few moments the doctor slowly backed off the table and stood up. She pushed Kristy's legs apart then buried her face in Kristy's sweet tasting pussy. Kristy started moaning loudly and thrashing around while the doctor continued her special examination.

Suddenly, the door to the examination room opened and the receptionist looked in. She made an audible gasp then yelled down the hallway, "Doctor Stevens! Natasha is playing doctor again! Come quickly!"

The girl that I thought was our doctor quickly grabbed her lab coat from the floor and ran out the door!

Moments later an older man about sixty years old walked into the room. He introduced himself as our doctor and apologized for letting something of this nature happen to us. He said, "I am sorry Mrs Matthews. One of the models here likes to play doctor on occasion. This is such a big office building that I can't keep track of who is walking around. Please forgive us and I will start the examination right now. All I have to do is give your daughter a quick visual exam and take her blood pressure. It should take no longer than five or ten minutes."

A few minutes later Kristy and I were sitting alone in the reception area by the elevator waiting for a manager to schedule Kristy's first photography session.

The door to the hallway opened and "Natasha the Doctor" stepped into the room and started walking towards us. She had on a beautiful black silk dress that was completely open in the front and her big firm naked breasts gently swayed back and forth as she walked.

When she got to Kristy, she reached into the front of her black thong panties and pulled out a small piece of writing paper. She handed the paper to Kristy then wrapped the matching black silk tie around her waist to hold the dress together and got on the elevator.

As the elevator door closed Kristy read out loud the note that Natasha gave her. It said, "You passed my physical examination. If you would like to go boating on my millionaire boyfriend's fifty foot yacht with a few of my girlfriends this weekend then please call me. You beautiful mother is invited too. Love, Natasha."

After reading the note Kristy said, "Mom, do you think I should call her? I really liked the physical examination she was giving me before we got interrupted."

I replied to Kristy, "I think she is a really nice person and would also like to get an examination from her."
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