Lessons for Carmen
When my sister and her husband came to visit me, they brought along Carmen, their daughter. It had been a while since I had seen her, and she was all grown up. Carmen got all the right parts of both her parents. She was striking for being in her senior year of high school and about to graduate. We exchanged the usual pleasantries of meeting with my sister's husband, holding on to me for longer than necessary with a kiss just a little more than a peck. My sister was in a good mood, but Carmen seemed to be very moody.

My sister gave her husband that look when he spent too much time with the hugging and kissing me, but I sometimes think she was used to it. I hate to admit it, but I enjoyed her hugging me with her body nestled into mine. I never pushed it, even when we were kids, but there was no doubt I liked it.

When my sister and her husband went out to evaluate some property, Carmen stayed home with me. I thought an excellent opportunity to find out what was bugging her. We sat in the rec room and talked about everything. I finally asked the question I would hope would find out what was bothering her.

"Carmen, tell Aunt Carol, why all the gloominess. Boyfriend problem? College selection problem? Mom or Dad too much on your ass? What is it, honey?"

"Can I be blunt, Aunt Carol?"

"Of course. Be as blunt as you want."

"I have been going with Paul for over a year. He would love to do it, but I am scared to death of getting pregnant."

"Why not the pill, Carmen? They are not 100% safe but pretty good. They did me well until I had my tubes tied, but you are way too young for that."

"Mom would be OK with it, but Daddy is such a moralist, he checks on everything I do, even what sights I look at on the internet."

I almost laughed when she said that because her father had visited me alone, right after my divorce, and wanted to take care of my needs. I would never do that unless my sister asked me to sleep with him. I didn't think she ever thought of that, and I never told me he came to visit with thinking he was going to put me to bed.

"Carmen, there are other ways to make him happy sexually without getting pregnant. I can tell you your mother masturbated your father while pregnant with you. She blew him a lot too."

"That is what Paul wants me to do to him, but I don't know the first thing about it, other than I know he would put his thing in my mouth. I don't want to look like a idiot with him. I can't get on the internet looking at porn sites as daddy checks on everything."

That certainly did not sound like her father I knew who made no bones about asking me to blow him when he came visiting without my sister. He even took it out, and it was tempting. I found out for myself what she was bragging about all those years. He had one of those you could put your hand around, and there would be a lot left over to see.

"Would you like me to show you?"

"Aunt Carol, how would you do that? You don't have one."

"I do in my bedroom nightstand. I have three in fact. A 6 inch-er, an 8 inch-er, and a 10 inch-er, all with a suction cup to put anywhere for me to use."

"Am I asking you too much to show me and teach me? Mom says you have a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends too."

"I hope your mother hasn't been telling tales out of school.?"

"Oh, Aunt Carol, she just says you like it both ways."

"I could teach you that too, and we would need a dildo."

"Aunt Carol, maybe in the future, but right now, I need to learn to blow the man I hope to marry."

"Carmen, I will remember that, and when you to explore, just let me know. Now let me go get my dildos. By the way, what size is your Paul?"

"I think about 7 or 8 inches. I have held it in my hand, and there is a lot there."

"Honey, why didn't you masturbate him?"

"I feel so dumb. Paul kept saying to put it in my mouth. I became flustered, and we just stopped the whole thing."

I went and got my 8-inch dildo and stuck the suction cup on the coffee table. Carmen was wide-eyed as I knelt at the coffee table.

"Carmen, I believe the best way to give a man a blow job is him sitting and me kneeling in front of him. Of course there are other ways, especially if you are in a car or in bed with him. In front of him, whether he is sitting, lying, or standing, you have the best opportunity of giving the most pleasure."

"Aunt Carol, when you say that, it is so sexy."

"I spend a lot of time enjoying his cock and balls long before I put it in my mouth. I believe a lot of men like their package worshiped. I do that with small kisses and little sucks all over them. The head of their cock has the most nerves for pleasure, just like your clit."

"I know that Aunt Carol when Paul rubs me there if I don't have an orgasm, I get one when I get home."

"Carmen, I am glad you are getting off, but make Paul get in the habit of getting you off, and make sure he goes down on you if you don't get off when he fucks you."

"Oh, Aunt Carol, I never heard you talk like this. It is so earthy. It is so womanly."

"Your mother and I talk very openly when we are alone."

"Have you ever gone down on mom?"

"I would never do that, Carmen, unless she asked."

"Just think about you and mom going down on each other is so sexy."

"I know, honey, I have thought about that myself and masturbated."


"Now, back to blowing. You will know when to put it in your mouth. Paul will be begging. If he is leaking at the tip, take you tongue and lick it off very softly. Make sure he sees you do that. I always lick to kiss the tip and then let my lips open enough to let his cock start sliding into my mouth."

"Paul always says he wants to fuck my mouth."

"They all say that, but I like to maintain control, letting it slide back and forth in my mouth while hitting the back of my throat. If you go past that, you will have to learn to control your gag reflex. My dildo can help with that."

"Can I try?"

Carmen listened well as she let the dildo slide into her mouth while she parted her lips.

"Carmen, where happened to all the warm-up kisses. You got to remember that. Also remember when you let it slide in your mouth, hold Paul's balls. Now, try to take it all."

As expected, she gagged. She tried again, and after four tries, I will give her credit, she got it down her throat. Paul is going to love this little lady when she goes down on him.

"Carmen now comes the hard part. That little taste you had on the tip, usually is sweet, but when he cums in your mouth, an altogether new taste will hit you. Don't fret, it is acquired taste that you will come to enjoy. Don't try to swallow while he is cumming in your mouth. Save it, and open your mouth to show it to him. All men like to see what they did to you, and then swallow it. Another thing they like."

"How long does it take to acquire the taste?"

"Everybody's different, honey. Just like some men like to cum on your face, and some want to cum on your tits. Everybody gets off differently. I had an affair with a man who loved cumming on my breasts and then licking it off. We both liked that.

"Aunt Carol, talking like this with you, I am wet."

"Well, sweetie, you are not the only one."

"Aunt Carol, do you find me attractive?"

"Anybody would, Carmen. You are a very sexy young women. Paul is lucky."

"Can I call you and tell you about it after I do it for the first time with him?"

"If you didn't, I would be hurt. There is something we haven't talked about that you don't have to worry about getting pregnant. Letting Paul fuck you in the ass."

"He brought that up, but I said no."

"Good girl! That is something you should save for marriage with Paul or an affair with another lover."

"Aunt Carol, I am not even married yet, and you are talking about affairs."

"Most of us do."

"Even my mom?"

"Even your mom."


"She will tell you when she thinks the time is right."

"Aunt Carol, would you mind if I took off these wet panties, I am uncomfortable as hell."

"Not at all, the bathroo..."

Before I could get it out, she stood up, pulled up her skirt, and pulled down her panties. Her skirt was high enough to see that she was bare, just like all the young ones. Who I am I to judge, I am bare myself. Sandy and I like it that way.

"Aunt Carol, do you have anything for me to wipe on?"

I gave her one of my napkins.

"Would you wipe me?"

It is decision time. I had a choice of feeling my niece's pussy or telling her no. I will never tell what happened next, but she joined the club. Her mother and I both held memberships. Carmen turned out to be very good at it, and I will leave it at that. I guess I broke my promise by telling you.

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