Lets Play Some Pool
She leaned over the pool table to make her shot. The smoke drifted lazily overhead in the dim bar. Happy about having the bar to herself, she surveyed the balls on the table before making her next move. Her expertise was evident as she sent ball after ball into the pockets. She rested the cue against the table and leaned over to rack the balls. Her long tan legs stretched as her body extended over the felted table. Straightening she reached for the drink balanced on the edge of the table. Filling her mouth with the icy liquid, she surveyed the empty room. With a small shrug of her slender shoulders she turned her attention back to the balls on the table. She took the cue in her hand and moved into position to break the rack. She slid her arm back and forth a few times before allowing the stroke to complete. Her eyes followed the cue ball as it struck the lead ball with a loud crack. She watched as the balls scattered across the length and width of the table.

Large hands came out of nowhere and roughly latched onto her waist. She could smell his cologne as he shoved his body against her. Her thighs slammed against the table. Using his force, he pushed her face down on the table. Her hair fell around her face in a disarray. His beefy hand grabbed her hair and tugged until her head was raised.

"Do you want it?" his low voice grated out even as he bent over to cover her body with his own.

She shook her head as panic seized her spirit, jerking her body in an effort to get away from his overwhelming power.

His laugh was a harsh hiss in her ear. His body anchored her to the table as his hands slid around her waist to the buttons at the front of her shorts.

She grunted and squealed in protest causing his sweaty hand to clamp firmly over her mouth. She struggled against the pressure trying to bite the flesh to free herself. Her shorts fell to the floor as she protested. His hand roughly cupped her mound and pulled her against him. She cried out in pain as his finger roughly probed her body. She struggled against the hand held firmly against her face, trying to get it to move, panicking with the reduced air flow. Her feet pushed against his hairy legs trying desperately to free herself from the demeaning position.

With no warning he flipped her body over and pushed her back down on the pool table. Balls rolled crazily across the table in a kaleidoscope of color. Her legs fell over the side of the table, dangling. His hand held her captive by the handful of hair held taut in his fist. He freed his engorged body from behind the fly of his shorts and cruelly shoved it into the unyielding body of the girl laying before him. She struggled against his invasion causing him to pull out a scarf from his pocket.

"Do I need to gag you?" he asked menacingly, with no disruption to the un-relentless pounding that was giving to her body.

Her head fell helplessly to the table as his cock grew and throbbed within her. She closed her eyes, needing to mentally distance herself from the ferocious scene being played out upon her innocent body. She shuddered as his body convulsed and emptied into her. He sighed with obvious relief and slumped over her still form. Taking only seconds to calm his erratic breathing, he pushed back to a standing position. Still standing between her outstretched legs he looked down. She trembled with fear as he looked at her shaking body. Reaching out he grasped the hem of her long tee shirt. Disdain filling his expression he pulled the soft fabric until he was able to wipe his wet glistening penis with her shirt. Slowly he pulled up his zipper. His eyes on her face he took a step backwards. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He held it between his two fingers before flicking it toward her abused body. It floated to the felt beside her as he turned and walked out of the room. She watched as he disappeared from view, her right hand groping for the paper. Her left hand rested on her stomach. Unable to control her sensual urges, her hand strayed lower until it slipped into the moist heat of her body. After only seconds of exploration she felt her back arch off the table as her body splintered and exploded.

The paper was crumpled in her fist when the pulsating vibrations receded. She carefully opened the paper and held it up to read it.

"Love you. I'll see you at home."

Smiling she stood up, anxious to return home.
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