Liam Max Again

It was in the art tutorial with Miss Babbage that Max saw his next opportunity to impress. It was a life drawing exercise where a few babushka dolls were placed in a clean rubbish bin and tipped on to a table. Max knew Miss Babbage would spend a lot of time with George who was up the front and hopeless. She would patiently explain and encourage, until, almost pulling her hair out with exasperation, she would take the paintbrush from George and do the painting for him.

Max knew he wasn't high on Miss Babbage's exasperation scale. He settled on his stool behind his easel and quickly, with broad strokes, drew his impression of the babushka dolls. Then he set out brushes and paints on the work area. Gracie, with her tedious lines had something on her paper that looked reasonably finished as George was yet to apply a brush to his paper. It had disturbed Max that Gracie hadn't said a word to him since he had first sought to impress her. He was determined to tempt her again.

He slowly slid his zip down and took his engorged thing out. Gracie stopped her drawing to watch and he winked as he grabbed a paintbrush and started. He held his thing up and painted the head a reddish brown. Under, where it filled out, he painted blue and with a fine brush he drew a fine black line.

Gracie watched carefully as he quickly worked. Her hand was between her legs. She was so wet. His thing remained huge and stood tall as he quickly applied the paint.

At last she saw what he was doing and her eyes lit up as she leaned forward to look. Gracie giggled as he looked up from his work, put his brush down and checked Miss Babbage. She was busy with George, trying to encourage a line from him.

Max held his babushka doll up as he waited for the paint to dry and teased it to avoid any wrinkles. He found his note pad, quickly wrote on it with his other hand and passed it to Gracie. She took it and started to read.
"Max!" He heard Miss Babbage's voice.

"Please bring your work to me." He started to stuff his babushka doll into his pants.

"Now, Max, please. Quickly!" Max got off his stool as his hands were busy. His zip jammed with the haste.

"Pick up your work now please." Gracie was shocked and her complexion changed to white. She watched as Max took his work, holding it in front of him as he went. Miss Babbage watched carefully and when he was in front of her she gave her critique.

"Sparse, you normally would have done much more. It seems strange that you seem to have been busy all this time and done so little. Pass the work to me please." He hesitated but her hand went out and he passed it to her. Her eyes came to rest on his babushka doll.

"I knew you had done more," she said with a note of sarcasm. "I think you should share your work with us." She clapped her hands for everyone's attention.

"Gather round please and Max will show us his work." There was the noise of scraping stools as everyone assembled.

"No, don't put it away Max, we all want to see." Max stood, unable to find a way out of his predicament. As the others gathered they gasped with surprise.

"I'm sure we're not seeing it as you painted it Max. It was larger, wasn't it?" She turned to Gracie.

"Note please, Gracie. He gave you a note. Bring it to me please. It might relate to his work of art." The others in the class sniggered as they watched. Gracie got something and passed it to Miss Babbage.

"This isn't it, the paper he passed was folded and this isn't." Gracie went back to her desk and returned with the paper. Miss Babbage dramatically read it for all to hear.

"For you!"

"Isn't that a lovely thought Gracie?" Gracie shifted her weight from one leg to the other. She was embarrassed.

"Meet me after and I'll wash her hair for you." Max was busily studying the floor.

"Well, Max, this is interesting. It's "after" now. We'd all like to see you wash her hair. I'm sure you'd like to share." Max stood, stupidly, in front of her. The others in the class sniggered with embarrassed laughs.

"This is the most original work we've had all year," Miss Babbage said. There was silence.

"It's life art painted on something that is alive. Life on life if you like, highly original and the best work I've seen for a long time. I'm sure Max won't want to leave it unfinished. Would you like a stool, Max? Dianne, get him a stool please." Max quickly sat.
"Start, please, Max." He didn't move.

"It would be a pity not to complete the work, Max. Your diploma depends on it. Pick up the babushka doll and start please."

Slowly he picked up his doll. He held it for a time before his hand stroked it.

"Thank you, Max. I like interactive art. Continue now please." Max continued to stroke his doll and with the silence in the room he lost some of his hesitation.

"Very good, Max, continue please." He gathered enthusiasm for his task. Gracie stood back, too frightened to be involved but sufficiently interested to watch. It wasn't long. His hips moved to the edge of the stool and a squirt of white liquid shot from the top of his babushka doll, followed by more as he leaned back. There were delighted murmurs and both Miss Babbage and Sophie clapped their hands. As the last welled out they saw the hair of the babushka doll get its wash and the paint disperse.

"Is that the end of the performance, Max?" He looked back at her and indicated it was.

"Right, everyone, back to your seats and we will give our critiques. Thank you Max."

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