Light as a featherr
It is morning and the early light of dawn warms the windows, the air is pungent with the scent of last night's passion as you begin to stir from your sleep. I am awake replaying the erotic scenes of the previous nights lovemaking in my mind and I am becoming aroused as the smell of your essence fills my nostrils and my mind turns a new to pleasuring you.

I take the feather I had hidden last night from under my pillow and begin to gently trace the outline of your pert breast and the smile on your face gives you away even though your eyes remain closed. I circle the dark skin surrounding your nipple and enjoy its response. Your nipple rises with each gentle flutter and I linger on its erect tip thrilled by the sensuality of the vision before me.

You keep your eyes closed but your enjoyment is obvious in a thousand ways as your body responds. I move my feathery seduction to your stomach and smile as you move your hips involuntarily to the delicious sensations. I move further down to your mound tracing the v shape of your navel as I watch your breath quicken and your breasts heave.

I continue my erotic journey to your inner thigh, moving lightly from your knee upwards but stopping ever so close you your honeypot. Only to return down your thigh as the tension in your lusting body urges me higher. My passions are rising, and my manhood stands hard and throbbing as I attend to your body. Your hips writhe with each slow and purposeful sweep of the feather and you sigh as the lust of your body grows like a fire burning deep inside, and only then do I move on...

I circle your honeypot watching intently at each new sign of your enjoyment I slide my feather along the lips of your labia like butterfly wings on a flower and thrill as your petals part to expose the pinkness within. I circle your honeypot getting closer and closer as your hips try to catch my feathery wand with each new flutter and I watch the beauty of your clitoris rising seeking my touch and I obey willingly.

The feather holds your body in its touch and I watch you writhe in pleasure with every swipe, your flower reddens in wanting and your clitoris grows as if reaching out to be further seduced and I continue touching, tickling and delighting in the pleasuring of your body. I watch as your body tenses as your orgasm builds from deep inside and I tease you even more as you give yourself to your bodies pleasures.

I watch your hips thrusting wanting for more as the feather brings you to a climax that overwhelms your body, so deep you squirt your juices onto me and I smile as I watch your cum roll over my body. Like a medal well deserved I am proud to feel its warmth sliding down my skin.

Your body lays naked before my eyes and I take in its complete beauty as you lay sated for now and slowly regaining your breath, your eyes have remained closed throughout my seduction and as I lean forward to kiss each one open I feel my urge to have you so acute that I barely control my desires. This mornings lovemaking will be long and intense touching senses that may have lay dormant for too long and rising in eroticism with each new encounter.
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