Like Father Like Son
"I won't be gone long babe", Luke called out as he walked out the door.

Irene nodded and continued to move toward the bathroom. Leaving the bathroom door open, Irene quickly turned the hot water on full blast. Facing the large mirror she watched her reflection as each article of clothing was removed until she stood naked. Her skin was smooth and tanned as it stretched and covered her supple body. The steam from the hot water began to swirl around the room encasing her body in its sensuousness. Shaking herself from her silent critique, Irene moved gracefully to the large shower stall and stepped inside, quickly shutting the glass door behind her. She breathed deeply, enjoying the sensuous cascade of water that flowed over her body. Her eyes closed as she lathered her hands and ran the slick soap over her upper body. Her breathing became short and choppy as her hands brushed over her nipples. Her left hand strayed lower on her body, delving between her legs. The slick moisture was evident as she pulled her finger free and brought it up to her full lips to taste. Her body shifted as she sat down on the built in bench and spread her legs allowing her hands free access to her moist delicate folds. As her fingers probed and caressed her she became mindless to her surrounds as her head fell back against the shower wall.

The young adult stood in the doorway watching the scene before him. His eyes were opened wide. His breathing was deep and his nostrils flared at the sight of Irene and her wanton sexual display in the shower stall. Jesse knew he should turn around and walk away; however his legs would not move. Entranced he watched Irene's long fingers slip in and out of her pussy. His body responded to the unplanned show, growing and hardening within his pants. His eyes roved over her wet body. He wanted to kneel in front of her and replace her hands with his own. He wanted to dip his tongue into her wetness. He wanted to slip his body deep inside of her tempting body.

He closed his eyes as tremors of desire rocketed through his body. "No, I can't" he muttered to himself, "this is my fathers girlfriend".

Unable to take his eyes off of the object of his lust, Jesse began to back quietly out of the bathroom. Taking one small step and then another Jesse jumped in shock when he felt his back hit against a solid object. Swiveling around Jesse looked up and stared at his father in dismay.

"I, well, I" Jesse started to stammer.

Luke looked at Jesse and put his finger to his lips and turned his son around to that they were both facing the shower. Irene remained totally unaware of the drama playing out in the bathroom as her fingers worked frantically within her pussy, her moans echoing in the shower stall. The two men could see her thumb occasionally encircling her clit, causing her breath to catch. Both men watched, their erections growing harder as Irene stroked faster and came closer. Her panting increased as she pushed herself closer and closer to the edge.

Her cries of ecstasy shattered Luke's self control. "Stay here", he quietly commanded to his grown son as he strode to the shower.

Pulling the door open it only took Luke moments to reach in, twist the faucets and gather the soaking wet Irene into his strong arms. Her eyes softened even further as she nestled into his embrace, "I was just thinking about you," She whispered into his ear.

"I should hope so" he responded with a light laugh as he walked into the bedroom and laid her gently onto the bed. Irene's eyes opened to look at Luke.

"Thinking isn't as good as the real thing, beside that; you didn't get to have any fun."
With that, Irene reached to draw Luke down onto the bed.

A movement on the other side of the room stayed her movements as she noticed Jesse standing quietly beside the bed. She looked from Luke to his son in question.

"We both enjoyed your unplanned show, and we would both appreciate some fun". Luke looked deeply into Irene's eyes as desire flashed.

Motioning with his free hand, he beckoned his son to move toward the bed. Moving to a sitting position beside Irene he casually stroked her breasts and glanced at his son.

"Whatever you wanted to do while you were watching Irene play with herself....." His words died away as he watched understanding dawn in Jesse's eyes.

Jesse quickly moved onto the bed. His hands lightly touched Irene's ankles following her legs up, spreading them wider as he moved between her outstretched thighs. Kneeling, he leaned forward. His lips touched her pussy lips. Her slick moisture covered his lips. His tongue darted out to taste the essence of her body. His tongue came out to tease and probe her swollen flesh, driving her to a mindless state of desire. His own body throbbed and burned as he explored her secret depths.
Irene lay on the bed, her head thrown back against the sensations coursing through her body as Jesse's tongue pushed deeper. Luke's hands cupped and held her breasts, his fingers rolling over her nipples causing her body to start and jump with each pass of his fingers over that sensitive flesh. Here eyes searched and found Luke's. Wordlessly she pleaded for what he wanted to give. Luke moved to her head and unzipping his pants he offered his engorged cock. Moving her head slightly to the side, Irene slowly took him into her mouth. He moaned as his cock was sucked into her warm mouth. Jesse looked up at the noise, his eyes growing wide at the sight before him. He could feel his own member tighten with desire as he watched the erotic display before him. Looking at his father with a question in his eyes, he let out a sigh of relief when Luke nodded his assent.

Quickly Jesse rose and dropped his pants to the floor. Moving into position at the juncture of Irene's legs Jesse pushed his hard penis against Irene's soft folds. He could feel her heat against the tip of his cock as he sat poised at the entrance. He could feel her pussy pulsing against him as he slowly pushed forward. The tip of his clock slipped inside her, tempting him with her honeyed warmth and tightness. Her body pulsed and squeezed the head of his cock. He pushed onward until his body was nestled against hers in the most intimate of ways, his cock deeply imbedded inside her.

Irene gasped at the full intrusion of his cock, her mouth opening wider allowing Luke to have full access. Without a thought, Luke thrust into her hot mouth, the tip of his cock penetrating deep into her throat. Irene eyes widened and then softened as she locked gazes with Luke. Both men began to thrust and press into her body. With little thought, they coordinated their movements to work in tandem within her pulsating body.

Irene was the first to shudder and shake as her body found exquisite release from the pressure that the men had been cultivating within her body. Her body arched and bucked against them as she rode out wave after wave of pleasure that rippled through her. Jesse and Luke both found their pleasurable climax at the same time as Irene's body involuntarily pumped and squeezed them, her body uncontrollably wild. With a small scream Jesse collapsed on the bed, momentarily spent. Luke sighed deeply as his cock slipped from Irene's lips as he relaxed beside her golden body. He relaxed beside her, tenderly caressing her body as they all gathered their senses after the experience that they had just shared.

Jesse was the first to move. He quietly pulled his pants on and moved off of the large bed. He was at the doorway before anyone spoke.

"Thanks," Irene softly called out, her hand held tightly within Luke's strong one.

Jesse turned and smiled "No, thank you," Jesse nodded to his father and then he was gone, the soft click of the door all that remained of his visit.

Irene sat up in bed and moved toward Luke. "Thank you love," she softly whispered, her lips lightly touching his lips.

Luke looked deeply into her eyes, easily reading and understanding the deep love that she felt for him. He knew that he had made the right decision.
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