Like husband, like wife
It was a good workout. I like Julie, she is a great personal trainer. We have an arrangement. She lets me stare at her perfectly round, firm tits tightly squeezed into her gym top, and I push and pull a little bit harder on the weights she gives me. It seems to work for both of us.

Even without the added benefit of Julie's tits, working out often makes me horny. So, as I let the warm water run over me in the gym shower, I always discretely massage my cock a little while I pretend to wash. As often, it responds immediately today and I feel its core harden just a little. I pull back my skin to give it some extra tension.

There is nobody in the shower room and I am tempted to jerk myself off real quick, but it seems too risky and I hear some guy coming through the door. Although it has stopped me in my jerk-off tracks, his presence does not help.

He is an Adonis. He is tall, has thick, short black hair, ruggedly shaved face, his chest muscular with just a little hair, my age, and his arms and legs long, slender and muscular. I know that if I touched his ass, it would be rock solid. His cock is beautifully.

He walks over to the showerhead almost opposite me. An interesting choice given that there are about 12 others, all empty.

I watch him run his hands over his muscular body, his ass, his chest. I notice that just like me, he spends a little too much time his cock and balls.

I continue my routine as I watch him and I notice that I am getting harder. I have to hide my half-hard cock now from him.

It looks like he noticed but does not mind. He is now leaning against the wall, his legs spread a little, looking straight at me, smiling and massaging his cock, openly for me to see. I can't tell whether he does it for me or for himself.

His cock has swollen up under his hands. It is long, elegant and he is well trimmed.

I am inspired. I do as he does, I lean back, take my now fully hard cock in my right hand and stroke it while I watch him. We look straight at each other, with an understanding, an agreement, although to what is not clear yet.

We watch ourselves jerk across the shower room. I watch him pump while one hand runs over his body and plays with his balls. His knees slightly bent, I can tell exactly how he is feeling because I am doing the same thing and feeling the same tingle in my cock as he does. I am thinking about squirting my spunk and how it would mingle with the shower water.

He smiles, pushes himself off the wall and comes over to me with his hard cock leading the way.

"Hey, man. I like what I see", he says, as he puts his hands on my chest and runs it down my body, past my cock, to rub my balls and then back along my cock. I let go of mine and grab his hard piece.

I always love touching another guys cock. It's such a weird feeling because I am so used to feeling mine. I know every vein and bump on mine, but another guys's is completely different. It's not like touching pussies of various women. There is no one pussy that guy can know as well as his own cock, so the surprise is always less when feeling pussies. His cock feels big and strong in my hand.

We stroke each other for a while, water running over us. We both are hard as marble columns and I am certainly thinking about cumming.

We hear commotion in the locker room. The pick-up basketball guys are done and will be in here in a little.

He says "Wanna go somewhere to continue?". "Sure" I say.

I follow Mark's car to this place and am thinking about fucking him. Straight up, we will get into this apartment, rip our clothes off and do it. Seems like a good end to the day.

We go up the elevator, before he opens the door to his apartment he says "I have a surprise". I have no idea what he means.

His apartment is amazing. It's one of those modernly decorated, all white and chrome, penthouses overlooking the hills. He walks in and shouts "Honey, I am home. I brought a guest".

What the fuck, I thought, we were just going to got to his place and fuck. I was not thinking about a three-guy affair. Before I can say anything, a stunning, blonde comes around the corner. Her large tits and perfectly toned ass in yoga gear.

"Hi, I am Lauren, Mark's wife", she says.

I give him a look. He smiles knowingly. Mark explains that we met at the gym and thought we would hang a bit.

"Sure. Why don't you guys grab a drink, go outside and I will get some food ready".

We grab two beers, open the large glass sliding door and step out onto the large terrace. I walk over to the railing to take in the sweeping view of the city.

Mark comes up behind me .I can feel his hard cock in his pants. He asks "You ok?".

"If I can fuck both of you, I will be", I say.

"That is the plan", he smiles as he reaches around me and puts his hand on my rapidly bulging crotch.

I turn around and he pulls me to the cabana at the end of the terrace. We lay down and pick up where we left off in the shower. We take off our shirts, unbutton each others jeans and take out our rapidly hardening cocks.

I pump his cock hard, while he pulls on mine as if he wanted to squeeze out my juices. Feeling his hard piece makes me even harder. I run my hands over his chest, rub hard on his nipples, but my hands always find their way back to his hard rod, just as do his.

We pump each other rock-hard, there Is not much teasing, we are ready to go. We are moaning a little, but we both know this is just foreplay.

"Ok, guys" I hear Lauren's voice "It does not look like you would be interested in food". She has brought out some small dishes and has sat down on a lawnchair opposite us. I notice that she has changed out of her yoga outfit into a simple black dress. She looks even hotter with her blonde, wavy hair, open.

I look up somewhat embarrassed, but Mark keeps working me, with even more intense effort.

"Don't let me disturb you" Lauren says, as she leans back in her chair, her legs spread just a little, smiling.

Mark and I are ready for more. We pull each other's jeans off and I finally get to put my hands on his hard ass and grab it. He does the same. Our cocks collide like two swords in battle.

I notice out of the corner of my eye that Lauren has hitched up her dress and slid one hand down her black thong. She is rubbing herself while watching her husband and some stranger s hard cocks.

The sight of her turns me on even more. I am thinking, somebody has to suck my cock soon.

After a while of us pumping each other and her rubbing herself. Lauren gets up, comes over to our cabana, drops her dress to the floor and says "You big boys, need a good suck".

She gets on her knees, as do Mark and I, facing her, and we offer her our hard cocks for sucking. She grabs them eagerly and brings them to her mouth, runs her tongue over one, both, I can't tell what is what. She slaps mine on her face while she sucks on his, she grabs them both in one hand and suck on both of them. My cock hits Mark's, rock on rock.

She is beautiful. Her tits are large and firm and they hang down as she sucks our cocks. I grab them and play with her nipples, my hand running along her back down her ass. I take of her thong and stare at her bouncing ass as she plays with us. . I run my hands down to her pussy and start playing with it. She moans lightly. I love the idea of touching her pussy while my other hand is on her husbands ass.

We lay her down on her back and we both run our cocks over her entire body. I particularly like slapping my hard, glistening rod against her tits. I am a tit-man after all. Marks circles her pussy with his wand, promising more to come.

Mark lays down next to her, and begins to massage her pussy. He knows exactly what to do. She moans and arches, wanting more.

She eventually lays on top of him, his cock rubbing against her pussy, right in front of my eyes. It is a marriage made in heaven. I take Mark's ramrod in one hand, spread Lauren's lips wide and guide him inside of her. His piston fills up her tight pussy nicely.

I can't help but lick his rod as he slides in and out of her. My tongue sliding up to her asshole as he pushes in.

I kneel behind her and rub my hard cock against her ass as it comes up for air at each of Mark's thrusts.

She knows what's coming. I pull her ass cheeks apart to reveal her hole. I collect some of my pre-cum on my fingers and use it to lubricate as I slide my thumb into her ass. She gasps a little, looks back at me and smiles.

I pump my cock with my hand a few times for good measure, and place my tip at her hole, as she slides back from Mark's next bang, she hits my cock hard and I slide in, not fully, but enough to get her to let out a little scream of joy.

With each of Mark's thrusts, she slides deeper into me as I hold on to her hips. I can feel Mark's cock inside of her, sliding against mine, and our balls rub against each other as we hit her together.

We go faster, in perfect union and her periodic moans have grown into screams. Eventually, she lowers her head onto Mark's chest, raises her ass for me to pound. She screams "Now!" and with a few hard strokes she explodes in my hands. Her body shuddering and her whimpering loudly.

She rolls off of Mark, exhausted. I look at him and say "I am not finished assfucking, come here, you slut". He grins and gets on his all fours.

I repeat my routine of moistening my thumb with precum and slide it into him. Just like his wife, he groans a little and arches his back. I get back in my kneeling fuck position and slide my cock into his tight ass.

I pound him just like I did his wife. His push-backs are harder, giving me an extra kick when his ass hits me on the rebound.

Flashbacks of his wet body, making himself hard in the shower of the gym come back to me, turning me on even more. I hit him hard building up my cum inside my steel pipe.

Lauren has recovered somewhat and is taking all this in. She has positioned herself under Mark and is milking his cock. He is ready to blow and I tell him to.

I look at Lauren and we gang up on Mark. We synchronize our hits on him and he has no choice, but to cum hard as I bore myself into him in the back and Lauren sucks out his juices from the front. He explodes all over her tits in a loud grunt.

Seeing him cum, pushes me over the edge as well. I pull out of him, offer my cock to Lauren who eagerly sucks on it a few times, tasting her own juices, mine and Mark's. She pumps it hard. She makes me cum very easily and I splatter my spunk all over her tits, right where Mark left his traces.

Lauren smiles, spreads both of our cums over herself, scoops some up and licks it off her fingers.

"You boys!", she says with a smile.

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