Lillian Finds Romance in Newport Part II
I have asked many times if there was more to tje Lillian story, and of course there is. You might want to read part I to get intrpduced to the characters. Enjoy;

Part II

James awoke to the feel of the hot sun beating on his bare back and ass. His white Navy uniform shirt had served as a pillow keeping the sand out of their faces. Passion spent he had turned on this right side in the soft, warm, white sand to shield Lillian's naked body in his arms as they both drifted off to sleep. He knew her inner thighs were covered in a mixture of fine sand and their now dried cum.

Smelling her soft perfume James quickly began thinking of the slick pink folds his tongue has visited earlier, lapping at her sweet nectar on the way to her pleasure button. His cock instantly awoke as blood rushed to his thick cockhead as it readied to be surround once again deep inside if her tight, hot, wet and pulsating tunnel of passion.

Lillian's head was nestled in his right arm and though he felt a slight cramp, as well a competing desire to urinate, he was determined to endure the discomfort as long as he could to let his angel sleep. Jim knew that if anyone on the Newport Cliff Walk, were to look down at most they would see would be the exposed feet of two sunbathers taking a nap.

Lillian sensed James awaking by the increased rate of his breathing and the slight poke into her left thigh from his thickening manhood. She willed her breathing to remain steady so as not to disrupt the peacrful spell between them. She had fallen asleep with her hands interlaced with James left hand to cover her breasts. She instantly wished she had instead held his fat cock in her hand left hand so that she would awaken to feel it thicken within her grasp.

"You are so beautiful" James whispered so softly Lillian almost missed it as he deep voice blended with the crashing waves below them.

"Mmmmm, Why Thank you" Lillian stirred, pressing his palm firmly against her breast.

Sliding her head softly to the his forearm James rose up on his elbow saying "You're awake" then with a smile looking down at her he added " I'm almost sorry I woke you".

Lillian felt a flush and was instantly teased by the soft pressure of his strong fingers squeezing her breasts, teasing her sensitive nipple. She scooted closer, smiled back up at James and then turned on her left side to face him while trapping his thick cock between them.

"Oh I'm not", she replied. "I would rather be awake and make love to you, then just lie here dreaming about it."

Lillian looked up at her new lover and searched his face for any sign of regret or disinterest. Thinking back to her recent explosive climax Lil once again felt the unique tingle in her pussy and wanted reassurance that this was not a onetime event. She wanted, no she NEEDED, to feel the line between her past loneliness and heartbreak was drawn so deeply into the sand that she could never fall back across it.

James now supported her head in his right hand. He could see the flashes of questions coming from her eyes. Gazing down at her tenderly he used his left hand to softly trace the curves of her milky white breasts, the firmness of her budding nipple, down her right side coming to rest on her firm sweet ass. Gripping it he pressed her firmly against him as he softly kissed her lips. His kiss was tender and yet tentative more of a brush of the lips than a kiss. Lillian realized it was more of an offer, than a demand, an offer he seemed to fear she would reject.

Lillian reached up with her right hand and cupping the nape of his neck drew James down to her with a passion she had never known. She did not want to be kissed, Lillian wanted to be possessed. Their tongues entwined like two spirited flamingo dancers. James contrasted his deep kisses with light, soft, slow caresses of her full breasts, flat tummy and smooth Mons. It excited him to trace the dried rivulets of their past climax between her legs and then delve his fingers deep inside to find fresh, hot and wet desire once again springing forth.

Lil had some remnants of discomfort, from her recent introduction to James fat cock, but she did not care. The pre-cum seeping from his pulsing cockhead excited her and drew her attention to feel of the hot rush she had felt as he had recently exploded deep against her cervix. She know her climax, once again building, would send her legs shaking high into the air releasing cascades of pleasure to wash away any slight pain it took to get there.

As James moved his lips from hers he began a deliberate slow planting of kisses and nibbles. He started with her ear lobe, then her neck, under her throat, down across her breast and then began a tightening circle around her areola's. Lillian sensed the speed and frequency of his kisses to her nipples coincided with visits of his expert thumb to her clit.

"You are driving me insane" Lillian complained half heatedly as she bucked her pelvis firmly against his probing fingers.

Jim replied, between suckles of her left nipple, "I just want to please you like never before."

"My TURN" demanded Lillian and she pushed herself up from the sand while pushing James back on to his back.

Taking his fat cock within her two small soft hands Lillian pressed a long kiss to kiss cockhead, her tongue licking the salt from his pee slit.

As she open her mouth she breathed "I'm going to enjoy this mmmmmmmmmmm".

To be continued..........
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