After three counseling sessions in his office, I reminded him of his promise to let me pursue his wife, Linda. He agreed and said he would make sure Linda and I would meet. I asked him about the member he mentioned that occupied her time now. He told me he should have never said to me that and refused to divulge who it was. Well, I didn't expect to be fucked in his private office either, but that is what we were doing. I would have liked a hotel room or even a cheap motel, but his office was all that he was offering. If he weren't so damn good, I would have told him to shove it. Besides, I was cheating on my wife by not telling her, and Sandy had always made sure when another man was involved with her, she told me.

I had seen Linda many times. She was always dressed perfectly for her position as the pastor's wife. Usually a smartly tailored suit with a knee length skirt and a blouse buttoned to the neck, Her breasts well hidden beneath her suit jacket. Never saw her with more than a 3-inch heel. Her black hair in a short style made me wonder if she colored it or would it be the same around her pussy. Being she was so conservative in dress, it was hard to believe she was messing around with somebody. I will admit just the sight of her made my panties wet. I wanted this woman, and never felt that way before until I met Sandy. Sandy's casualness with sex was just the opposite of Linda's conservative look. Sandy's pursuit of me made me feel like a goddess. I wanted her to go down on me, and I wished she would never stop. I wanted to have Linda feel that way about me.

I finally met Linda at a holiday picnic and was introduced by her husband to Sandy and me. This is a different Linda. She was dressed in a very short skirt with pants underneath. Her thighs were even better than the calves I had seen in those knee-high skirts. Her legs were so shapely, it was hard not to stare. The mid sleeve silky type blouse was loose around her breasts, but no longer covered by a jacket. Her bra must have been loose as her breasts bounced so deliciously. I watched Sandy look her over, and I was jealous.

I watched Linda see who would be paying attention to her and it became apparent her member lover. Gary James was too much around her to be casual circumstances. If this was true, it was surprising because the gossip was he was banging Olivia Crater's daughter. One knock up and abortion later, it could be over with those two, leaving Gary to play footsie with the pastor's wife. Olivia was spreading the payback words, although he was hung like a horse, he was a lousy lover. Maybe Linda only liked horses, but I was determined to find out.

Linda and I had a friendly conversation, and she did ask me to be on a committee to help the poor with new ideas for their support. She said there were six others and they met once a week at the church. I jumped at the chance and readily agreed. I had a hard time not looking at her with desire, and I was hoping Sandy didn't notice. When we got home, I ate Sandy shamefully thinking about Linda. Sandy seemed more than turned on than usual. We did spend a lot of time kissing and caressing after my munching, and it was lovely.

I attended my first meeting dressed very conservatively, and we all sat in chairs in a circle, and I noted where Linda sat and it seemed to be a place where no one else sat. Even taking a break, Linda returned to her coveted chair. Even in a relatively long skirt, Linda did show some of her legs in her crossed legged position. I was in the wrong place to get the full impact of her thighs or any chance of glancing up her skirt. I noted that and would correct that at the next meeting. The meeting ended, and Linda said goodbye to me touching my arm softly. I liked that as it made me feel wanted.

The next meeting I did not dress so conservatively, a few of the women did not at the first meeting. I decided to leave my panties off, but in my purse, in case they were needed. My skirt was short but no shorter than the other gals had on that first meeting. I got to the meeting early and grabbed the chair directly across where Linda's chair would be. I sipped my coffee and put my purse behind the chair. One of the woman, an overweight but shapely woman, wore shorts and she should never wear them anywhere. The meeting started, and sure enough, Linda was sitting directly across from me. I did notice Linda glancing at my crossed legs, and with this skirt, there was enough showing.

At a lull in the meeting, I uncrossed my legs and reached behind me for my purse. When I did with my feet tucked close to the chair, my legs parted, and my pussy could be seen for sure. I knew it would as I felt the cool air caress it. I retrieved the purse, and got a hanky and saw Linda staring down of at my legs. I replaced the purse with the same procedure. This time there was no doubt she looked. I crossed my legs again, and she smiled at me. The thought of her looking made me tingle between my legs. I was going to have to go to the restroom to put on my panties because I was leaking. I was quite proud of myself that I exposed myself to her. Time would tell if it all worked.

The next meeting I wore the same skirt with a different blouse, showing some cleavage. Of course, my panties were in my purse. I sat down in my usual chair and put my purse behind me. Linda came in, and all of us were a little surprised with a short skirt and a top, and obviously wore no bra. She sat down and crossed her legs, and my heart melted. Simply lovely! She reached behind her for her clipboard, and her legs parted, and there it was, a fleshy lip puffy pussy, looking right at me. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back to let her know I liked what I saw. I returned the favor by getting my purse. I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Mission accomplished. I was getting terribly warm.

Before the meeting ended she asked if I could stay and help her with some folders that needed to be separated. I eagerly agreed. The meeting did end, and she took me to a storage room in the basement. When Linda closed the door, we both knew what was about to happen. We both came together. We held each other. We kissed a long wet and explored kiss. We pushed against each other. She kept pushing herself on her toes, and I could feel her rubbing against me. I let my hands find her breasts, and they felt firm and hot.

"Carol, would you like to go down on me?"

"It would be an answer to my prayers."

"I certainly would like to taste you, Carol."

"Can we safely do it here?"

"No, no! Not here but I have a safe place for us, but first there is something we have to clear up between us."

"What is that, Linda?"

"I hope you don't think I am naive enough not to know you have been letting my husband in you. Of course, he told me, and if you want, you may continue. I am certainly no innocent."

"I have heard you have been fooling around with Gary James."

"Oh god no! Not that ass. He would like to, but he is not that lucky. But I have been fooling around with another member."
"Mind saying who?"

"To put in bluntly, Carol, you have been fucking my husband, and I have been fucking your wife, Sandy."

I was stunned! Her blouse was coming off, and her skirt dropped to the floor, and at that moment I didn't care, I wanted her so bad. By the time I pushed her to the wall, I was as naked as she was and I squatted down and started licking that gorgeous pussy of hers. I would never blame Sandy for being tempted by what I was eating. As she stroked my hair, I figured out the safe place she had said we would go. Of course, it was my house, in my bed, with Sandy in it, for some new variety for both of us. She smiled and if I wanted Gene would join us.

Sandy and I forgave each other for our transgression and fucked them both until we were exhausted. Watching Sandy get ate and fucked was pure pleasure for me, and she tasted so good with all that new wetness in her. We were all so happy!

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