Lingerie Shopping Part 1
The time for me to return to Chicago was fast approaching and I had to get a hold of Rick to see if we could get together before he left town. I called his hotel and left him a message that would surely get his attention.

"Rick this is Sue. I will be at the mall at three PM shopping for some replacement panties with my sister Lois. I would like to see you before I leave tomorrow. You might be able to add to you collection. I had a wonderful time the other night. See you," and hung up.

I could feel my body starting to tingle in anticipation as we departed for the small mall and sought out the larger one of the two lingerie stores that was in this small town.

My sister Lois was the third child in our tribe and had just turned eighteen. She was the rebel in the family, a wild child, ready to try anything. Out of the five sisters, we were the most alike and got along the best. She was 5'11" beautiful figure, long brown hair and "come hither" amber eyes. She had ample breasts, 36C, that were just as perky as my smaller breasts. She had a perfect ass and always wore tight clothes that showed off her camel toe. Many a high school boy went home with a severe case of blue balls because of her teasing.

We were both shopping for panties and bras. I needed some because I was on my last pair and Lois just wanted to add to her small collection. We both loved quality lingerie. We entered the first store and browsed the displays. There was an abundance of granny panties and modest supporting bras for the local farmer's wives. I was not looking for a suit of armor. I asked the frumpy clerk if they had any sexy revealing lingerie and with a look of disgust, she directed us to the rear of the store. There, we found what we were looking for.

I grabbed several different sets of bras and panties as well as did Lois and headed off to the fitting rooms. There was a small fitting room as well as a large one. They were real rooms, floor to ceiling walls, and a door. Lois entered the large room and I turned to go to the small room. Lois grabbed my arm, pulled me into the large room, and locked the door.

Whenever I shopped for lingerie, I always wore a skirt and easy to remove blouse so I could try things on quickly. I saw that Lois had done the same. She quickly hung up her coat and laid the selections on the table. I followed suit. By the time I hung, my coat up Lois had removed her blouse and skirt and was standing there in her bra and panties searching through her selections. Lois said, "We are going to have some fun on your last day here."

Lois had on a dark amber see through bra and matching panties. Her nipples clearly visible and pushing against the thin fabric of the bra and her areolas were the size of a silver dollar a rich dark chocolate brown. The panties were translucent and you could see a damp vertical strip that matched her camel toe. She was very sexy and I was amazed that she was such a beautiful woman with a killer body at the tender age of eighteen.

She looked at me and asked "What are you waiting for, an invitation? Let's see what you got Sis?"

I quickly stepped out of skirt and shucked my blouse. I was wearing a cream-colored satin bra, which showed, off my little tits and a pair of black panties that concealed my curly pubes.

Lois quickly decided that she would pick out what I was to try on from my pile and I would pick what she would try from her pile. What I did not know was that she several bra and panties in her stack that were in my size. I always opted for the high-end classy lingerie and she did a combination of high end and what I called slut wear.

She selected a bright glow in the dark see through pink bra with tiny straps and a one-hook closure in the front. I slipped my bra off and put on this pink bra. The bra was in my size but when fastened the cups were just under my protruding nipples and would show through any blouse I would wear. The bra pushed my small tits up so more cleavage appeared greater than I actual had. I tugged on the cups to make them partially cover my nipples.

Now for the panties, I slipped mine off and Lois took a good look at my pussy. I felt a little awkward that my little sister looking at my VJ and I quickly pulled the pink panties up. They were a tight fit and my strawberry blond pubic hair peeked out from around the edges of the panties. The panties were a high cut so to eliminate a visible panty line.

Lois looked at me and started to laugh at my furburger. The panties were beyond help and then she saw that I had pulled the bra up to cover my nipples. Lois reached over and pulled the bra back down exposing my nipples and the cool air made them stand up even more. As she pulled the bra down, she was rubbing my nipples.

At first I thought that was an accident, surely my sister was not playing with my nipples. She shook her head and handed me another set to try on. I could see that her moisture was glistening on her panties.

The next pair was black lace with gold silk background and had the classy look I wanted. I quickly put on the panties and they fit well. No pubes poking out at you and then I noticed they were crotch less panties, great for entertaining, and immediately thought of Rick. These were keepers.

I then slipped on the bra and it had cutouts for my nipples to protrude. The bra fit well so I decided it was time to own some slut wear.

Lois, standing behind me reached around me, adjusted my bra, and at the same time caressed my nipples that were starting to ache. After she finished teasing my nipples, she smoothed out the front panel of the panties and slipped her middle finger into my wet pussy.

This was the first time a woman has fingered my pussy and it sent me through the roof. My pussy tried to clinch her finger but she deftly removed it and licked it off. Quickly removing the bra and panties, I tried the next pair on. Lois became a little bolder each time and I was as horny as the devil. My pussy was living up to its nickname of Juicy Lucy.

I made my selections to buy and set them aside and put the rejects in another pile. Now it was Lois' turn and it was payback time.

I was too wet to get dressed so I stood naked while giving Lois her first set of bra and panties to try on. I had no qualms about the incestuous nature of fingering my sister's beautiful wet pussy. After all, I had just fucked my cousin all night three days ago and was planning to fuck him again tonight. With my twat throbbing, I gave Lois my first selection, a small yellow bra and a yellow thong.

I told her that I never wore a thong, tried to once and it was like dental floss in the crack of my butt. She laughed as she removed her bra and kicked off her wet panties. She turned around so I could get a full frontal view of her assets.

Her tits were magnificent, perfectly shaped, and toned. Her nipples were round and full. They were erect now and stood up about 3/4" or more. The nipples were surrounded by silver dollar sized rich brown areolas. I turned my attention to her magnificent pussy.

She did not have any hair except for a small landing strip in the shape of an arrow pointing to her honey pot. Lois informed me that she and a friend exchanged trimming services and she was going to shave my pussy tonight.

Amazed at her openness and I was fixated on her little furry arrow. I was envious of her creamy smooth mons pubis and the cute, furry artwork. Her pussy lips were puffy and elongated and framed her vagina perfectly. Her labia minora or inner pussy lips protruded below the outer pussy lips in a sexy way. I had heard about this but never seen them and inquired if it bothered her.
She related that they did not bother her and in fact, it was quite a turn-on most of the time. When she was not aroused, they did not hang out as much. I reached over to her pussy and massaged her inner and outer pussy lips. I wanted to lick them but I would wait until another time. I slipped my finger inside her pussy to find it warm, wet, and very inviting. I gave her pussy time to clinch my finger and the pulled it out very slowly teasing Lois, making her moan softly.

I gave her set of see through panties and bra to try on. The bra, silver gray, was a perfect fit and her nipples prominently on display. The bra provided enough lift to give her plenty of cleavage for others enjoyment.

The panties were form fitting and hugging her pussy lips and showing off her gorgeous camel toe. I slipped my hand down to pussy and caressed her pussy. I heard a slight moan escape from her throat as I removed my hand.

Lois quickly dropped the bra and kicked off the panties and I handed her a small pink thong and a matching bra. Lois slipped the thong on and adjusted the bands so it ran down the crack of her ass as to the point of her excited sex. In the front, the little pink patch just covered her VJ and the little furry arrow peeked above the patch inviting the viewer inside. I was tempted to rip the thong off and just suck on that succulent pussy.

She slipped on the pink bra; the material provided minuscule concealment for her erect nipples and looked great against the bronze tan of her body. I licked my lips in anticipation of sucking her tits.

We went through the same ritual three more times and she finally selected the lingerie she wanted. We were both horny and needed some relief.

Lois asked me to go out to the sales floor and get her some dry panties while she got dressed. I saw my opportunity to advance my desires. I quickly put on my skirt and blouse, minus my underwear and left the fitting room.

I returned the lingerie we were not buying to the table. I selected two pair of bright yellow thongs and matching minuscule bras, one in my size and a duplicate set in Lois' size. I approached the frumpy sales clerk who was peering over the top of her glasses and she inquired if we had found everything and if we needed any help. I assured her I required no assistance and had definitely found what I wanted.

I paid for the purchase and asked the clerk to keep the bag at the counter while I went back to the fitting room to get my sister. I took the matching yellow thongs and bras with me. When I got to the dressing rooms, I entered the small fitting room and quickly stripped. I slipped my legs through the leg openings on the bright yellow thong and adjusted it over my pussy as Lois had shown me. I gave my pussy a quick caress and slipped my new tiny, yellow bra on. My tits were nestled comfortably and my nipples peeked out over the edge of the. I gave them a little tweak and put my blouse on. I wanted to surprise Lois later if my scheme went right.

I left the small fitting room and entered the large fitting room. I entered the room and saw a very sexy sight. There was my little sister sitting on the chair with her head back. She had her eyes closed, her left hand was busying massaging her right tit and playing with her nipple. Her long tan legs spread wide and she was busy fingering her clit completely oblivious to everything but her pleasure.

I wanted to kneel down and lick that ripe pussy but I knew the frumpy clerk would be coming to check on us if we did not exit the room soon. For a few seconds I took in the wonderful view of my sister enjoying her sexuality. I wish I had been that free when I was her age. I then assumed the role of a shocked older sister.

"Lois what on earth are you doing? Get dressed and let's get out of here before we get caught by Miss Frump."

She looked at me and smiled as she took the thong and bra that I handed her.

"Ooh, I love the color"!

She wiped her cum off her with her amber see through panties. She slipped the yellow thong on and I adjusted it and gave her a little pat on her pussy. She put on the matching bra and had to shake it get her luscious tits to fit properly. She was an enticing sight with that bright yellow material against her tanned body. She put on her blouse and skirt, grabbed her coat and we headed out to retrieve our purchases from Miss Frump.

We were thanked again followed by a sarcastic "Hurry back" from Miss Frump as we departed.

My crotch was on fire and my stomach was growling I unsure as to which was the most immediate need. I saw Rick walking toward us, Lois called out to Rick, and he came over as if the meeting was purely coincidental. We spoke briefly, and we informed Rick that we were famished for some pizza. We went to the local pizza joint and took an isolated booth in the back.
Lois had removed her coat and the bright yellow bra shining brightly through the filmy white material of her blouse. Her breasts were the most prominent feature at the table. It didn't help that three buttons of her blouse were undone exposing the cleavage of her young, firm, and very desirable tits. Her nipples were obvious to the most casual glance. Lois had put her tits out there for all to view without taking off a stitch of clothing .Rick sat on one side of the table with an unobstructed view of Lois' tits and I sat next to Lois. I slipped off my coat but my yellow bra, concealed due to the dark color of my blouse that I wore and was a bit more reserved and my crotch was soaked.

I told Rick that I would be leaving in the morning as I had a flight to Chicago. Rick informed us that he too would be leaving in the next day on the same flight to Chicago with an overnight layover before he flew out the next day to west coast. We arranged to travel together to Chicago, Rick could literally layover at my home, and I would take him to O'Hare to catch his flight. I was going to give Rick a layover he would never forget.

Our server, a young man, fresh out of high school, approached us to take our order. His eyes immediately focused on Lois' tits. He stammered while taking our order but never looked at anything but her tits. I thought I saw him start to drool as he walked away. Lois was going to give him an education about staring at a woman's tits, she got up, and we went to the restroom.

In the bathroom, she undid the button on her blouse adjacent to her cleavage allowing more of her tits to spill out. She also pulled her bra down a smidgen more allowing her nipples to show, as they were halfway out of the bra and the top half of her rich brown areolas visible. Unzipping the skirt and folding up the waistband until the skirt scarcely covered her crotch and the bright yellow thong would be visible. She pinned the skirt to keep it in place. She asked if that was sexy enough, I place her hand on my panties so she could feel my wetness.

She smiled, licked her hand, and said, "I guess so."

When we returned to the booth Rick's jaw dropped open as he watched Lois walk across the floor. Lois made me get in the booth first and then she positioned so her right leg was on the outside of the booth and the left leg was just under the edge of the table. Her legs spread enough to provide a view to those who looked in her direction. I was sure that the bright yellow panties were the focal point for all the males in the pizza joint.

Our young server was approaching us carrying a tray with our drinks. I saw the look on his face as got a good view of the bright yellow thong that seemed to be glowing in Lois' crotch. I thought he was going to drop the tray on the floor before he reached our table. I knew he had a rock hard dick and wondered how much he could take. He safely made the table and shakily placed our drinks in front of us and the bread sticks on the table. Lois was not done teasing (torturing) this young man.

My sister toying with the button at her cleavage causing the young man severe frustration as he attempted to tell us our pizza would be out in a few minutes. I envisioned this guy getting back to the kitchen; going to the bathroom and rubbing one off just so he would be able bring out our pizza.

Rick got up, went to the bathroom and returning rather quickly. I think he just went to the bathroom so he could enjoy the view as the server did and Lois did not disappoint him. When he sat down he told Lois that she had a mean streak and to ease up on the server. Lois just smiled coyly at the both of us as she reached for a bread stick.

We sat and talked while we waited for our pizza, Lois swung her right leg back under the table. Both Rick and just when I thought she was done teasing the poor dude, the Wild Child lived up to her nickname and showed us how wrong a lesson, how wrong we were. Lois licked the bread stick as if she was sucking a dick. She would lick the end and the sides of bread stick.

Next, she took the bread stick with her luscious lips and slid it into her mouth. She slid it in out a couple of times to convey a message and the she viciously bit the bread stick off and licked her lips satisfyingly, and gave a mischievous grin as she swallowed the bread.

Rick told me that his family had made plans for tonight and he would pick me up in the morning to go to the airport. I faked disappointment and told him that Lois and I had to finish our shopping before we went to her apartment for the night.

Lois had pick up another bread stick and removed the salt granules from it. Unknown to Rick or myself she had placed the bread stick on her thigh. Lois had then pushed her bright yellow thong to one side and surreptitiously inserted a finger into her pussy. She then inched the breadstick into the opening of her vagina and slid her hand down on the breadstick.

My sister, the slut, saw the server bringing our pizza; she then swung her right leg to the outside of the booth again. With her hand, she manipulated the breadstick as you would a dildo when masturbating.

Our server, stopped dead in his tracks I caught the server out of the corner of my eye and slapped Lois on the shoulder and told her to stop flashing the guy and let him do his job. Lois quickly brought her leg back under the table. She smiled and offered me a peace offering, a bite of her breadstick. I took the bite and thought it tasted different that the other bread stick that I had earlier. Lois just looked at me and grinned.

The server put the pizza on the table and damn near ran to the kitchen to refill our drinks. The server brought our drinks and the check without any more distractions from Lois. Rick paid the check and gave the young man a generous tip to compensate for the education that Lois given him. Neither, Rick or I were aware of the breadstick dildo incident.

Lois went to the bathroom and reconfigured her clothes, cleaned her thighs and hands. We went our separate ways, Rick to his family function and Lois and I were off to the drug store and then to her house for a girls night. The two of us are dripping with excitement and a fire burning in our loins as we drove off into the cold wintery night.
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