Lingerie Shopping Part 2
Lois and I stopped at the drug store to pick up a few items for the night. I had talked Lois into shaving my pussy as I was fixated on the smoothness of her pussy and I wanted to try it. I also wanted her to leave me a manicured landing strip in the shape of the letter "V" above my twat.

I told her I needed some things as well and I would catch up to her in a moment. She walked away and I quickly found the condoms and picked up box. I always kept some in my purse for emergencies and tomorrow I was going to have an emergency. She had selected the items that she required to remove the virgin wool from between my legs. We left the store and headed to her apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, Lois turned up the heat, put on some seductive music and she headed off to her bedroom, the only one in the house. I hung up my coat and went to the kitchen to get some wine for us.

"Sue" Lois called and beckoned me into the bathroom. The bathroom was large for the old house, contained a modern Jacuzzi big enough for two people, and filled with warm water and fragrant bubble bath. Lois had placed candles all around the bathroom and that gave off a vanilla scent. This was our favorite scent since childhood. Grandma's kitchen always smelled of vanilla because she was always baking.

I set the wine on the edge of the tub and told Lois, "What are you waiting for? Let's get ready."

Off to the bedroom we went and by the time, we reached the bed Lois was down to her bright yellow thong with bread crumbs stuck to the edge of the thong. I looked at her and started laughing. I now knew why her peace offering has an odd flavor.

She looked at me with her sad brown puppy dog eyes and asked if I was mad at her. I replied, "No it improved the flavor of the bread stick."

She giggled as she laid out everything we would need to remove the forest from my crotch and I stripped off my skirt and blouse. Lois saw I was wearing the bright yellow thong and bra to match the set I had bought for her. Laughing, she spun me around and said the pubes have got to go and pushed me on the bed.

Lois had me face down on the queen size bed on a large thick luxurious bath towel. She knelt beside me, unhooked my bra, and slid the straps off my shoulders. She poured a generous amount of warm scented body oil on my back and straddled my body at the small of my waist. With sensual, lingering, circular motions, she gently massaged the oil into my pores. I could feel the muscles in my back go limp. I could feel the warm oil run down the side of my breasts and encircle my nipples.

She worked my neck muscles until I was breathing deeply and I could feel her breasts glide on my back as she massaged me. I felt great. She slid down my body and knelt by my feet. Lois hooked her oil-coated fingers under the string of my thong and I arched my hips allowing her to remove the thong.

She raised the bottle of oil and let the warm oil drip onto the small of my back and pool. As each sparkling drop hit my back, my muscles tightened and my butt squeezed involuntary. She leaned forward, placed her hands in the oil, methodically pulled her hands over my ass, and tenderly caressed each cheek as she worked the oil into my ass. She repeated the motion applying the rich warm oil to my hips.

Her fingers slithered under my hips and grazed my vulva. I felt a small tremor each time she touched me and my pussy was on fire. Lois coated her hands with the last of the oil in the small of my back.

She firmly grasped my left thigh just below my ass and slid her hands down my leg, pausing at the back of my knees, lightly stroking them. Continuing down to my feet, she worked the oil into each one of my toes.

Next she drizzled oil on the back of my right thigh, grasped it massaging the oil in on my leg. Once done, she playfully slapped the inside of my thigh and told me to spread my legs. I willingly complied.

Lois raised the bottle of oil and trickled the oil into the crack of my ass. The hot oil flowed between the cheeks of my ass collected on my starfish. Sensuously she rubbed the oil in, circled my asshole, and pushed hard enough so that the pad of her finger to allow the warm liquid to enter my ass. I could feel my sphincter tighten as she circled my asshole. No one had ever violated my virgin asshole.

I was going out of my mind and she proceeded to lubricate my very sensitive perineum. I flexed my hips as she teasingly touched the bottom of my pussy with her oily digits. She removed her hands I felt the tension drain from my body. Lois told me to roll over so she could oil my front.

When I rolled over, she scooped up my thong and bra, tossed them aside, and informed I would not need them for the rest of the night. I saw that Lois was still wearing hers.

She again straddled my waist, leaned forward to brush the hair off my forehead. I seized the opportunity to reach behind her and unhook her bra. The bra dropped down and the straps rested on her arms. She raised one hand at a time and I removed he bra and tossed it aside. I cupped her beautiful tits and caressed her engorged nipples as she leaned back and her breasts removed from my grasp, out of my reach. I sighed!

Lois then poured warm fluid on each of my nipples until it cascaded to my chest and my nipples stood at attention. Skillfully, she molded my tits until they completely coated with oil. She worked her way down by abdomen and stopped just above my pubic hairline.

She wiped her hands on a towel and picked up a small Wahl battery operated shears with a guard on the blade to prevent nicking. Lois turned it on and the shears came to life emitting a pitched hum. Resting the base of the vibrating shears on my pubic bone, she picked up a black marker and swiftly drew a "V" on my field of fur. The shear's vibrations; increased the heat in my pussy and the flow of cum.

I could not see because Lois had straddled me in the reverse cowgirl position and hunched over my pussy trimming all the pubic hair from my vulva. This was the first time my pubic mound was bare since puberty. I squirmed as she trimmed the hair.

My legs splayed; Lois worked that humming, vibrating demon shears down the inside of my thighs, across the perineum and to bottom of my outer pussy lips. Then without regard to frenzy, excited state, I was in or without warning, she introduced a well lube finger into my pussy. She placed the finger between my inner and outer lips and quickly trimmed the pubes. Each time she paused, I could feel my hips writhing and Lois skillfully completed the trim.

Strawberry blonde pubes now reduced to a field of stubble. Lois soothingly stroked the stubble with her hand, bent down gently blowing the loose hair off my cunt, sending shivers up my spine. She lowered her head closer to my scorching pussy, so close, I could feel her breath, and then she drove her tongue into my pink slit.

Raising my legs, I wrapped them around her head until my climax subsided. When I release my legs, she extracted her face, coated in shiny, warm, ejaculate. My pussy decorated with the white cream and the love juices sprayed from Lois' pussy collected in my belly button when as she sprayed her love juices on me.
Not wasting any more time Lois swiftly oiled my legs on the front as she hand on the back.

Lois walked to the bathroom and I could see small shiny rivulets of cum on the inside of her golden thighs.

She returned with a bowl of hot water; added a few drops of oil and wrung a washcloth out. Applying pressure to the cloth, she wiped my pussy clean. This procedure was repeated this several more times and each time she gave the lips of my pussy extra attention. She was softening the hair before she sheared my pubes. She wanted the trim to be nice and smooth when she shaved it with a razor. I didn't care I was totaling enjoying this experience.

She then applied the hot cloth just below the "V" landing strip and left it to soften the stubble. Taking a pair of narrow sharp scissors and a tiny comb Lois trimmed my new landing strip so it would have a manicured look like the arrow on her pussy. Removing the cloth, she lovingly washed my pussy taking care to remove all the fresh cut pubes.

Next, she dribbled tepid oil on the sides of my pink slit and scrupulously worked the oil into the skin of my honey pot. She teased me. Very softly and meticulously, Lois applied the liquid to the lips. Lois teasingly prolonged my agony of anticipated release as long as possible. Once she was satisfied, that every square inch was covered with oil and I was on the edge of a climax she stood up.

She teasingly removed the bright yellow thong and let it fall to the floor, spread her legs, placed her hands on her hips and surveyed her work. I took in all her beauty, the rich golden color of her skin, her long auburn hair cascading over her shoulders that looped around her large sexy areolas. Breasts firm, nipples erect and begging to be suckled.

Her waist tapered to her hips and the furry arrow, on a field of caramel colored skin pointed to her fine pussy with the labia minora projecting just past her outer pussy lips with a small drop of pussy juice getting ready to fall. I reached with my finger, plucked the drop of ejaculate, and placed it on my tongue. I savored the pearl of cream rolling it on my lips before swallowing it. I wanted to play with those lips in the worst way and offered to give Lois a hot oil massage.

"No thanks, "said Lois "it is time for a bath." and off to the tub we went.

The Jacuzzi was running, the water was hot and the tub was full of suds. I stepped into the tub and eased into the water. My head was all that was visible above the sea of suds. The hot water embraced my oily skin caressing a body racked with sexual tension. Jet streams of hot water engulfed my body providing soothing relief.
Lois joined me; placed one leg between mine tormented my slit with her toes. We both lay back resting against the tub and drank our wine. We spoke about the day's events and the enjoyment we were sharing.

I told her that she amazed me with her sexual prowess for an eighteen-year-old woman. She had studied sex techniques watch a boatload of porn and practiced with a few close girlfriends and a couple of guys to hone her skills. Tonight was her final exam.

I inquired if it bothered her that we were sisters. "Not in the least," she replied, "after all we seen each other naked our entire lives, you are not going to tell mom or knock me up, are you?" "Besides I love and trust you."

"Mmm,"I thought, this would be a great bombshell to drop at a family Thanksgiving dinner. Mom and dad would love it. I have to ponder the idea.

Lois said she needed someone who would tell me like it is and not sugarcoat their comments. I knew we could have a lot of fun plus good sex. We laid there relaxed and then Lois exited Jacuzzi.

She quickly patted herself dry with a large towel and told me to get out of the tub. I did and she quickly patted me dry, took me back to the bedroom, and laid me on the bed. She positioned me with my feet on the rug; my legs spread open with my sex visible to the world. She announced that now it was time for the shaving of the bearded clam.

Lois picked up the shaving gel, sprayed a generous amount onto the palm of her hand. She scooped three fingers of gel and started to work it into the stubble of my strawberry blonde pubes. Lois, on her knees, meticulously applied the gel around the furry "V" and on the lips of my pussy causing me to fidget from her ministrations. Covering inside of my thighs, she glided to my perineum bringing me to the precipice of an orgasm and I arched my hips in response.

Selecting the razor, she rinsed the head of the razor in the hot water, and intricately shaved the area surrounding the furry little "V" rinsing the head of the razor every couple of strokes. With the "V" carved out Lois took longer strokes down the pubic mound. Gently she spread the skin smooth to avoid any nicks working the razor like an artist with a brush. The trickiest part of shaving my pussy was the delicate engorged lips. Taking extreme care not to nick the tender folds of flesh she massaged each after shaving it.

By the time she got to my pussy lips, I was in a state of full arousal and I kept trying to finger my slit or fondle Lois' tits. Snatching my hand she placed on my boobie and said roughly "Play with this and let me finish so we can play together."

I obeyed, flicked my nipple as an act of defiance, and said, "OK mom."

Lois grinned and delicately shaved my pussy lips and stroked my clit while she was in the area. Lois completed her hair removal task with my perineum and I almost pulled my nipples off my breasts. She gave no quarter and as she pulled me off the bed and back to the bath, we went.

Lois slapped my butt as we climbed into the tub. The soothing water felt good on my freshly cleaned-shaven pussy. We dank some more wine and Lois sat between my legs, her ass pressed up against my exposed pussy. I loved the feel of her ass against my cunt. My breasts, pushed up against her back.

I dipped my hands into the bowl of bath oil she had on the tub, reached around her, and cradled her tits in my hands. I applied the oil first to one tit and the other. Gently I tweaked her nipples and stroked her breasts with the oil as I played with them for several minutes.

I could feel her move her ass and press against my pubic bone. The feeling seem amplified with the nonexistence of the strawberry blonde pubic locks of hair. Alas, there was no rug to match the drapes anymore.

Lois slipped her hand between us and inserted her finger into my pussy. I clinched her finger as tight as I could with my pussy. I lowered my hand to her pussy to pay her back in kind. Slowly I started to insert my finger and then retracted it. Thrusting her pelvis forward she captured the finger, drew it into her vagina, and squeezed. Lois relaxed her grip on my finger and removed my finger. She popped the offending digit into her mouth and licked the juices and bath water from it.

Lois stood; her breasts like ripe fruit waiting to be plucked from a tree. She offered me a hand and I got out of the tub. We both took fresh towels and headed for the bedroom where we dried each other off.

Lois quickly cleared the bed while I turned down the bed. Laying on the crisp soft sheets and Lois spread my legs. She inspected her handiwork, took a pair of tweezers, and expeditiously extracted a couple of hairs that escaped the razor. I winced as she plucked the hairs from my pussy.

Lois then applied a soothing Aloe Vera cream, massaging the cream into my skin until it was absorbed. Handing a mirror to me, she queried me as to my thoughts.

I inspected my pussy, passed my hand over the succulent skin and I was impressed. I knew my pussy would be bald for a long time to come. I handed Lois the mirror and noticed the glistening moisture on my vagina. I told her there was only one thing wrong...she was not in bed with me yet. She giggled and jumped into bed.

The lights were off, but the room was warm as it was bathed in candlelight, some sensuous jazz played in softly and we each had wine on our nightstands. I reached over and caressed Lois' face thanked her for a wonderful day and kissed her lightly on her rich, full sensuous lips. Her tongue darted out and met mine. She pulled on my bottom lip with her teeth, slid her tongue into my mouth, and gave me a deep lingering kiss while she explored the inside of my mouth with her long tongue.

We kissed... I caressed her ear with my tongue...she squealed with delight. I slowly worked my way down her neck on my way to her rich caramel colored tits. I ran my tongue around her nipple pulling on the nub with my teeth. Drawing the nipple into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and suckling on it like a newborn giving as much pleasure as she gave me.

Lois emitted a low guttural moan. My finger... in her pussy and was playing with her clit; her pussy soaked with cum was full. I continued to lick her skin until I reached the belly button...I paused and gave it a quick lick and moved on to the object of my desires...the protruding inner pussy lips that captured my attention earlier.

Lois arched her back thrusting her pelvis into my face. I could taste her exquisite creamy cum on her pussy lips as I slurped cum from her hole. I licked without abandon, as my tongue had a mind of its own. Up, down, inside, or outside the lips, I just could not get enough. Her hips heaved with passion; focused on the magnificent protruding pussy lips I sucked one into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. I sucked on it and just enjoyed the musky flavor of her twat.

I plunged my tongue in as far into her open pussy as it would reach. I attacked her clit, applying light pressure with my tongue. Lois let out a piercing scream, clasped my head with her thighs, pushed my face into her sopping pussy as far as it would go. Again, she bowed her hips and fucked my face as I devoured her pussy. I could feel her thick cream fill my hungry mouth and ran down the side of my face. I felt my own orgasm let loose and cum gush out of my slit and down my legs. Lois released her grip on my head and collapsed next to me. I was ecstatic that I was able to play with those beautiful pink protruding pussy lips.

We laid there fondling each other's breasts and intertwined our legs so that our sopping twats were touching. We started slowly grinding our pussies and increased the intensity. The closer I came to a climax the harder I would grind on her twat. Lois would match me grind for grind and thrust for thrust. I was on fire, my body shuddered, and I felt my body go limp.

After, we both came we spooned and talked until we feel asleep. We formed a bond that night and it still exists today. We both live in the same city and still share things. When I need a shave I call my barber, Lois and we make a day of it and many times a night.
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