Lisa's payback
I wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so this 'little thing' as it had been called had continued for a while longer than it should have but she still got my blood going. It was a good enough reason for me.

We had met off and on and yet she hadn't been able to have an orgasm by penetration. This was getting frustrating for her and myself.

Her little getaway place had become our little sanctuary, being right under the noses of everyone and knowing it was only a matter of time before we were caught only made the trusts even more exciting.

Lisa had been having the most explosive orgasms Italy and by using all the tricks we could think of. Everything was starting to come all about her and not a mutual affair.

So a different tact was called for before it ended.

Asking her how she wanted to be enjoyed had no effect as the standard 'I want to come' was all I got.

So this time I brought my friend Collin
Between the three of us, something might happen.

Lisa was a bit shy in the beginning but soon warmed to the idea but only agreed to one of us entering her.

So mistress Lisa was born.

She took control and told us where to touch and how hard, she was enjoying this.
She told us to strip so she could pick which one of us would do the job. I really wanted to be the one to take her over the edge but I was willing to watch if it brought her pleasure.

As a mistress she was taking the role so seriously now.
We could only touch her gently with one finger brushing whichever part of her body she chose.

While Collin and I were naked she still had on a pair of silk panties.
Very wet silk panties

Telling us to stroke our now hard shafts so she could pick was in itself a turn on for the two of her males.
Telling us to stroke each other. Now she was getting the hang of a mistress.
Collins penis felt hot and engorged as did mine.

She was loving it, making us hard.
She was dripping now waiting, wanting
Slowly pulling her panties off Lisa said"Eat them"
We didn't have to be told twice, sucking the nectar out, we both took turns.
While Collin was having his turn I put four fingers up into her hot pussy and took a mouthful of her juices for myself.
She didn't mind.

She had picked who it would be.
It wasn't me.
But Lisa said she didn't want to have her first eye to doggy style it would be.
Getting ready she slide up on my body rubbing her body all over mine in a last ditched attempt to get herself off on me before she submitted.
Letting her slide her body over mine then positioning myself in front, I was ready.

Collin was feverishly stroking his cock in anticipation of fantasy coming true.
His cock wasn't as long but it was wider, so Lisa wasn't going to know what hit her.

I grabbed her head and kissed her hard whispering "I love you" as I nibbled her ear.
In position

I could see the pre-cum glistening on Collin.
They both nodded.
And I put my shaft to her lips.
This wasn't going to be a long session but it would be memorable I hoped.
My cocks head was pounding, I couldn't last long.
So as I pushed my shaft into her mouth Collin entered her, at least that is what it felt like as Lisa resisted pulling back onto him.

She sucked me hard and as she did Collin trusted again.
Her body was taking all of Collin's manhood ALl of it. He was enjoying this and so was she.
So I pushed even more of my cock into her
And she sucked back.
We had found a rhythm

Colin had grabbed her hips and was pounding harder.
She was now half sitting in his lap as I raised myself to meet her mouth and tilt her head back so she could take me even further.

One last thrust down her throat and she nearly choked as I shot my load into her and it was dribbling out the side of her mouth.

Collin saw this and couldn't last any longer, his balls just outside her outer lips. She had taken it all. He grabbed her hard and pulled her right onto him.
He also came inside her , filling her with his wad. He held her there.

Then it happened while she had both cocks in her.

She began to cry as her body was shaking, she could feel at last and the strange sensations started to warm her body as she could feel every little nerve in her body.

She had given herself at last to the pleasures of the flesh.

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