Lisa came
She had already had five children before getting married to my son who had five children of his own by another woman. Most of her children lived with their father and most of the others were at school. Leaving a baby at home

Despite all this Lisa still held onto her figure, something I had not noticed until one day. The day that changed her life and left her with an itch she couldn't scratch.

It all started so innocently when I could see she had been crying. "What's up?" I asked. He stormed out again and said he was going to the store. I told him to go have a wank".
The only thing I could think of saying was "really".

What really bowled me over was the next thing that came out of her mouth, I don't think she meant to say it but did anyhow.
"Don't you just toss one off when your frustrated with life?"
"Yep." The words came out before I realised.

Lisa looked at me with a smile, all I could do was say "Don't we all.
Lisa was older than my son by three years but still looked like a thirty-year-old.

One thing lead to another and she explained how she had never had an orgasm by penetration and she desperately wanted to know what it felt like.

Sitting listening to how she found little time to even get off by herself made me bite my lower lip.
Lisa said the only time she got was doing the washing and her washing machine lover.
I bit my lip again

All I could think of was " what a waste of pussy." My inside voice was screaming at me,"Dont get hard, Dont get hard."
She said "Something and something else and blah blah."

"Come suck on this and I will stop you talking." This running through my head instead of actually listening.
"Pussy, pussy, pussy." Are these the words I was meant to be thinking of?"

"What time are the kids home?" Was all I heard myself actually say. Think straight lad.
Slap, slap subconscious slapping myself.
She kept on asking a few more questions about sex which I answered and gave frank information to.Like I was listening.

She was still talking orgasms and all I was thinking was "Don't cum now boy." I needed to go but wanted to stay and it was driving me mad.

It was awesome. I had to excuse myself and by the time my pants hit the floor I was in the shower and the gel bottle was squirting all over my shaft.

Now my fantasy came out and it was a bit more linker than just sitting talking about lost wanks. Now with a firm grasp, I could dream her to do anything. And a shaped up 10 inches can drive not only her but myself wild. Or so it could be

For now, the hot water and gel had to do for her body. A right grip and steady rhythm were all it took for the imagination to be thrusting down her throat.and just like that the imagination had her older sister sucking my balls as well, this shower was going to be memorable.

It wasn't long before I was slapping the tiled wall of the shower with my rod, not long to go now. "Keep it together," I said to nobody in particular.

I could feel my legs weaken and the blood starting to flow from my head.
"FUCK" I screamed as I shot I was right up to the wall.
Scraping it off with my fingers and dripping with water I tasted my goodness that I had dreamt of shooting down Lisas' throat.i had missed a few steps in blowing but it wasn't the time to wonder if I could have dreamed of it better.

All I could think of next was a cigarette
That's all I wanted, for now.

Later that night a call came through from Lisa wanting to talk. So getting comfortable I sat and got ready to dish out some meaningful wisdom and not let on that she was the best sex I never had.

So dimming the lights and sitting comfortably in my chair I began to listen intently. Finding my mind drifting back into fantasy.
Asking if everything was ok and had settled down. I asked what she was up to.
"Just washing," She said.

Bang I was hard as a rock again. Lucky I was alone.
She knew she had me and I wasn't fighting for any control of the conversation.
All I could think of was "is it a big load?"
The little mind said, "it's up to you isn't it."
"Damn girl you are good." Was all I thought.

Lisa continued telling me of how she had
Never been fully satisfied with men and was just going to settle for what she had.
I truly felt sorry for her or was it the fact that a thirty-five-year-old pussy was going to waste?

The hand on my shaft gave me my true answer. It was a waste, a great waste of pussy and tits.
And then she asked the question.
She asked, "what would I do?"

Lisa said she only had on little panties as the washing cycle was going flat out with all their clothes while the kids were asleep.

She started to describe how she was leaning over the side of the machine on the corner and it was making her hot and wet.

I said that I would put my arms around her and push her harder into the corner. Making her squeal and beg, beg to have some release.

She had me, or did I have her?

She was hooked and I knew it and so was she.

I told her about how when I was just a bit younger than she is now I had done more than she could ever imagine and just waited.
"Like what?" I couldn't help smile when I heard the words.
"Do you know what you ate doing to me?" I asked."haha she laughed, probably the same thing I'm doing here, but the washing has finished now and have to go."

Apparently, I wasn't quick enough for her and she left me literally hanging there.
"Next time you little wench, I thought, next time.

The shower ran hot again that night.

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