Lisa taken
Lisa had thought she had gotten away with making the old man horny and leaving him to stew in his own juices.
Little did she know it would have been easier to just take up his offer and fuck.
But now

Six months had passed and she had gotten on with the nursemaid duties that she found herself doing day after day.

A simple text message was about to change all that forever. But the one thing I had learnt over the years was to shut up when I was on a good thing.

This time it would be played differently than last time. But she didn't know that yet.

It was just a simple text that said 'Happy Birthday'
Saying "Thank you I was actually thinking " Come play with me"
"Bite your tongue" was the good angel talking.

"How are you?" I asked, being polite.
"Horny" wasn't exactly the reply I was expecting and it threw me for a second but landing on my feet I had the situation in hand.
"Why?" I asked

Lisa went on to explain how busy she was with work as she now has extra time since the babies were in Daycare so he starts socializing so she was doing a few hours at her fathers' company answering phones.

"What are you doing now to relieve your anxiety?" Came the next question out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying
"Just getting dinner ready to go on and picking up this cucumber I thought of you, of all people," she said

"I hope you use it wisely" I was playing with her again.
The next thing I saw was a picture she had sent in the text. My jaw dropped.
I was seeing a picture of half a cucumber inserted into Lisas's cleanly shaven vagina.

"Damn girl that's nice" was all I was thinking, "NICE."

Quickly I saved the image and hid it away in a private folder.

The next few text messages were just a great tease but do you think I was watching them? NO
All I was thinking of was that young juicy pussy being fondled.

I really felt like a salad all of a sudden.
Waiting for it, then as predicted she said
'What have you got to top that?' Trying to make me blush and stutter.

I quickly ripped out my now pounding meat and took a quick picture and before I could stop this I hit 'SEND'
Before thinking of gravity of it all.
"I had her" was all I thought.

The next message told me all I needed to know about this woman.

'I have to go' was all it said.
'Ok,' I texted her back.
All I had to was wait.

The next few days I had all I needed for my self-pleasure sessions.


I found her alone a week or two later doing the washing as I knocked on the back door."Lisa are you home?"

As I entered the laundry I couldn't believe my eyes.

There she was in a frilly pair of panties riding the corner of the washing machine.

"Need a hand?" Was all I could say.
"Yes please" was all I needed to hear.

Lisa is going to be taken well and truly.
As I came closer to her she said: "Do you really need those pants they look a bit dirty?" Before the last word came from her lips my pants had hit the floor, revealing my huge shaft." the picture didn't do it justice, it is much bigger in real life".

This is were morals flew out the window.
When a young woman is on her knees in front of me preparing to take my cock into her mouth while she is making love to what little part of the washing machine she could get her pussy to touch on.

I just nodded and looked into her eyes as she opened and took the top of my that's head into her mouth.

And could she suck. She started to work her hands along my length as she took more inside her. tilting her head back she allows more and more shaft into her mouth.
Only gagging a few times until she had a routine going. The washing machine had stopped.

Her head was bobbing up and down letting it get further into her throat.
"What a waste," I thought to myself.

As I couldn't hold off any longer I just had to cum and cum I did, surprisingly she didn't spill a drop until I pulled out and let my juices run between her breasts.

This was one hot body and I wasn't sure if this would be a one-time thing or not I lifted her onto the sunbed in the other room.
She did not put up an resistance so despite what she had said she still had a body of a young thirty-year-old.

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