A strange, threatening and fascinating word to an adolescent girl. The moment we develop someone has a talk about the whole pregnancy thing, and as we all know, pregnancy comes from dicks. Not only that, we hear about dicks being "big"., yet we all know how difficult that first tampon was, and they are far from big.

Masturbation only adds to the awe and wonder, doesn't it? That first time of pushing a well lubricated finger just that little bit deeper until the resistance of the home is found and then, if you're like me, finding that tiny, frilly edged hole in it that only just about let's a finger deeper inside. But a dick? This huge, spurting spouting thing? What's THAT all about?

So, when I turned 18, I just had to find out! I would hear mum and dad some nights. Clearly what they were doing required some effort, headboards don't bang like that in their own, and clearly mum loved every minute of it....and sometimes she swore at dad to. More than once I would hear "fuck me" All the time I had my legs spread, rubbing my pussy and sometimes copying mums language. I loved the feel of the dirty words in my mouth, but I had no idea what "cock in me" or "cum in my mouth" meant.

I spent almost every day in damp panties. I seemed to be in a constant horny state. As we lived literally in the middle of nowhere, I was home educated, and rarely saw another person. But I was very technically minded. I knew dad had a laptop and webcam in their bedroom, and I soon learned I could use my own to activate it.

I saw my first dick that way, but what I saw was both a huge shock and the most massive turn on. I had switched the camera on and was watching on my screen when I heard dad had locked his bedroom door. Frankly, I wanted to see what had made mum so dirty. I saw dad take his clothes off and lie on the bed. He was getting hard too and soon I saw my first ever erect cock. fuck it looked huge though! I could never imagine anything like that fitting in me without tearing me in half. As I watched, dad started to rub himself, slowly at first, then faster. ohhhhhhhh" At which he arched his back and I saw him cum. So THAT was what mum liked inside her, and in her mouth!

I was so wet between my legs and at the same time rubbing my pussy. And BANG! I had the most massive orgasm. I must have got carried away with my fingers because there was pain too...and blood. A fair bit of blood.

I didn't dare touch myself for about a week, but when I did, I found I could get a finger right in, then two. Soon, I was listening to mum and dad and fucked myself with a banana at the same time.

And even nicer, just as I came I would moan "oh daddy!"
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