Little Black Dress
I bought Carole a little black dress and sexy 4" black heels for our Vegas trip. Being the devil that I am, the dress was a lot shorter and the heels much higher than she would normally be comfortable with. So I was happy to see them when she unpacked them our first day in the Aria.

She didn't wear it our first night out. Instead, she picked her navy blue lace dress that looked so good on her after she had it shortened to show off those sexy legs of hers. Carole had coloured her hair darker and had her eyebrows done. She looked and felt great and so did I.

We had a great time having dinner at the hotel the first night. We started with a drink in the bar while we waited for our table.

It, of course, being in Vegas had a sexy atmosphere, dark but with deep red lighting effects. It had a coolly lit bar, smaller elevated cocktail tables that could hold one or two couples and then red velvet couches all around the periphery. It was like stepping into another world and Carole and I were pleased.

She turned most of the heads of the single men at the bar and some of the men on dates with their wives or girlfriends. You know how we guys are. I enjoyed a lot of eye candy myself. But damn, my wife looked good and it made for a great sexy atmosphere with her being appreciated by not only me. She says she never notices men looking at her, but being her husband I sure do.

I noted one black guy at the bar, undoubtedly on his own, that had a particular interest in her, looking at her on multiple occasions in a more brazen manner than the other men.

When she got up to go to the restroom, I got up to help her off her seat, being the gentleman I am. She couldn't help but show off her legs when her skirt rode up to get off the stool. Guys, you know what I am talking about. It's one perk of having a sexy woman to help in and out of her seat or in and out of your car.

Well, the black guy at the bar got a good view for sure since she was facing him when she turned to get up and probably could see pretty far up her already short hem. As she walked past me he followed her with his eyes and look straight at her face then looked over at me and smiled. I felt a combination of pride and something else... A little nervous excitement.

When she returned he watched her again. I wondered if she had noticed... Right then our names were called and we went to the hostess stand and then to our table. Dinner was phenomenal. We skipped going out that night; instead she grabbed me by the hand and said let's go back up to the room. I opened the door for her and followed her inside. As soon as I closed the door, she came up to me, placed her arms on my shoulders, pressed against me and rubbed her crotch on mine.

She was hot and I responded quickly, unzipping her dress pulling it down and then practically ripping her panties off of her. I knew she was ready. "This sexy Vegas atmosphere has gotten into you", I told her as I pushed my cock into her wet pussy. She was always vocal, and tonight Carole was extra loud. We had a really hot fuck and I pasted her tummy and pussy with a big load, just like she likes it. What a hot night...

We slept in the next morning and then enjoyed the pool and hot tub after brunch. She said, "Let's take a nap because tonight is going to be a big night for us!" That sounded really good to me. Later that evening, I knew she was really relaxed when she came out of the bathroom wearing the little black dress and those heels I got her. "When in Vegas...", I thought. God, she looked good enough to eat.

It was her idea to start at the hotel bar again. As the evening lengthened, Carole was feeling the vibe and the drinks. She must have feeling frisky because she didn't say no when that same well-dressed black stranger asked in a deep voice if he could join us at our table. He said the place was just so crowded, and that he could also use some company.

"Yeah, right", I thought as he ogled my wife. But he was just her type: tall, very dark and handsome and so I smiled back at her when she looked over at me for approval. It was our long-married couple's unspoken communication. With that, I replied, "Sure, please join us." His smile became very broad when he heard my reply and looked intently at Carole. He introduced himself as Tyrone.

We enjoyed his company, but Carole was especially was having fun. You could feel it in the air as they looked at one another, talked and laughed. It made her all the sexier to me, but at the same time I was jealous of her interest in this good-looking stranger. He was definitely the type we guys call a "panty dropper." And truth be told, I know my wife is, at least in her fantasies. He for sure was a Carole panty dropper.

I let it go on. It was quite a sexy show, after all, to this voyeur. She was obviously flirting with the stranger and I thought she was giving him little glimpses of her blood red satin panties that were so contrastingly sexy against the black hem of her dress.

I saw them when she was putting lotion on her legs on our hotel bed, which had instantly caused me to get hard. It was hard enough for her to keep them hidden from me, but I could tell she was doing some work to give this guy a little show. I was hard the whole time sitting there watching her playing this cat and mouse game.

She'd look at him and then me and give me a little smile. He knew what was up as well, especially with her crossing her legs and swinging her anklet-clad right leg near his crotch.

No overt words were shared at the table. But her flirting attitude was getting to me and definitely getting to him, because when he excused himself to go to the bathroom and stood up, he gave her an eyeful.

This guy's huge cock was very visible as it strained to burst out his trousers. It looked like it was going to burst through the fabric. He certainly wasn't trying to hide it from her. To me, it looked like he had stuffed his trousers with a salami. I felt my jealousy, and horniness, rise to new heights.

As he turned and walked away, she looked at me, her face flushed red, and raised her eyebrows as she wrapped her lips around her drink straw. She swung around and wiggled her foot into my crotch. God, she looked so damn sexy. No wonder the guy had such a hard on.

She continued to stare into my eyes and smile, but further arching her brow, as if to ask "Well, hubby?" I needed no further prompting and leaned over to kiss her deeply and simply said "Yes." We know each other too well after 21 years together.

Her lips tongue, and face felt so warm, and the atmosphere was electric, when we heard him say, "Sorry to interrupt." Carole replied in a serious tone, "Oh, it's ok. We were just talking about you." She then just smiled at him. He sat back down and just smiled back at her then he looked over at me.

She got his full attention again when she said to him, "What room are you in?" He confidently said, "Room 811. I'll make it worth your while." Carole replied, "Yes, I can see that. Go to your room; I'll be up shortly."

He got up and walked away, looking back at us and giving himself a knowing smile. I knew then that he loved hunting for white women in this bar and Tina was going to be his latest conquest. Carole knew it, too. She said "I will need another drink before I do this."

I said, "ok" as I reached my hand up under her hem to touch her satin clad pussy and she lightly moaned. She had soaked them through. She felt like hot melted butter down there and would need no further foreplay. This guy had made her ready to go without a touch. She downed her drink quickly and said "Time to go."

My heart was beating so hard as we got on the elevator. Was this really going to happen after all the late night fantasy talk? We looked at each other as the door opened on the eighth floor.

We stepped out and started walking down the hallway towards 811. She suddenly grabbed my arm and said to me, "Stephen, would I be a bitch if I went into his room by myself? I want to be taken by this guy...just me and him."

She was smitten and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity in a different city with a good looking black man, something she thought about often. How could I tell her "no?" Being the loving husband I am, I told her, "You'll just have to tell me about it later. Ok?"

She nodded, kissed me and said "I'll tell you all about it, and show you... in a few hours. Don't wait up for me. I'll wake you up."

I thought, "How in the hell am I going to sleep?"

I watched as she walked the rest of the way, her sexy butt she's been working so hard to get swaying to and fro on top of those long sexy legs and knocked on his door. Her dark hair complimented the look. She looked perfect, and I thought, "Tyrone is going to love fucking her."

My cock was straining in my trousers. I had to concentrate not to cum in them when he opened the door, grabbed her hand and started to pull her in as she looked back at me with a sly smile. It was going to be a long, hard night, for both of us.

To be continued...
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