Little Black Dress Part 2
I walked down the hall to the elevator and back to our room, my heart beating in my chest and my cock hard as I replayed the sight of Carole looking back at me as Tyrone pulled her into his room. The look on her face when she saw how big his cock was pressing against his trousers and feeling how wet her pussy got was making me crazy with jealousy and lust.

I sat down in the chair and looked out over Vegas and all of the lights, but I could not get the self-created vision of Carole in his room, kissing him lustfully as she rubbed that huge cock he had displayed to her just a short while ago and trying to grab it through his trousers. In my fevered state, I could see his hands reaching up under her dress and grabbing her ass and could hear her moan as he did.

I closed my eyes and could see him run his hand up under her panties and feel the heat of her wet pussy, his black fingers working into her pink lips. I was so hard and had to rub my white cock. I could see her dainty white fingers wrap around that big ebony shaft and see her tongue snaking into his, and it was driving me crazy, but still I rubbed my cock through my trousers, not wanting to cum without her touch. But the thoughts persisted. I could see his thick, long black cock, pushing against her slit and popping into her after a hard push. And I could hear her screams of delight.

I couldn't help but pull my dick out of my trousers and start stroking it. I could see her head moving from side to side as a different cock, a big black cock filled my white wife. I could hear her telling him to paste her pussy with his cum, and I could see in my mind's eye his obliging her with thick spurt after thick spurt on her stretched pussy lips. With that vision in my mind, I came all over myself. I sat in the dark with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

After I sat back in post-climax for a while, marvelling at the volume of cum that shot out of me, I got up and hit the mini bar. The vodka and coke must have done its job, because I awoke to my wife kissing me passionately.

I noticed that the predawn light was making itself present as she hovered over me, still in my chair. I had finally passed out after jerking myself off and having a drink, even as I thought of her being with Tyrone.

She was warm and pushing her tongue in my mouth. I could taste the saltiness on her lips and the realization that Tyrone had shot his cum in her mouth hit me like an alarm clock never could. I kissed her back passionately as she bit down on my tongue like she does when she gets horny. She grabbed my hardening cock through my trousers and pressed against me.

Carole grabbed my hand and placed it up her skirt and under her panties. She felt like melted butter and I could feel the warmth of her pussy and the wetness. Tyrone had shot a load all over her shaved mound and it felt so good. She was slick with this black man's cum and she wanted me to feel it.

I was hard as a rock immediately, and she mounted me without hesitation. No words had been spoken throughout our encounter, but it was like we were communicating our lust. Carole pulled her panties to the side and squatted down over my cock. When she did this, I could feel more of Tyrone's cum leak from her pussy onto my belly and cock. There was so much; I knew that he had cum in or on my wife at least two times. And I was struck by a powerful aphrodisiac. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me, her wet, hot pussy enveloping me like silk.

She felt looser than usual and I was not surprised seeing the outline of Tyrone's cock earlier. Her cum and his bathed my cock as she moved up and down. Even though she was not as tight as normal and the friction was less, I was so turned on that it did not matter.

"I sucked him off, Stephen. His big, black dick was so beautiful. I could barely fit him in my mouth, but I had to try. He was so long and thick that I could only get the head in and had to use my hands as well. I was so hot, even as I was gagging by trying to take him. He flooded my mouth, Stephen. There was so much cum. I hope you don't get jealous, but he came so much more than you. Can you taste it? "Mmmm," I replied, so turned on by her wanton infidelity and the proof that she was sharing with me.

"Tyrone fucked this pussy so good", Carole whispered in my ear as she continued to drive up and down. "He was so big and thick, and he stretched me out so much. It felt like he was splitting me in two and when he hit bottom in me over and over; I never felt so full and didn't want him to stop." She stopped talking only to stick her tongue in my mouth and then bite mine. The taste of cum was strong and I felt myself getting close to cumming myself. "Stephen, he came in my pussy and I could feel it spilling out as he kept pounding me. Then he stuck that huge black cock in my ass before I could say no. And it felt so good. It was going so deep into me like his dick was going to come out of my mouth. He finished fucking my ass and shot a third load on my pussy. Now you know why I am such a mess, hon." All I could do was moan at her recounting her experience with this black stud.

"How big was he, Carole?" I asked.

She replied, "I don't know, he was so huge that I could barely breath when he put it in me." Carole was driving me crazy talking like this and pumping that wet pussy up and down on me. When she said, "He's probably twice as big as you and I want to feel him again" I lost it and shot my load into her, my cum mixing with Tyrone's in her pink pussy. God, it was hot and I was out of breath.

"That's a good hubby," she said, "Thank you for letting me do it. Maybe you can watch next time..."
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