Little Pussy that could!!!

This is the story of the little pussy that could...told by who else? My pussy.

That man touched me so much better than anyone before. He knew how to rub me and make me feel special. OH how I love to feel special!
"YES touch me again, sir." I love to be touched when I am wet. I love how your fingers glide all over, up and down. Did you hear that? Yes she loves when you touch me, do it again and she will moan again. That's right just like that. YES put your finger between my wet know you like that. That's it, just like THAT...OH I like it too. It's warm in here, no it's down right hot!"
"Oh, I don't know if I can cum again...I think I can...I think I can... Two fingers between my lips? I can! I can!"
Where has this man been her whole life? Magic fingers. Yes that is what we will call him I think.
Oh my he has a wonderful face. What is this? he looks like he is looking right at me....he is! He has lovely eyes, bedroom eyes that can make you wet by looking at you. I feel all warm and tingly and very juicy.
He is coming in for a kiss." OH That Tongue. What is this? He is licking MY lips!" OH YES he found my clit!!!
I can't possibly cum again? Can I? I think I can I think I can, He licks and nibbles my clit and joy floods me! YES I CAN CUM AGAIN.
He continues and just when I can't even fathom cumming again he makes the impossible possible. He nibbled and licked and sucked that clit, he licked my lips and frenched my clit over and over, and OVER and OVER I CAME.
He licked and fingered me then as I was getting so exhausted by his ministrations, He had me so wet and dripping and happy he introduced me to the love of my life. The one eyed man. Then he made me cum again...yes I am the little pussy that could. And he is The Large one eyed man. The only one eyed man with no hands or arms I ever want to be with.
After all That man accepted me with just two sets of lips and a clit.
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