Little cuddles
In bed, naked she gave me her perky breasts to suckle. Her young nipples standing straight to the heavens, just waiting for my mouth to suckle them as a baby would.
To give her the first pleasure
Giving her the first mature pleasure in her life, but not the last.
The years of sexuality had passed her by, in other words, she had gotten sexual experiences so young and then had just not cared for the opposite sex.

Until now.

Being 25 years older than her I had so many tricks and talents that it was breaking my heart she wasn't using what nature had given her.

Her naked cuddle felt so good on my skin, warm and fresh skin onto mine.
Skin that I hadn't felt in years.
I knew it wasn't long before my instincts would kick in and my manhood would take over.
That was going to be the turning point.
"Does that feel nice honey?"I asked her
She simply nodded
"Do you want to play more for a little while?" Was my next question
Again she simply nodded.

I could feel my manhood start to get perfect, so I shuffled it away for a moment.
The female scent started to become overwhelming. I knew what this meant and was tempted to just go straight for her lady juice but decided that it would be a bit more exciting to see how it would play out.

Seeing she was starting to get uncomfortable just asked as an out of the blue question" when was the last time you had sex sweetie?"
"It's been a while," she said, "Along time actually, why?"

"Nothing, just curious," I said
"Can you feel me getting hard down there?"
I asked her straight up now
"Yes I haven't felt about you in that way before but you ARE big down there," she said in a meek voice.

"I know you are wet between your legs, can I feel you?" I asked
She nodded in silence

Focusing on her mound I ran my finger across the top of her neatly clipped patch of hair. It was moist, very moist.
I couldn't hide the hardness anymore, I let the full length out and gave her the chance to play.
Tasting the young juices she was now oozing was so glorious that I just had to go down in that young garden and at first she was a little scared but in the end gave in to the pleasure was providing.

"Has anyone ever done this before to you?"
I asked. I was surprised when she shook her and said "No"
"What a fucking waste," I thought. "A waste"
Things were moving now.

" have you ever sucked a cock?" I was annoyed nobody had really taken advantage of this young woman.
She said"Not often, the boys would rather just fuck me quick"
This was a chance to pass on the lessons of a lifetime and I wasn't going to miss it.
"Would you like to have a go at licking mine, Just for the fun of it?" I asked, testing the waters ever so gently.
She nodded yes.
This was the start of our little cuddles.

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