Little cuddles next challenge
Once again I had slipped into the bed of this vibrant sex machine that had been so underused that it was really going to feel like the first time for her.

This time I dispensed with the clothing and just slid between her sheets.
The young flesh still made me tingle when I touched it.
Not aged and saggy like the other women of her age. But tight in the right places and once again I found no resistance to my body next to hers.

Instead of playing coy this time she knew what to do and immediately went for my groin and squeezed my plumbs hard.

"You want a cuddle?" She asked in her girly way.
"You want to play?" I asked.
Once again she just simply nodded and positioned her body toward me.

I slipped my hand between her legs and felt the young fles hot and wet and willing. This was what life was meant to be.
I tickled her lightly and guided her hand down to show me what she liked to be done to her. She didn't really know what to play with on her own body so I gave her the space she needed to learn more.

Getting my own hand moistened with her juices I started to slowly stroke myself, watching her learn where all the pressure points were to turn herself on.
Was it me watching her or was it her watching me.
We both were masturbating watching each other.
And this was good, so good.

She was watching my hand travel faster and faster up and down my shaft as her fingers were rubbing and pulling at her fresh groin, moisture starting to pour from her vagina. Eyes closed and jaw clenching as the excitement of the situation before her.
I put my face gently into the garden of pleasure that she was working and drank of her fountain of youth, flowing freely now.
I drank.
She was just about to finish pleasuring herself when I made the move that would change and challenge our relationship.

Moving her hands away my shaft felt on fire and was throbbing so fast, it hurt.
She was ready.

Being so immature in sex positions I had climbed into the standard missionary to try and enter her.
But she quickly rolled over into the doggy position, looking back at me with a questioning face.
"It's ok if that's how you want it but knows I'm going to go deep," I said.

"Fuck me" is all she said

So pushing my cock against her pussy I broke into her luscious vagina and gave a few gentle pumps to get the head of my cock wet so it could slide further into her.

She let out a little squeal at the size of my shaft but she took half of it at which point I pulled it out and entered her again, this time harder and deeper.
To my surprise, she was loving it and was rather wet. I didn't know how long I could or would last in this tight little pussy.
Holding her hips I pounded her like we had been having sex for years instead of this being our first time.
As I held her I could feel that she wanted more, so moving my fingers to her little dot I inserted one as I pumped.
It didn't seem to worry her so on the next pump I inserted three fingers and she took them all.

All this pumping had put a strain on my cock and the edge was getting closer.
I could feel it wouldn't be long now.

My fingers having stretched her dot I decided to test the waters, so to speak.
On my next withdrawal, I pulled all the way out and positioned myself so I could enter her rear.

A gentle push followed by a bit more force my head popped into her and her hand went straight to fill the gap my cock had left.

She felt so tight and yet she said she loved it.
My balls were now slapping against her cheeks as my cock was fully inserted into her.
"I can't hold it any longer" I begged.
"Fill me with your hot juice"she daid, pleading

"Fuck" I cried as I blew every drop of spunk I had in my balls and then some more
"Be my little cuddle forever please and please don't spread our little adventure around?" I asked.

She had become a woman and now our adventure can begin.
"Thankyou Daddy"she said giving me a kiss.
"Can I call you my Daddy?"she asked, with those girlish eyes.
"If you wantto call me Daddy that's fine with me.",I said.
Who was I to destroy her fantasy?

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