Locker Room Exploration
The wonders of technology today are mindboggling. It seems that there is not a thing we do in our lives that is not either directly or indirectly affected by technology. Technology is even embedded in our bedrooms, whether it is all of the wonderful little toys that the ladies use (and even a few the guys enjoy), the flat screen high definition televisions on which we can watch movies or other videos and the computers we use to surf the web for our porn.

When I was first discovering the wonderful feelings of sex, I was lucky to even have a magazine or two like the early Playboys that would be considered very mild by today's standards. Why you see nearly as much skin on network TV nowadays! Other than that, a boys' mind and his hand (in my case my left hand) were all that he had to explore with.

When a few boys would get together, the talk would often turn towards sex and each would brag about his conquests, extolling how many girls he had screwed, how many he had felt up, how many he had seen naked, etc. Of course, the reality was more like how many times he had jacked off while dreaming of screwing Raquel Welch or whoever their fantasy partner was, and the closest they had come to seeing a real live woman naked was watching their mothers take off their stockings.

If a boy was lucky he would have parents that were as horny as he and his dad would have a few Playboy magazines in the back of the closet or under the bed and mom would have a stack True Story magazines on her side under the bed. Looking at the pictures in Playboy and reading the stories in True Story was equivalent to today's internet porn for the poor boys growing up in small town America in the late 1950's.

Now back to those joint discussions with your buddies. As the conversations got more and more detailed (in other words the lies bigger and bigger) it always lead to several boys squirming and shifting in their chairs trying to hide their rapidly rising pricks. Now if the conversation just happened to be taking place in the locker room after gym class, it may even have lead to some embarrassing moments of actually having your friends see your huge 5" cock (fully hard!!)

Nearly all of these situations ended with everyone getting really quiet, hurrying up and getting dressed and getting on their way. If it was back to class, it would mean more squirming in your seat while you anticipated what you were going to do when you got home from school. Other times you could not wait and you took an extended trip to the boys' restroom for relief. Once in a great while, these sessions would end with two or three boys sticking around in the locker room or behind the school house in the trees getting a closer look at the male anatomy, and not your own!

For those boys that found this contact pleasing, it was difficult to express because you did not want to be "queer" or a "fag"! But, there were many more boys that had these feelings than acted on them. The experimentation that took place more times than not ended after a few weeks or maybe months and you went on to marry the head cheerleader and lead a normal life.

With today's technology though, one could go out on the web and find pictures and videos of just about any sexual activity you may be interested in or at least curious about.
When I grew up, having had a few of these experimentations with other boys, I could only imagine what a full grown man's hard cock looked like. I imagined what it would feel like to touch another guys' cock, feel the smoothness of it's' head and the tightness of the shaft. Then there is the thought of playing with another's balls, squeezing them and massaging them as you jack him off.

Thoughts would wander to what I like to do to myself while masturbating and then imagining doing that to another man, or having another man do that to me. The feeling of another's hand wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking up and down and another hand on my balls, rolling them and squeezing them. A finger sneaks over the anal region, teasing and then finally penetrating. Thinking, I know how good that feels, how much harder I cum as that finger fucks my ass, now what if it was another man doing that to me or me to him?

I know that you can not get all of those feelings by surfing the web, but it does make it much easier to imagine doing or having done what is being done on the screen in the videos or pictures. You can see up close what another cock is like and how men handle other men's cocks. Even when you are sure you are not Gay, the pure sexuality makes you hard and wishing you were part of the action, bringing out the curiosity.

Thinking back to my youth and some of those locker room discussions, there were some that even took place in the shower room. Two, three, four or sometimes more teenage boys naked, soaping up their bodies and talking about girls and sex, that is a very simple recipe for two, three, four or sometimes more hard cocks right out there for everyone to see. Whether you are the best athlete or the class nerd, at that moment, your cock is who you are in the minds of every boy in that shower.

The sexual tension always brought a brief time of quiet as we all realize that this is not what we had planned on when we entered the shower. This usually gave way to some smart aleck making a wise crack about some guys' little dick or uncut dick or something. Then there is some pushing and shoving and this only intensifies the sexual tension as there is actual physical contact between naked boys. There is some laughter and joking, but when out of the blue one boy grabs your hard cock right there in front of everyone else, back to the silence.

What happens next again could be one of two things everyone rinses quickly and exits quietly or like this day, everyone just watches as the other boy slowly starts to stroke my soapy cock. All you can hear is the sloshing of the soap as he moves his hand back and forth on my cock. He moves closer, almost beside me so that he can adjust his grip to a more natural motion, almost as if he is jacking himself off. Both his breathing and mine is deeper and slower. My eyes are nearly shut as I focus on the feeling of someone else jacking me off. At that moment the gender of the other person was not important, just that someone else was doing that to me or really for me.

Suddenly there is more of the same kind of noise and as I open my eyes and look around, the boy that is jacking me off is also jacking himself and there are two other boys jacking off the boys next to them. We are all looking around the shower room and saying nothing. The boy next to me stops jacking himself and totally concentrates on my genitals. He has one hand on my cock and the other on my balls. Knowing what I like, I instinctively move my hand down on top of his and push it towards my ass hole and push a soapy finger in. It slides in effortlessly and deep, which felt wonderful and I nearly immediately ejaculated, spraying cum all over the shower floor.

Seeing me orgasm quickly brought the others there as well and in just a few seconds there was cum squirting on the floor in multiple directions. Again, without any discussion, those that had been on the receiving end quickly took over on the giving. I grabbed hold of the other boys' cock and started rather rough. I could tell by his moans that he likes it that way and so I continued to pound his cock, long and hard strokes. His hips were moving in the opposite direction of my strokes as he was fucking my hand. I did not hesitate to put my other hand between his legs from behind and find his crack. I inserted one, then two fingers and as he continued to move his hips, he was fucking my hand while I was finger fucking his ass. I pushed deeper in his ass, which sent him over the top and he shot a good three feet out in front of him. Some of his cum even landed on the leg of one of the other boys and when that happened, he came as well.

I am not sure how long we were in there, but each boy was spent and we quietly rinsed off, shut off the showers, grabbed our towels and headed for our lockers. I was sitting on the bench in front of my locker with a towel draped over my lap and another over my shoulders when the boy that had started it all by grabbing my cock came and sat next to me. He quietly told me that he had never cum like that before. He then leaned even closer to me and asked if sometime soon he could suck my cock. He said that he had been thinking about it for a long time and had been watching me when we had had these conversations, trying to catch glimpses of my naked cock and now that we had done what we just did he thought I might consent to him giving me a blowjob.

I was not really sure what to say and did not answer right away. As I sat there for a few seconds thinking about what had asked, my mind began to wander and had this vision of him on his knees in front of me sucking me off. I then looked towards him to answer and saw that he was staring at the towel draped over my lap, or should I say the tent that was formed in the towel. It would appear that he already had his answer. The other boys took very little time in getting dressed and out of there and it seemed like only a minute or two since we had all been in the shower together and now there was just myself and the boy that started the circle jerk.

Neither he nor I had even started to get dressed, but had finished drying off and I was now standing in front of my locker. He came back over next to me, sat down on the bench and he reached out, touching me on the hip and turning me towards him. His face was even with my cock and the thought of what he was about to do started to reach my cock. Slowly it started to bob and grow and he had not even touched it yet. He leaned forward and without using his hands at all, he took my cock into his mouth. It was not yet fully hard, but it did not take long once he started working it over with his tongue. I just stood there with my hands to my sides and watched my cock move in and out of his mouth. I slowly reached down and cupped my balls as he continued to suck. When I made this move, he reached up with both hands and now there were four hands fondling my balls. He leaned forward more and took my whole 5 inches into his mouth and very quickly my cum was shooting into the back of his throat.

He sucked hard and swallowed every drop. He slowly moved back and my cock gradually pulled out of his mouth. He licked it clean, looked up at me and said, "Thank You, I enjoyed that!" I replied, "The pleasure was all mine." We got dressed and left without another word.

I am not sure about him, but I know that I was already dreaming about our next shower room get together. I was thinking if I should return the favor, only in front of the other guys, but that is another story!

Now back to my discussion on technology. In my younger days that experience would only live in each of our memories, but today someone would have caught it on their iPhone or Droid and it would be uploaded to YouTube before we left the locker room!

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