Locker Room Fun
After my divorce I started dating different woman, but it wasn't until I met Marcie that a true sexual awakening occurred. She is a hot little package at 5'5" with these killer legs and hips that I just couldn't keep my hands off of. Sex with her was always amazing as she had a freedom in her mind to bring me to the highest sexual pleasure. She also had the tightest pussy I ever had in my life. It would literally clamp onto me when I entered her, this just blew my mind and I could never get enough of it.

I had been playing in a hockey beer league and the games were usually late at night and a case of beer was often in the locker room afterwards. Since the adrenaline built up in our systems after the games wouldn't allow you to just go home after a game and fall asleep. Marcie would follow along and cheer me on from the stands when she could make it. I always enjoyed having her there to see me and we usually burned off some of my adrenaline after a game with a hot fuck session when we got home.

We just finished a hotly contested game that we had won by a late goal. We started celebrating when we got in the locker room cracking beers and talking trash. I got hung up in the excitement that night and forgot Marcie was waiting for me outside. After a while a small knock came on the locker room door, it was her checking to see if I was ready to go. I had just gotten out of the shower, nobody left in the locker room and was half dressed, so I told her to come on in and have a drink. She grabbed a beer and started drinking.

We got into talking about the game as she sat across from me. She was wearing her short skirt that she knew I enjoyed seeing her in. My eyes couldn't help but focus on her slightly spread legs and I could see that she had on her thigh high stockings, albeit no underwear. That sight is always too much for me and my mind went quickly away from hockey to how good she looked and what I wanted to do to her. She noticed my stare and a smile came across her face. She stood up and walked across the locker room to me, bent over and whispered in my ear, "what are you thinking about?"

My hand gently grabbed her thigh and I slid it up to her clean shaven pussy. It felt like it was on fire and I could feel how wet she already was. She let out a soft moan in my ear and started kissing me. I fingered her slickness as our tongues tangled with one anothers. Then she worked her kisses down my body and started sucking on my nipples. I don't know how to describe it but she can almost bring me to an orgasm when she does that. While sucking on my nipples she helped me undo my pants. Our hands were all over each other, getting undressed and touching.

The only thing orally she does better than sucking on my nipples, is sucking on my cock. She started the vicious attack on my cock, it's the combination of how she works the shaft with her hand and just the right amount of pressure with her tongue and lips. As she worked on me I got her shirt pulled up and undid her bra. She has these nice 36B tits I love to touch and feel, the nipples get so engorged and pert. Then I started to feel the rumbling down below, so I grabbed her hair and assisted her head working up and down. I stiffened and shot a hard load into her throat. She loves to take it all, my sensitive tip of my cock pulsing in her mouth.

As I finished up, she peered up from my lap, with a devilish grin and sultry look in her greenish blue eyes. I told her it was my turn on her and made her sit on the bench as I pulled her skirt off, leaving the stockings and garter in place. I then buried my face into her pussy. Slowly licking and kissing the lips, then splitting them with my tongue. My hands reached up to play yet again with her erect nipples. Multiple moans roared from her throat as my tongue began to play with her clit. It didn't take her long till she neared her ecstasy; she grabbed a hold of my head and pulled it into her pussy. Marcie gets very verbal during an orgasm, but so didn't alert anyone outside in the hallway, I put one of hands partially over her mouth to muffle her screams of passion. Then the sensitivity of the orgasm got too much for her and she pushed my head away.

I find performing oral to be a huge stimulation and was erect again. I needed it inside her quickly. So I grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet. Then I spun her around and bent her over. I placed the tip of my cock at her waiting entrance, with my hands on her hips, I slowly rammed into her. She was just dripping juices, but even with the wetness that incredible clamping power just molds right around me. I started slowly at first, pulling back till just the tip was in her, then easing it all the way back in, letting it stay there for a moment before continuing on with the slow fuck.

I then start to pick up the pace, the slapping of our bodies together. She reached her hands down to the bench, allowing me deeper access into her. The sight of her high heels, legs in the stockings and garter belt, with me ramming into her was soon too much. I knew she was getting close as to another orgasm as well. Then the pulses of her orgasm began milking my hardness. The waves of her pleasure were just too much and I began exploding inside her. My waves matching her waves, my load shooting against her walls. My thrusts slowed, each thrust timed with a pulse of my cock as I pushed the cum deep inside her.

As I finished I held it deep in her, the final moments of her orgasm pulled the remaining cum from my cock. Even as my cock started to lose its hardness, her tightness surrounded me. I slowly pulled out and with it a small amount of cum. She reached back and cwiped it up with her fingers. Then stood and turned, smiling at me she brought the fingers to her stretched out tongue and enjoyed the taste of my salty seed with a devious smile on her face.

We started to come to our senses and realized we needed to be going and quickly dressed. As we opened the locker room door an older, yet attractive cleaning lady was walking by and gave us a look as though she knew what our grins were about.
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