Lonely in the Park at Dusk
Josh was bored, after moving so far away from home to come to Nova Scotia for work he couldn't get over how lonely he was. He wanted friends, a companion, even someone to just shoot this shit with over a few beers.

Walking through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax yet again on his own he contemplated the idea of getting a dog. At least then someone might pay attention to him and he would have a life long friend to hang out with during those long winter nights at the apartment.

As he rounded the corner towards the old battery he saw her. Frantically attempting to chase after a flurry of paper that had obviously caught in the wind and been torn from her grasp.

Without thinking he started running after the papers too. Catching them in mid air and scooping them from the ground.

When all of the wayward stationary had been contained he walked over to her. Her face was flushed from exertion and the chill of the brisk fall day. She wasn't much to see at first. Dirty blonde hair a tangle from the wind the white toque sitting awry on her head. She reached out with a mittened hand to take the papers he was still holding.

"Thanks." she said, her voice soft with shyness.

Josh found he couldn't speak and awkwardly stuck his arm out containing the papers she was reaching for. She smiled and that was when he knew he was getting a crush. The small cute smile made her blue eyes crinkle and he could see the laugh lines on her face and the dimples that dotted her cheeks perfectly.

He introduced himself and next thing he knew they were walking and chatting amicably through the park beside one another. She had tucked the papers back away safely into her bag and was using her hands as she animatedly told him about herself.

They came up to the battery and decided to sit for a bit on the picnic table that overlooked the hill and the entrance to the Halifax Harbour. The day was growing late and most of the people in the park had left so it was just them, as they watched the sun slowly begin to sink out of sight. She looked at him then, and smiled before leaning over to kiss him softly on the lips.

Pulling back he looked in her eyes and realized he hadn't wanted something this badly in a very long time. He lifted a hand to her cheek, brushing away a strand of hair before placing his lips on her, more firmly now. When they broke apart again he could see her cheeks were flushed again but this time with desire and her eyes spoke volumes as they leaned together once more. This time he felt her hand slide up this thigh towards his slowly growing cock and he mumbled a little against her mouth. She ignored his murmurs and began to massage his thick member steadily and with purpose. Josh could feel the ache in his balls as she helped his penis become fully erect with her deft hands.

He couldn't take it and pushed her back onto the picnic table and covered her body with his. Kissing her feverishly as he trailed one hand into her hair knocking off her hat and the other up her side to cup her breast. She moaned as he gently kneaded her chest and kissed him with even more gusto opening her mouth and sucking on his tongue, biting his lip and then kissing it better. He lifted his head and bent to kiss her neck trailing soft little kisses up and down the side of her soft throat. Nibbling here and there before taking her earlobe into his mouth to suckle for a moment. She was squirming under him. He could feel her breasts pressing up into his chest and her hips grinding into his pelvis, which was throbbing with a burning intensity that he knew he would have to take care of.

He lifted himself slightly off of her... looked into her wanting eyes and kissed her again. Shifting so that he could move of her he stood and grabbed her hips dragging her to the end of the table so he could stand while she sat and kissed him some more. With this new angle she could again play with his pulsing member as they made out. He was so glad she was wearing a skirt. Her boots came up to her knees as well, which turned him on even more. Reaching under her skirt he moved his hands slowly up her thighs making her squirm some more. Reaching the soft folds of her center he rubbed softly against her panties. Her reaction was glorious as she paused from kissing him to let her head fall back as she gasped at the sensation. Lowering his lips to her neck he proceeded to rub her more firmly now and could hear her whimpers in his ear. He slowly moved her panties to the side and inserted one long finger into her burning pussy she stiffened for a moment and then ground down onto his hand wanting him deeper. Smiling he raised his head and looked at her all breathless and breathtaking. He laid her down on the table before kneeling in front of her dripping wet hole. He started by kissing her soft smooth nether lips before letting his tongue dart out to taste her sweet nectar. She was absolutely delicious and he pushed his mouth into her licking and lapping up her juices as she softly fucked his face with her hips her hands deep in his hair as she moaned softly for him.

With more intensity his lips found her button and began a soft and slow torture on it, his tongue occasionally flicking out to tease it. He could feel her body tense and stiffen each time his rough tongue rubbed against her most sensitive bud. He smiled into her soaking wet pussy as he began to abuse it a little bit more, flicking his tongue quickly and unrelentingly against her swollen clit. She groaned so loudly he knew anyone nearby would hear her but he didn't care and continued to punish her little hole as best he could. He felt her sit up suddenly and she dragged him to his feet as she kissed him madly and licked her own sweetness off of his lips. While she was kissing him her hands were not idle and she fumbled on his buttons to his jeans. Stepping back to help he undid his pants slowly watching her all the while. She smiled and spread her legs for him... reaching down to lift her skirt and show him a full view of what a mess he had made. Licking two fingers in her mouth she reached down and began to toy with herself in front of him. His member free now he watched for a few moments as she pleasured herself for him out here in the open. Stroking his own engorged piece he couldn't believe what a fantastic woman she was laying before him. As he slowly closed the space between them, she giggled and stood up.

He watched her turn around and placed her hands over the table as she bent forward. Shaking her hips a little at him and looking over her shoulder with a come hither look that made all his blood pool into his balls. He stepped forward and lifted up her skirt to reveal the most perfect ass he could have imagined. He grabbed a cheek and squeezed it massaging gently as he took the head of his cock and rubbed it softly against her drenched slit. She sighed and leaned towards him with her hips wanting him badly. Slapping her ass lightly he took his other hand and pushed her down onto the picnic table. Gripping her ass cheeks and spreading them he lined his thick cock up with her tight little hole, which was still dripping with anticipation.

He slammed home burying himself deep inside her hot cunt as she yelled out in surprise at the rough intrusion. He felt her stiffen around his cock and then push back still wanted more and deeper. Pulling out slowly he slammed home again relishing her yelp again as he began a steady rhythmic thrusting in and out of her incredibly tight snatch. He threw his head back as he picked up the pace and could feel his balls tightening as he took the last few months of pent up frustration and loneliness out on her hot little body. She was gasping now and stopped him only to turn over onto her back so she could wrap her legs around him and take him even further inside her. As he found his pace again and was sliding in and out of her desperately she reached down and began to play with her clit again. He watched in fascination as her hips bucked and he felt her pussy tighten around him. She stopped breathing for a split moment before her cunt spazzed around his thick cock and her juices flowed freely dripping everywhere and coating him fully in herself. She was full out yelling for him now as he pounded as hard as he could into her orgasm and finally felt his balls explode outward and his hot load come gushing out and filling her completely. He collapsed on top of her breathing hard and feeling her hips push into him a few more times to savor the sensation of their combined orgasm.

Looking at one another they laughed at the sheer absurdity of what they had just done. Screwing a total stranger on a picnic table in the wide open for all of Halifax to see. As they straightened themselves up. She looked at him and told him about how she walks through the park this way every night at this time... winking she walked down the hill, but he knew... not out of his life. Making him one of the happiest men in Halifax that evening.
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