Long arm of the law
The "Big Meeting " was in 30 minutes and I was at least 45 minutes from the office. What else could I do but step on the gas. As my speedometer touched the 75 mark I saw the red lights flashing in my mirror. Great! This is not what i need right now. I continued on up the the road a little further to a small side road before i pulled over.

As i looked in my rear view mirror i saw a tall muscular officer exit his car. His sunglasses hid his eyes but his blond hair was perfect. His shirt was tight across his chest and arms and clung to his firm flat abdomen. The shirt was tucked into the waist of his form fitting trousers that showed off an impressive lump on the front. WOW he was hot.

With a straight face and soft voice he asked for my license, registration, and insurance. While looking for the paperwork the tears began to roll down my cheeks. I couldn't afford a ticket so while wheeping I tell the officer, "I can't afford a ticket. My insurance is so high now, i just couldn't afford it. I will do anything not to get a ticket, anything." With tears on my face I started to unbutton my blouse to show my lacy bra and again repeated "I will do anything to not get a ticket."

I read the name Steele on his tag as he opened my door. I rose from my seat and slowly walked to the front of my Jeep. Once at the hood I placed both hands on the hood, spread my legs and leaned over at the waist so slightly to stick my ass out for him to see. Steele stood there for a few seconds just looking at me, he then smiled and slowly walked over to stand behind me.

I felt Steele place his hands firmly on both my shoulders and i shivered when he slid them down the center of my back and came to rest on my hips. with the speed and skill of and expert he slid his hands up to cup my breast. While his left hand massaged my breast the right hand was pinching and playing with my nipple. As Steele leaned against my back I could feel his hard on dig into my soft ass. The smell of his cologne combined with his warm breath on my neck was intoxicating.

"Put you hands behind your back!" he said to me in a husky voice. As the office clicked the hand cuffs on my i was surprised how cold and heavy they were. With my heart pounding i turned around to see Steele pointing to the ground with a smile on his face.

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