Lori fiirst time

Lori was my neighbor, mid 30's with nice ass and nipples always erect. About 1/4' long. She came over one day while my wife was sleeping. She works nights, and due to things slept in a separate room connected to our garage.
Lori was buzzed, I could smell the drink on her breath. She came to show off her new phone. We have teased, flirted and given each other a quick grab at different. She even flashed me once.

She leaned against me. Her breasts rubbing against my arm. It was summer and she was braless. As she showed me a feature I quickly twisted a nipple and I felt her shiver. She pressed harder against me. I couls feel her hips moving on mine. We talked and she move facing me. Still going on about the phone, when she added she had something else she had bought today she wanted me to see.

Realizing where we were I joked loudly about need something in the garage. Dragged her in and shut door. I pushed her against work table and asked what she wanted me to see?

She said "this" ,and produced a shiny 6" vibe that I could see was wet with her juice. She said she saw was breaking it in when she saw me.

I pulled up her top. Her breasts popped out. I twisted nipple as I ground my knee into her covered pussy. We both were in shorts and I could feel her wetness, and heat on my knee. She said " I need a fuck now, and we play more later that night". I bit a nipple and told her to give me the toy an drop her shorts. She told me to do it,. I slapped her face. Her pussy gushed down my leg, and her eyes tilted up in her head . I twisted her nipples and stared at her. Her hands unsnapped the jeans, I stepped back as they fell revealing her shaved pussy.

She smiled and said " I knew you would be seeing it soon."

She turned and leaned over work bench, ass sticking out. With toy on I reached out grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, while reaching around and sliding toy up her damp thighs. I knew I found the spot when Lori moaned. I dropped my shorts an pressed against her. My cock slid between her ass cheeks.. I must have found her clit, because she shudder in orgasm.

"Please fuck me," she moaned.

I slapped her as and with my knee spread her legs. Without ceremony I lined my hardness up at her hot hole and pressed in. After weeks of teasing I slid in her. She was so hot, and wet. Right away I felt her flow over my cock and balls. She pushed back on me, and I went balls deep. We went at it like animals in heat. The toy fallen to the floor. I spanked her ass. Lori was biting her arm to keep quiet as she came, over and over.

I felt my own release build, and recalled a passion of Loris. "Mouth or ass" I asked?

"I want to taste you" was her answer. With one last hard thrust I pulled out and she dropped to her knees. Her lips covered my cum coated cock and took all of me. Her mouth moved over me. Hands squeezing my swollen balls. I used her mouth as hard as her tight pussy. Then It hit me so fast. I grabbed her head and pushed her down on me as I exploded. She looked up at me as I filled her mouth. Lori had told me she loves to swallow, and she was proving it now. Not a drop was missed. She took my now depleted cock out and gave it a last kiss.

Suddenly we heard the bus approaching that would drop off my daughter. Hurriedly we dress, and before we walked into the daylight Lori turned and whispered "I also bought a 10" dildo and anal lube. I remember some fantasies you have to. So I'll be back later. She walked away I saw trickles of cum on her thighs and I adjusted my shorts as I waited for the bus.

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