Losing My Girl to My Rival Part 3
I decided to play it cool and not call for a while. I naturally saw Kevin at work and he made sure I heard him talking to the other guys about his new girl. He knew she was mine and he enjoyed my having to listen to them talk about her and him at work. This friend of mine who works for a ticket whole saler in Phoenix had two tickets for a concert that Linda had wanted to attend. The concert was sold out but he saved two for Linda and I. I got the tickets and I told Kevin about the event and that as a sign of trying to make peace with him, I would give him the tickets so he could take Linda. The concert was going to be in Lake Havasu, which is right on the Nevada border. The trip would be nearly 4 hours long so I told him that I had already set up reservations for a "honeymoon suite" at this very nice hotel and that I was planning for a very romantic weekend. I gave him the reservations and we shook hands, the first time we did that within my memory.
He told me that they had a date that night and he was going to tell her the surprise. The next day Tina gave me a text and asked if I wanted to meet her for lunch. She told me she needed to talk to me about Linda. At lunch she told me that Kevin had gotten a couple of hot tickets for a concert she has been dying to see and that afterward he arranged a romantic weekend at a local hotel near the concert. Tina told me that Linda wanted to have some girl chat time after work and that she said that she is conflicted on what to do about the concert this weekend.
Tina asked me if I was really sure about "playing cool and aloof" with Linda and letting Kevin have some very sexy time with her? Man, I had a hard on that would crack a rock, when I told Tina that I wanted her to encourage Linda to enjoy the concert and then spend that weekend getting to know her new beau. Tina knew that Linda and I had spent a romantic hotel weekend about 6 months before and it was the first time she let me make love to her without a condom.
Tina told me that on their last date, they he actually entered her and had her with a rubber. Tina said she would be one of Kevin's biggest cheer leaders with Linda. She told me that the last friend of hers that she helped in understanding a relationship was this girl she knew since college. She said that her friend had many of the same questions that Linda has. I asked her how it turned out and she said that her friend just gave birth to her second child to the same guy. My dick got rock hard and she saw that turned me on.

End Part Three

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