Lot 1
I remember the day the letter arrived in the office; it was for a charity event to raise money for a hospice. One of our staff had been supporting the hospice doing abseils and sky diving and we had all sponsored her.
The letter was inviting businesses to provide a service for an auction, they would provide someone to work for them for 1 day, my boss smiled and said.
"It would be great publicity and raise money for the hospice"
I nodded and he then said
"So you can do it" he smiled
I was shocked but nodded.
Our offer was we would cater a party for up to 8 people providing food and wine and 2 people to serve.
On the night of the auction we were lot 14, there had been holidays, and holiday homes for a weekend as well as luxury car rentals.
Lot 14 came up and the bids were in £50 chunks, at £1050 the hammer fell and we were sold, the winner was a guy called Edwin, he was in his early 50's, in good shape and seemed very amiable. We arranged a date and the party was set the guests were all well dressed and the night went well, as I was serving drinks I would be there a bit later than the others
As the night wore on and they got a little drunk the conversation turned to other parties which intrigued me as it got around to couples and sexual dreams and experiences.
I was taking some bottles to the recycle bin and heard a noise in the utility room, there was a gap in the door and I looked inside. A couple who had arrived with different partners were inside, I could see they were kissing; I knew I should turn away but couldn't help but keep looking.
As I watched she unzipped him and wriggled his penis free, stroking him slowly I heard him gasp her hand slowly worked him until he was erect.
"Suck my cock" he ordered
At that point she crouched and in the dim light I could see her tongue flicker over his cockhead, he leaned back and pushed his hip, his cock slid into her mouth. Her head sliding up and down him his hips jerking, he reached into her dress freeing one of her breasts pulling the nipple making her suck harder.
She stood up I could see his cock sticking out erect and shiny, turning she bent forward, wriggling her dress up she bent forward.
"Fuck me" she ordered
He stepped closer and gave her ass a slap making her cry out before guiding his cock into her making her gasp as he gave several small thrusts then one big push. They were pushing against each other I could hear his breathing deep and laboured, suddenly he cried out and thrust hard into her, holding himself inside her. I squirmed as I watched then hearing a door I turned and walked inside, my nipples swollen and erect I could feel my panties moist. I was a little ashamed.
At the end of the evening Edwin walked me to my car
"I hope we weren't too hard to handle, and I apologise for the little show before, they were asked to behave" he smiled
I blushed not knowing what to say.
"Did you enjoy it" he asked innocently
"It was unusual" I smiled nervously moving from 1 foot to another.
"Maybe you would like to join us on a more social evening sometime" he offered.
"OK that would be nice" I replied shocked that I had said it, suddenly realising my panties were wet.
Edwin closed the door of my car and I drove away driving along the country lanes in the darkness I let my hand wander to my skirt, tugging it up I pressed my fingers against the wet fabric circling slowly, I let my middle finger apply more pressure against my clit making me squirm and gasp. The car swerved as I lost concentration, as I passed the country park I pulled into a carpark, stopping the car and switching off the engine I climbed out.
I wriggled my panties off throwing them onto the passenger seat then leaning against the car parted my legs and sank 2 fingers into my wet slit, my thumb teased my clit crying out, I tugged my shirt open and reached inside with my left hand, pinching and tugging my hard nipple, the combined sensations making me thrust harder, suddenly my stomach fluttered, I cried out loudly as my knees buckled, my pussy flooding my fingers running down my inner thighs. I collapsed against the side of the car, pulling the door open sliding onto the seat my body trembling.
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