Love-Hate Relationship
My neighbor and I have a love-hate relationship. It started the day we moved next door, and we fucked.

The day we moved into the neighborhood of antiquated expensive townhouses was a rainy, dreary day with a whisper of cold breeze throw in to make even more unpleasant. My husband of ten years had done what he had always done, left the moving into our new home to me. I had walked out to the truck to check on how much more had to be unloaded when I heard someone screaming excuse me! Yes, he screamed... ok he shouted!

"Hey, do you think you can move that damn truck so I can get out of my driveway?"

I turned to look toward the snarky voice and looked up at my neighbor.

It was still raining my umbrella open, and up I felt the need at the moment to let it down. Knowing that it wouldn't improve my appears of jeans and a long-sleeve black tee with a sweater that went down to my ankles and my mad mop of red hair escaping from the topknot that I had put it up in as I open the door to let the movers in the house. We will not discuss that I had on no make-up, not even ChapStick. I was at my worse while he was at his best. The evil tempered man was Mr. GQ from the top of his salt and pepper gray hair to the tip of his costly black shoes. The gray suit that displayed itself on his tall wide shoulder athletic body had me wondering what was under all of that...

"Move the damn truck. You are blocking my driveway!"
I came out of my lustful reverie to him growling at me and the realization he was right.

"Ahh, I'm sorry, please let me get the driver and..."

"I don't give a fuck move the truck... now!!"

"All right! Just give me a minute..." I growled back just as the moving truck driver came out of the house with keys in hand.

After the driver moves the truck down to block the neighbor's drive next door, Mr. Rude got into his silver Lexus, backed down the street, and driving off in a fluff. Knowing that he could see me, I flipped him the bird and mouth the word ASSHOLE. Then I turned around and walked back in the house, not noticing that the silver Lexus was coming back.

Walking into the house I heard a bang followed by a long string of cursing. Running toward the sound that came from the dining room, I arrived to find my china cabinet lying face down on the floor and glass everywhere. Stepping around it, I saw one of the Movers holding his right arm as another was being helped to a chair face his red as a beet. I didn't know who to go to first, the cabinet the mover holding his right arm or the one who they were now calling the ambulance for as he had a heart attack.

This was the scene that Colin walked into in search of the curvy redhead nasty tempered bitch... That last part, he didn't finish as he looked around the room, picking up the urgency of the situation. Colin hurried over to the red-faced Mover taking the man's appears as he explained that he was a doctor.

Colin gave orders and while monitoring the red-headed spite fire who was now helping the Mover holding his right arm which he assumed was suffering from a dislocated shoulder. In a few minutes, the scene had become crowded with rescue service people and the police, Colin moved outside with the spite fire just as it started to rain... again.

"Come with me," Colin said after spending a few moments taking the woman standing next to him on the sidewalk. He had forgiven her, flipping him off and mouthing asshole at him. It wasn't her that he wanted to fuck her.
"Come where?" she asked, looking up at him with a slight wide upturned green eyes. It was then that he saw how beautiful she was. Oval face with those eyes and full lips that suggested kissing her would be a wondrous thing.

"Let's get out of the rain. We will let the movers know that you are next door," Colin said, seeing the play of emotion drift across her face. Did she know that he wanted to taste those lips and let his hands roam over that curvy chubby body of her...

"Ok, I will just let the head of the moving team know where I am and tell him to call me when they finish..."

"What is your name?"

"My name?"

"Yes, I should know the name of the woman who blocked my driveway made me late for work, flipped me off, and then called me an asshole..."

"I didn't call you that..."

"What is your name?" Colin demanded his words quietly and direct as he tried not to tower of the diminutive beauty.

"Randy... with a "Y," not, ie, or ee," she said with a wicked smile.

"Randy?" Colin asked, fighting back a smile and a cheeky remark.

"Yes, why?"

"Oh, nothing,"

"Where are you from you, sounding British?"

"Yes, I'm from the UK."

Oh, and you are? Randy asked with a briefest of grins on her tempting pretty mouth.

"My name is Colin, your new neighbor, and I think we should get acquainted, Randy."

Oh, what about work... I mean, I heard you say that you were a doctor...

"I'm ok. I wasn't seeing any clients today."

"So you wasn't going to be late?!"

"Can we argue about this inside where it's dry?" Colin asked, pushing Randy in front of him toward his townhouse. We will be right next door, so they can find us if they need to, I want coffee."

Ten minutes later they were sitting in the large spacious kitchen, a cold combination of black, white and gray with not a pop of color insight. Randy surmises that this was his wife's choice as it matched the rest of the house that she saw when she came in was all refined and cold. Looking up at Colin, Randy could tell he was anything but cold. As she sipped coffee from a black mug, Randy couldn't help wondering what it would be like to kiss that mouth and to touch him.

Then it was as if he had been reading her mind, Colin took the mug of coffee from her putting it in the sink with his own. Before Randy realized what was happening she was sitting on top of the closest counter with Colin between her legs kissing her as if his life depended on it. Responding to what was happening Randy, tried to stop but her body was screaming NOOO. Hubby Ron had been too busy with his upward mobility and social image, to tend to her needs leaving Randy feeling cheated. Now what she needed and wanted it was being offered to her and after a second of consideration, Randy took the offer.

Stripped of their clothes, now skin to skin, warm roving hands, and wet hot demanding mouths, Colin and Randy lost themselves in each other and their desires. It was amazing to him that someone so short could be so curvy in all the right places. And those tits, God! Randy didn't have on a bra, and all that bounty was bouncing free under her raincoat and sweatshirt.

The sight of the large pink nipple on the mount of creamy white skin sprinkled with almost brought Colin to his knees. But it was the scent warm scent of her arousal that made the mouth water that took him to his knees. Taking a moment to examine her pussy and found it to be like a juicy ripe fruit, it's wetness coating her enter thighs. He flipped her over onto her stomach to check out her ass after pulling out a draw and having her stand in it. The view had Colin's cock jumping and hips moving forward, wanting to bury his cock in so deep, but a taste first, just a small taste.

Nipples against the cold countertop made Randy jump, but it was Colin's tongue that chased the cold away, replacing it with a fire that was burning a looping path from her clit to her nipples. Going up on her toes in response, Randy trying to find purchase with her hand against the cold surface of the counter. Finding none, she gave up as Colin's mouth, and fingers explored her folds and holes.

They replace the coldness of the kitchen with wet warm moans come from Randy mouth and the slurping and licking sound of Colin's mouth on her body. Not able to move only to moan and beg for more, Randy became lost in the heat, crawling up from between her legs as suck on her clit and finger fucked her holes. She was about to try climbing up the cabinets when he stopped and smacked her hard on the ass.

Ouch, that hurts,' Randy screeches then moans as the smack on the ass joined forces with what he had done to her pussy and asshole. Her body started to shake and quiver in ways that seem so unnatural and yet so right.

"Come with me, I want to fuck you before the Movers come calling, and your hubby gets home," Colin said his British accent deeper and more pronounce, heavy with lust.

"What about your wife?" Randy said between trying to control her body enough to move.

Wife?! I'm not married, Colin said as he picks her up, throws her over his right shoulder, and walks out of the kitchen.

"Where are you taking me now?' Randy mumbles as she was trying to adjust her eyes to the view as she looks down from her position over Colin's shoulder. My God, she thought, he has buns of steel! She tries to reach down and grab his ass only to be stopped by Colin.

"We are going up to my bedroom and fuck. Stop trying to grab my ass, if you are a good girl I will let you play with it and the rest of me... later."

Randy was thinking about that when he dropped her on the bed, causing her legs to spread wide, exposing her tender bits for his further viewing. It was at that moment, laying on his bed that Randy had time to take in the view of the sexy man standing above her. From the top of his head to the head of his cock, Colin's body was a work of art that she wanted to examine. Feeling the walls of her pussy tighten at the thought of exploring every sexual position known made Randy smile inside and out.

"Do you know what your name means... what it means in the UK?" Colin asked how stroking his cock from balls to tip then catching the pre-cum using at lubrication for his stroking.

Still smiling, Randy looks up at Colin before answering his questions, but then she changed her mind and shows rather than tell. Coming up off the bed, Randy reaches for Colin's cock with her mouth.

Colin didn't move or make a sound as Randy's tongue did a swirling dance over and around the head of his cock as she tasted him. Sucking on his staff and then teasing his shaved balls with her tongue before going back to sucking his cock. He had become mindless watching Randy's mad mop of red hair head move up and down. It blocked the view of her sucking his cock, but damn he could feel his cock become so hard that it hurt. Just about the time his balls started to feel heavy and would have sworn that he felt his asshole pucker.

At that point, Colin was sure that his eyeballs had rolled into the back of his head; the sensation was almost too much to bear. He had to take back his control and the situation because damn if she didn't stop. He was about to put an end to her delicious sampling of him when Randy released his cock with the sound of pop from her mouth. Colin was unprepared for follow-up of Randy going up on her knees, pulling him down for a kiss. Damn if she didn't do the same thing to his tongue at the same time allowing him to taste himself in and on her mouth.

Moments later, Randy found herself face down ass up on the arm of a sofa being prepared for some serious fucking, doggy style.

"Oh, if I had time', Colin mumbles to himself as spreads Randy ass cheeks apart to look at her pink rosebud asshole. Well, next time right now, my cock needs to become better acquainted with your sweet pussy, Colin says aloud as he reaches for the condoms he keeps in his nightstand.

Sheathed in latex of the thinnest kind protective barrier, Colin using the flood-like condition between Randy's legs to slide into her pussy. With just the head in he had to fight with himself to keep from coming, so he shoved the rest in slowly but not stopping until he felt her plump ass against his groin. It was tight, warm and would swear throbbing and causing him to become single-minded about fucking her

"Oh my God, Oh my God," Randy moans as she tries to find footing to push back on to Colin's cock. She knew when she saw his cock, it was more than she was used to, and it would be a tight fit, but this is ridiculous! She found by pushing up with her arms, she could rock her body back onto Colin's cock, and then the fucking was on.

Colin wanted to do more, but time was of the essence, so he moved to get them both off with an unspoken promise to do more later. With her plump round ass grinding into him and the beauty of the naked body before him, Colin let controls go. The sound of skin against skin and cursing and moans bounced off the walls as they fucked each other.

With the galloping roar of her orgasm rippling through her body Randy felt her body start to vibrate like a gong, as they picked up speed... then Colin hit her spot, and the world exploded.

With droplets of sweat flying into the surrounding air, Colin drove himself deeper into Randy's body as the muscular walls of her pussy caressed and massaged him. They came loud and hard, shoving the sofa across the room and rearrange the rooms as they did so. Within the dwindling echoes of their orgasm and surprise took them a bit to remember the situation... the movers and Randy's husband return home.

Colin, with what energy he could muster at that moment, pulled himself reluctantly out Randy's body. Standing there, he looked down at his neighbor, her body a rose pink, glistening with sweat and her damp mad mop of hair covering her sticking to the back and neck. He wanted to see her face to see if she was still as needy as he was.

Again as if reading his mind, Randy pushes herself up and slides off the arm of the conch until her feet touch the floor. Shakely, she tries to stand, and Colin catches her in arms and pulls her to his chest. Her body still shaking, war, slick with sweat, and scented with a mixture of them. God, he wishes, he had more time.

Still shaking from the inside out, Randy tries to push her hair out of her face as Colin holds her to him. Randy, with trembling hand, ties her shoulder-length hair into a topknot, leaving her face free for viewing. The naughty look in her eyes and the way she licks her lips as she looks up at Colin answered his unspoken question.

"Baby, we don't have time, but later... I promise," Colin says as he leans in and kisses her on the forehead, nose then lightly on her swollen lips.

Minutes later, dressed and fighting with others to stay that way, the leader of the moving team calls and says that they were finished and needed to check-out with Randy before leaving.

With one last passionate groping kiss, Colin watches Randy leave. From his kitchen window, he can see that the rain had subsided and the sun was working its way out from behind the clouds. He stands there until the moving van leaves and her husband drives up moments later.

Stepping away from the window but keeping him in sight, Colin felt the heated passion of passion cool as he remembers walking into his house to find him and his wife naked in bed. After punching him in the face, Colin left his wife screaming and begging for him to come back. On the way out the door, Colin takes time to kick the man in the side on the way out the door. Six months after the divorce, Colin did some research and decided that he wanted to return the favor and now after meeting Randy...hmmm.

Later, after her husband had come and gone saying that he would be back in an hour and that they needed to talk, Randy took a long hot bath, massaging the sore bits remembering that Colin had given her one of the best fucks ever. Leaning back in the tub, Randy smiled as she remembered something else, the day she caught her hubby with Colin's wife. Yes, she had put two and two together after overhearing a few conversations, but now Randy wondered if revenge was still the driving force in the situation?

Nothing was going as Randy thought it would, and she wanted more of what Colin offered. Would he still be interested ...then Randy heard the bathroom door open. Randy, not realizing she had closed her eyes, opens them to see a man walking toward the large tub where she sat up to her neck in warm scented water. She watches him in growing anticipation as he kicks off his shoes and strips off his sweatpants and shirt.

Standing there naked smiling Colin's eyes darken with remembering the promise before leaning over, giving Randy's mouth a slow wet lick from corner to corner ending in a deep penetrating kiss.

"I guess this is later? Randy said a bit breathlessly as she moves to sit up in the tub.

"Yes, it is when is hubby coming back?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, but if my cock in you, I am not stopping. Ron can pull up a seat and watch or leave the damn room."

Her skin glistening wet, warm, and fragrant from the scented soap she had been using, Randy stands up and leans into Colin to find it at full attention thick and ready for playing.

"I guess one of us should introduce ourselves. "Randy says against Colin's mouth as she nips at his full bottom lip.

"Ladies first," Colin says as he takes one of her large pink nippled breasts into his hands and teases it.

Taking a deep breath because what Colin was doing was feeling just this side of "I'm cumming dam nit," I'm Randy Clark, the wife of the asshole you caught fucking your wife."

Colin looks down at the sensual woman he has his hands on wondering what kind of ass would mess around on such a woman...oh yeah her husband.

"Hello, I'm Colin Worth, the man whose wife was fucking your husband and who I knocked out," says Colin with his lips against hers as he leans over and pulls her out of the tub to sit in his lap.

"Well, I guess this is payback? Randy asked as she wraps one small hand around Colin's throbbing cock and begins a slow massage from bases to tip.

"No, no revenge, I just want to spend some time with you, remember I promised you that there would be "a later."

It was near midnight when they came up for air. Hot, sweating, sore, and sated were their physical and mental states.

Randy was sure that her hubby had come and gone, no matter he was leaving anyway or rather she was, and she was keeping the house.

Colin knew that Randy's hubby had heard and seen them, but no matter, besides, he was here to stay. He likes his new neighbor and given time, who knows.

"Hey, you know the meaning of my name in the UK?" Randy asked between yawns as she lay curled up on her side, facing Colin, who was playing with a curl of her red hair.

No, Colin says with a short laugh as he pulls her closer, wrapping himself around her.

With a deep satisfying sigh, Randy snuggles closer and between a yawn and sleep she mumbles "Hmmm remind me to show you later... neighbor."
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