Love Child
Dr. Elaine Sullivan, head emergency doctor, looked at her watch. It had been a long night at Yorkview Hospital. She was relieved that she was finally off-duty. Depressed at the thought of going home to her empty apartment, she pondered her options. Quickly deciding on taking a walk, Elaine changed to her street clothes and headed for the door to exit the emergency unit. It was then that she met Corey Franklyn.

Corey was rushing into emergency; his mother held onto him for support. His deep blue eyes and muscular build distracted her but being the true professional she was, she didn't let it affect her work. "My mother has had a heart attack. Please help her," Corey begged to the nurse at admittance. Elaine overheard and decided she would see to his mother then leave.

Dr. Sullivan examined the patient and did the requisite tests to determine if Mrs. Franklyn had a heart attack. Corey and his mom assumed she had one and were relieved with the verdict. The tests confirmed that she was fine; it was merely a bout of indigestion.

Corey's million-dollar smile lit up the room, when they were told the news. "Thank you so much, Doctor," Corey said. Looking over at the 30ish year old woman, for the first time Corey noticed her luscious lips and long beautiful red hair. He said goodbye and took his mother out of the emergency department, looking back for a quick glance at her on their way out. Dr. Sullivan didn't notice since her back was turned.

Elaine felt blue that the spark she felt for him obviously wasn't reciprocated. When Corey left the hospital, any potential for a relationship went with him. Elaine left work and started walking down the street, alone as usual.

Getting her career in high gear had always been Elaine's top priority and she succeeded beyond her wildest expectations. She was passionate about medicine and something about being in the emergency section gave her a rush. She was the first to handle whatever crisis a patient had and fixed things right away when possible.

She didn't have much of a social life but the few close female friends she had known since high school had always been enough; that is, until recently. Her friends got married, one by one; Elaine was a bridesmaid at two of their weddings. She and her friend Kathy were the only spinsters left from their little group. Elaine could hear her biological clock ticking away.

Her mother's nagging didn't help either. Her parents supported her career and understood that she had devoted much of her time in order to make her dreams come true. They were married over 30 years and wanted their dreams to come true too. It was her job as an only child to make them grandparents, at least that is what her mother implied.

Elaine briskly walked down the street, deep in thought. It was drizzling outside but she didn't notice the drops that touched her hair. She was determined to make a change in her life. She was tired of having nobody to share her nights with. She didn't have a boyfriend but she would find a lover, she decided.

Her nightly routine where her fingers roamed inside her hot pussy, masturbating to satisfy her urges instead of the cock she hungered for, was just not enough. She had seen the cocks of some of her patients. At times she felt aroused when she imagined how one would feel between her pussy lips, spreading them open and working their way deeper in her cunt. She thought about how hot sticky cum emptying into her hole would be like. Would she enjoy sucking on a cock? She had no idea.

Not paying attention to the wet pavement, Elaine fell down right in front of a bar. "Bar None" was a bit on the sleazy side but when a guy helped her to her feet and offered to buy her a drink, she replied, "Sure why not, thanks."

Marc was handsome and seemed somewhat intelligent. The more drinks she drank, the more intelligent he seemed. Elaine was used to having the occasional glass of red or white wine but today was the start of her new life so there were no limits. She began feeling a bit woozy so when Marc offered to take her home, she accepted.

Tonight she would finally get some and it was about time. Elaine never admitted this to anyone but she was still a virgin. It wasn't that she was saving herself for the right man. She just never dated.

Marc opened the car door in front of the condo that Elaine owned and helped Elaine out. She leaned on him for support. She used her key to let them into the main lobby, and nodded when Marc asked if it was okay for him to come up.

In the elevator, Marc became more amorous. The elderly couple that stood in front of them didn't seem to have any affect on what Marc did to her. Marc took his hand and expertly unbuttoned Elaine's simple white blouse. "You shouldn't...," Elaine said. He whispered to her to shush before she could finish her sentence. Elaine knew how to take direction so she didn't say a word.

Marc reached inside her blouse, moved his fingers as far as he could under her bra and touched her tits. She yearned for him to remove her bra altogether and touch her naked breasts but she knew that would have to wait until they had some privacy in her condo. Marc didn't seem to care that they weren't alone. He stepped in front of her and pressed his body against hers. Her nipples were firm, ripe for his touch. She could feel his bulging member digging into her. Her cunt was getting wetter by the minute. Her body was on fire and he knew just how to ignite it.

He lifted her black polyester skirt and his fingers reached into her panties. Marc fervently fingered her moistened pussy, oblivious to the old couple that stood mere inches from him. "Oh god!" Elaine said as she let out a soft moan. Like Marc, she no longer cared who saw or heard what was happening.

The couple got off just before Marc and Elaine did. Marc stalled the elevator after their exit so that he could finish what he began. He pushed her to the floor rather abruptly, with his ardour surprising the doc. She knew she was going to be taken, right then and there and she couldn't wait for it to finally happen. She would finally know the feel of a prick inside her. She would have her hymen broken and be a woman at last.

He opened the rest of her buttons. Quickly he removed both her blouse and her bra. They were barriers to break before he would get to what he really wanted. Opening his mouth, he roughly clenched her right nipple between his sharp teeth and bit. This wasn't going to be the gently lovemaking of a guy in love. This would be the lustful sex of a man in heat who wants to put his cock in some fresh pussy, fuck her wildly until he shoots a huge load of cum inside her.

Lifting her skirt high and out of the way with his left hand, Marc went back to using a couple of fingers in Elaine's tight pussy. Marc suddenly got off her and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his cock and moving it to Elaine's mouth ordered, "Get on your knees and suck my dick, baby." Again, Elaine did as she was told.

She got up and switched to a bent knee position to worship his prick. She had never done it before but how hard could it be. Quite hard she found out as she tried in vain to get it down her throat in its entirety and failed. She licked and sucked and did all she could. Deep throating would take practice and Elaine knew that she was up to the challenge. It wouldn't be that night but it would happen.

Elaine felt Marc's prick harden and grow as she tended to it. "Fuck me," Elaine shouted as the yearning in her cunt to be filled overwhelmed her. This time it was Marc's turn to follow orders. He was swift in executing them. She opened her mouth and he pulled his prick out to fill up another hole, this time her virgin slit. She asked him if he had a condom and he replied no and continued as if she didn't say a thing. Her thoughts turned to how his prick felt inside her.

Elaine's pussy lips were smooth and shaven, making them more sensitive when she used her sex toys on her delicate area. Her mound had some red hair on it and it was neatly trimmed. She didn't feel comfortable with a bare pussy. There was a touch of discomfort as he deflowered her but nothing she couldn't bear. When he shoved his prick in the whole way, she let out a scream. The pain quickly subsided as he started thrusting in and out of her soaked slit.

He lifted her legs over his shoulders to penetrate her cunt deeper. He kept repeatedly delving in and out of her hot honey pot until at last he yelled, "I'm cumming." Letting out a huge grunt, he released a heavy load in her now filled up pussy. Her questions had been answered. No longer would she wonder what it would feel like to have cum buried in her cunt. She loved how it felt and knowing her cum now covered his prick when she came all over it, made her feel like a woman at last.

Marc held out his hands and she grabbed onto them and got up from the floor. He pushed the button to get the elevator working again and it was then that Elaine noticed the small pool of blood. It was a souvenir of her virginity that she left behind. She hoped Marc wouldn't notice.

When they finally reached her floor, she was still a bit shaky but much of the alcohol had worn off. She asked him if he wanted to have a nightcap and he refused. He already got what he came for. They said their adieus and Marc left. Later Elaine realized that she would never know the last name of the man that would always be her first.

When Elaine's head hit the pillow, she fell asleep. She woke up many hours later. It was a good thing that she wasn't working until late the next evening. When she got to work, she had a surprise waiting for her. There was a bouquet of roses in a beautiful vase. The card enclosed said, "Thanks for the great care you gave my mom." It was signed, Corey Franklyn. The nurse who told her about it said someone had been waiting for hours for her arrival. Her stomach felt some butterflies when she was led to Corey, as she suspected.

Corey got up from the chair in the emergency waiting room as soon as he saw her. "Thanks for the roses. They are beautiful," she began. "You didn't have to do it. I was merely doing my job," she continued.

"I wanted to," Corey replied. "Would you consider having dinner with me tomorrow?" Elaine felt a tinge of regret when she heard those words. If she had known Corey was interested in her, she would never have let Marc fuck her. Elaine agreed to see him at 8 pm the next evening. That was her day off so she would have plenty of time to get ready. She marked down her address on a paper and handed it to Corey.

Little did Corey know that this would be her first real date. She was meticulous in her preparations. Everything had to be just right. Her makeup was perfectly applied, her red hair thick and bouncy, her jewelry stylish and shiny. Elaine put on a sexy red dress that her friends had dared her to buy. It showed off her shapely long legs and had a slit in the front. It was a far cry from the practical attire she always wore. Thigh highs and a garter belt, a black lace thong and bra, red 6 inch high heels and a matching purse; her outfit was complete. The lady in red was ready.

Corey was punctual which Elaine liked and appreciated. When she opened the door to greet him, one look at her loveliness made a radiant smile light up his face once again. "You look gorgeous, Elaine!" he exclaimed. She thanked him and complimented him on how handsome he looked. They left for their night out on the town.

They ate a wonderful dinner and stared at each other. The candles and love they were starting to feel for each, glowed. Corey asked her to dance. "I need to feel you in my arms and hold your body close to mine," he admitted. Their bodies were in synch; their movements like lovemaking set to music on the dance floor. By the time Corey took her home, Elaine knew she was in love with Corey.

She was disappointed that he chose not to come inside. "If I came in, I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you," he explained, laughing but with a serious undertone. "I respect you. Would it be alright to give you a kiss?" She leaned over and he had his answer. It was a bit awkward because Elaine had never kissed a man before. Corey seemed a bit surprised at her obvious lack of technique but instead of letting it dissuade him, he guided her. Their tongues meshed together perfectly and their passionate kiss ended too soon. Elaine wished it would continue forever.

Corey left that night but afterwards, they saw each other as often as her grueling schedule allowed. The good night ritual became harder as they both needed to consummate their relationship. "I love you, Elaine," Corey told her a few weeks after they started dating. This time she couldn't let him leave with just a good night kiss.

"I love you too. Come inside and show me how much," Elaine teased. Corey no longer resisted. They had one of their lingering kisses but this time, Corey took Elaine's hand and asked her where the bedroom was. After she told him, he led her there and gently he started peeling off her clothes, his lips covering the newly exposed areas of her body.

Corey cupped her tits lovingly then lowered his head to lick around her nipples. He gently sucked on each of them. For a fleeting second, Elaine remembered the harshness of the bite when Marc had her nipples in his mouth. She preferred Corey's tenderness, no comparison; that brief encounter with Marc left her mind.

After she stood naked in front of him, he admired her body without saying a word. His cock left no doubt about how he felt seeing her nude. Stretching the limits of his pants, his prick needed to get out. She was anxious to see him in all his glory. He began removing his shirt as Elaine took the initiative and started unzipping his pants.

When she got on her knees to take care of his prick, she didn't have to be ordered to. She couldn't help herself. She loved every inch of Corey. His balls were the bearers of the cream that she longed to taste. His cock was average in size but to her, it was the best looking cock she had ever seen or would see. The girth of his cock was large, and she knew it would fill up her pussy as his love filled her heart.

Elaine licked every inch of his cock and balls with the same passion she felt when they kissed. What she lacked in experience she more than made up with her healthy imagination. Corey didn't know how she felt about swallowing cum so he wasn't sure whether to let her continue. He knew it wouldn't be long before he would blow a load in her mouth. She could sense his concern so she briefly removed her lips from his cock and looking directly in his eyes said, "I would love to swallow your cum." With that she put her lips firmly over his cock and took him down deep. He shot his cum down her throat and she smiled as she drank it.

Corey lifted Elaine and carried her to her bed. He placed her down on the soft linens and kissed her lips and blew softly in her ears. His tongue moved down her body and when he got to her pussy he licked her mound for a brief moment and then continued all the way down to her feet. He sucked her toes and let his tongue feel her inner thighs. This time he didn't give her slit only a moment when he reached it. He wanted to linger there as long as possible, to savor her juices and make her feel as good as he could. Her pleasure was his top priority. Knowing she was satisfied would give him pleasure that exceeded hers.

He looked at Elaine's slit as he lay between her legs. "You have a beautiful pussy. It smells wonderful and your lips are so suckable. I want to lick you badly," Corey said with desire in his voice. With that, he took his long wet tongue and swiftly began licking up and down her cunt. She reveled in every movement of his tongue. He knew instinctively how to please her.

When he inserted his fingers at the same time as tongue fucking her honey pot, swishing noises were heard from the gushing of her pussy. Corey knew how to find that elusive g spot that so many other men couldn't. He rubbed it until she squirted and when his face reached out to kiss her shortly after, his face was covered with the taste of her.

They had never discussed birth control so Corey went over to his pants and pulled out a condom and placed it on his prick. She lay on the bed with her legs wide open, anticipating what she would be feeling when their bodies become one. He entered her soaked slit gently, pushing deeper inside her but making sure not to hurt her. His slow deliberate thrusts were met with moans that heightened as Corey continued. "Please fuck me harder, Corey," Elaine begged. He sped up the pace and gave Elaine what she wanted, what they both needed.

Elaine lost control. Her muscles contracted wildly and her orgasm was intense, stronger than any she experienced from masturbating or that one sexcapade with Marc. She covered Corey's prick with so much pussy juice that mixed with his cum, the bed sheets got soaked. It was worth doing extra laundry to have such great lovemaking, she commented, when Corey apologized for the mess. She meant every word.

Their lovemaking sessions became even better with time. They were both tested for STDs and since they were both clean, they started having unprotected sex when Elaine wasn't ovulating. They tried new things like using some of Elaine's sex toys during lovemaking and experimented with new positions. They even did some kinky things like tying each other up and being blindfolded, nothing extreme and no pain was ever involved. Corey would die rather than hurt Elaine and she felt the same.

Things were going really well until Elaine realized she had missed her period. She was so busy with work and her new relationship that she had forgotten all about it. She decided to do a home pregnancy test first and when it showed she was pregnant, she took a pregnancy test at work using a fictitious name. It was confirmed; she was definitely pregnant.

Elaine panicked. For the first time in her life, she didn't know what to do. The baby could be Corey's or heaven forbid, Marc's. She couldn't bear hurting Corey. If she told him she was pregnant and the baby wasn't his, he would be destroyed. She realized that she couldn't do that to him so she did what she thought was best. She broke off with a stunned Corey with no real explanation.

"I'm sorry Corey but it's just not working out. I think it's best we stop seeing each other." Corey tried to get her to change her mind, to no avail. He called her and visited her at the hospital, did everything he could to make her see they should be together but nothing worked. Corey eventually gave up.

The months leading up to the birth of the baby weren't easy for Elaine. She never stopped loving Corey and had no interest in dating others. She focused all her energy on her unborn child. Her mother helped her out when the due date became close and she had to take maternity leave and rest. Elaine had the foresight to take a strand of Corey's hair before breaking off with him and gave it in for DNA testing. Her friend in the lab would be able to determine if he was the baby's dad after the birth, once the child's DNA was examined.

Elaine gave birth to a cute and healthy baby boy. She felt he looked like Corey in many ways but needed to know what the results of the test were. She was relieved beyond words when it was confirmed that Corey was indeed the father of little Corey. Armed with the proof of the testing, Elaine happily and nervously arranged to meet Corey at a local Starbucks. He didn't want to meet at her condo so she didn't press it.

When they sat across from each other, Elaine felt the same as she always did. She immediately knew she still loved him. She was about to tell him about the baby when Corey said, "Elaine, I hope you are doing well but I have moved on. I don't know what you want to tell me but I am engaged to be married."

Elaine felt like someone had stuck a knife in her back. It never occurred to her that he would fall in love with someone else. She felt stupid and made a lame excuse that she only wanted to meet to see if they could be friends. "I think it's best that we don't stay in contact," Corey replied. Corey got up from his chair. "Goodbye Elaine. I wish you the best." Corey left Starbucks and Elaine's eyes welled up with tears. She bit on her lip to keep from crying and left the coffee shop.

A couple of weeks passed and Elaine knew she had to go on with her life. Her mother babysat Corey during the times Elaine was working. Mrs. Sullivan loved taking care of her grandson and cherished every moment. Mrs. Sullivan had never met Corey Franklyn. Elaine had planned on it happening but the pregnancy stopped it from taking place.

Mrs. Sullivan was sitting on a bench at the park across from the condo, little Corey asleep in the baby carriage. Corey decided to find out why Elaine had really come to see him that day. It was bothering him. He wasn't engaged but he didn't want her to hurt him again.

Something didn't add up to him and he pondered it since they met. Why would she suddenly ask to be friends after all the time that had passed? This time he would insist on answers. He was determined to wait for her no matter when she would come home. He didn't want to affect her work so he decided to sit down on the park bench, with a clear view to the front entrance of the condo.

There was room next to Mrs. Sullivan so he sat down. With nothing to do, he looked down at the baby in the carriage. "Cute baby," he said to Mrs. Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan thanked him and said she was the proud grandma of baby Corey. When Corey heard the baby's name he felt uneasy. "This may seem like an odd question but what is the name of Corey's mom?" Corey asked.

"Elaine is Corey's mom. She's a doctor." Corey sat dazed.

Gaining his composure he posed another query, "How old is the baby?" When Mrs. Sullivan replied, Corey did the math and realized he was the dad. He looked down at his son with a warm feeling in his heart. "Can I hold him?" Mrs. Sullivan hesitated when suddenly Elaine approached. Neither one had seen her coming.

"It's ok Mom. I want you to meet Corey Franklyn, baby Corey's dad." She lifted Corey from his carriage and handed him over to his father. Corey held onto his firstborn and knew that no matter what, he would always be there for his son. "Mom, Corey and I need to talk. Can you take the baby back to the condo? I'll be there shortly." Mrs. Sullivan left Corey and Elaine alone.

"Why aren't you with your fiancé, Corey?" Corey explained that he had deceived her. Elaine told Corey about her deception, about Marc and how she didn't want to hurt him if the baby had turned out to be Marc's. Both accepted the other's explanations. "I still love you, Corey. How do you feel about me?" Elaine asked.

"Do you really need to ask?" Corey laughed. "There was no going on without you. You are my life and now baby makes 3." They embraced and hand in hand went back to the condo and to their child.

Elaine and Corey were married a few months later in a simple ceremony. Corey would be around to see the birth of their second child, due in 7 months.

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