Love Knows No Limits
Author's Note:
This is the first part of my novella, "And so, she cummed". It portrays Romance as the prevailing theme.

Cast of Characters:

Major Characters:
Bianca Floris: Protagonist.
Raymond Peter Evans: Viewpoint character and Bianca's boyfriend.
Veronica Ryder: Jessica's sister and Bianca's classmate.
Jessica Ryder: Viewpoint character, Raymond's friend and an incesbian psychotherapist.

Minor Character:
Marcus Storm: An amateur disc jockey.

Raymond's story: Love at first sight.

The life is too hectic and tedious. You ought to plan the thrill when it's a day off, and nothing is as refreshing as a bright Sunday morning. You won't miss a leisurely stroll at the beach or a long exhilarating drive; it really lifts your spirits!

I had always been a workaholic for six days a week. On Sundays, however, I was a happy-go-lucky fellow who roamed around with friends for partying. It was my routine until that night I went to Philip & Marlene's bar and met up with Bianca. Her parents were Romanian, and therefore, she looked different from the girls I had ever known before. A girl with an angelic face, alluring smile, and inviting looks is the one a man would want to have as his. When my eyes fell on her, I knew instantly that she was the girl of my dreams.

Yes, Bianca was the perfect woman! She was 22 years old, blessed with huge well-rounded tits. No bra smaller than 34F could fit them. They rested elegantly on her chest that converged into a narrow waist, which in turn flared out at her hips and ass. She had wide-set brown eyes, a hawk nose, pouty lips, and a dimpled chin. Her hair was auburn that ran down to her waist in graceful curls.

Bianca sat alone in a corner, sipping her vodka. The floral prom dress accentuated her radiant appeal. My friends noticed that I was looking at her in preoccupation. One of them nudged me and I gave a start. "Hey man! Don't just look at her like an idiot," he said. "Why don't you go, and ask her out?"

The rest of the gang joined him right away. They urged me on until I got up. Half hopeful and half apprehensive, I went over to her table. She looked at me quizzically. I was about to ask her if she would mind for a casual chat, but DJ Storm switched the slow waltz to the club beats. Instead, I said, "Erm...will you dance with me?"

She remained tight-lipped and I thought I was ruined; but instantly, her lips curved into a smile. "Sure," she said. It was a big relief for me. I held my hand out, and she took it.

We began dancing in harmony. My friends and DJ Storm yelled at us, but I was attentive to Bianca. She swayed and turned rhythmically to the music. Our bodies touched repeatedly, and I felt the heat from her loins pouring into me. I grabbed her by the waist, and she missed a step. I knew that my erection had embarrassed her for a moment. Without further ado, I kissed her. It was so passionate that my eyes sparkled. She moaned into my mouth, and attempted to punch me on the shoulder. The music stopped abruptly in a crescendo, and there was a round of applause.

I did not want to break the kiss, but she pushed me and turned around to go. I was quick enough to clutch at her arm. She looked at me and I raised my finger before she could ask any question. "I need to talk to you," I said, "but, not here!"

She frowned for a while, and nodded. I waved at my friends, and we walked over to the parking lot. I opened the door of my Chrysler for her and she got in.

I took the driver's seat and looked at her. She sat in silence, with her hands on her lap. I pursed my lips and said, "Um-it looks like I've upset you Miss..."

She looked away from me. People were going in and coming out of the bar.

"I'm really very sorry," I said. "What I did there was plain rude, and I didn't mean to offend you, I swear!"

I paused for a while but she said nothing. "I came over to ask you for some chat", I went on, "but the club beats set my mood, and I asked you for the dance instead. And then, it just happened..."

"I want to go home," she said cutting me off, and opened the car door.

I moved my hand and held hers. "Please, don't go," I said, and I knew I was imploring her.

She looked at me.

"I'll take you home," I told her, "and I won't do anything bad, I promise."

She closed the door. I threw the Chrysler into gear and raced down the highway. The night air felt warm. I looked at her from the corner of my eyes. Her head was back against the seat, and her face looked celestial in the moonlight. The desire to kiss her welled up within my heart, but I had to hold it back.

We arrived at her house in 10 minutes. She got down, and my gaze followed her until she went inside. Then I headed off home.

I did not attempt to visit her even though I wanted to see her again. I lost interest in everything and couldn't sleep well. The dejection overwhelmed me, and I behaved dour to everybody until one morning I found her at a bus stop. She had a violet folder held in her arm. My heart leapt and I smiled. Instantly, the girl beside her struck me dumb.

"That's-V," I said. "But, what's she doing down here?

I called her V because I called her sister J. Their names were Veronica and Jessica. I liked J since she was my friend. I liked V, as she was the prettiest and hottest African American girl I knew. She attended the College of Nursing.

I presumed that they were either friends or classmates. Then I resolved to take a U-turn and offer them a lift. However, a bus came to a halt at the stop before I could reach them and they got on. Instead of following the bus, I texted V: Baby, let me know when you're free. She sent me a quick reply: I will. Muah!

She called me after eleven thirty. "Hi baby," I answered.

"Hey handsome," said V, "what's up?"

"I was all right until last week."

"Really! Why don't you call Jess and tell her?"

"I can't because I'm not unhinged."

"OK, but she isn't just a psychotherapist."

"You know baby! I haven't told her everything even though she's my friend," I said with a smirk. About a couple of months ago, I asked them out for a date. J refused to come because she had an appointment with her patients. Therefore, she had no idea that I kissed her sister at the party.

V laughed. "Hold your mouth, you naughty boy! I'm not free for high jinks today," she said.

"I know, but you can do me a favor."

"Wow! Is there anything we haven't done yet?"


"What's that?"

"I want to ask you about a girl."

"What! About a-girl?"

"That's right. She is the one with auburn hair. You were waiting with her for the bus this morning."

"Oh yeah, her name is Bianca Floris. She is my classmate."

"I see."

"What do you want to know about her?"

"Erm-just tell me her cell number."

"Argh, go and ask her yourself!"

"Baby, that's too hard for me. She won't give me her number."

"That's because she doesn't know you, right?"

"No! We've met already at Philip & Marlene's bar."

"Good gracious! You met her last week and that's why..."

"I fell in love with her," I said cutting her off.

She paused for a while and said, "Now I understand why she had been upset since then. I tried to ask her but she seemed reluctant to answer me. Ok, I'll give you her number but tell me! What happened there between you and her?"

I told her the whole story and she said, "How romantic! If you really are that serious about her, I'll send you her number right away.

"Thank you, V!"

"Um-I think she wants to see you too. Well, good luck!"

The call was dropped, and I received her text in a minute. Then I saved Bianca's number and made up my mind to call her.

"Hello," she answered my call in a trice.

"Hi. Are you Miss Bianca?"

"Yes, and may I ask who is speaking?"

"My name is Raymond-Raymond Evans, but you can call me Ray."

"Sorry, I don't know you."

"I think I must give you a hint Miss Bianca," I said. "We met last Sunday night at Philip & Marlene's bar. I was the guy who asked you for dance and then-dropped you at home."


"I'm pretty sure you won't mind if we chat for a while."

"Er-I don't know."

"But I know you won't!"

There was some pause until she asked, "How do you know my name and cell number?"

"There are many ways to find out a person, Miss Bianca. Moreover, it wasn't a big deal for me to know that you are attending the College of Nursing."

She gasped.

"Perhaps the idea is a big surprise for you," I went on, "but I gave you my word that I won't do anything bad, and I still abide by what I had said."

"What do you want with me?"

"I want to meet you."

"You want to meet me, but why?"

"I'm gonna tell you that if you promise to meet me too."

There was another pause, and she said, "I-I can't promise anything."

"Nonetheless, I'll wait for your call."

"I never said I'll call you!"

"I know you will because I can feel that," I said, and ended the call.

Jessica's story: The incesbian intimacy.

"You look soo beautiful." I said, hugging Ronica from behind, and gave her a peck on the cheek. We were standing nude before the mirror. My lips curved into a smile as I gazed at our reflection. We had oval faces, proportioned eyes, Nubian noses, full lips, and black hair. Nonetheless, we were not exactly alike. I was a bit taller, slimmer, and five years older. Unlike her, my hair wasn't long and copious. I preferred to wear it in the traditional bob cut style.

It seemed natural for us to befriend each other, but we weren't just sisters and friends. I loved Ronica for her feminine grace, enviable looks, and voluptuous curves. She had a huge bust, a narrow waist, wide hips, and big juicy ass; 38E bras and size 12 briefs were the snug undies for her.

"I've heard this a million times," she said.

"Yeah, and I'll always admire you because I love you!"

She turned around and snaked her arms about my neck. "Oh really," she said, lifting her face. "How much do you love me?"

Instantly, I took her waist. Our lips met in a long, passionate kiss. She moaned as I closed my eyes.

"That's too much," she said when we broke the lip-lock.

"Sure babe! You wanted an answer."

"It was a hit! Now my lips are burning."

I laughed, and moved my hand around to touch her twat.

"Hey," she said grinning broadly. "Are you trying to shake me?"

"Nope! I'm just checking if you are ablaze down there." I said, giving her a wink. She hissed as I inserted a finger into her cunt. "And-of course," I added. "You're wet too!"

"You know, Jess! I love the way you finger and pat my pussy," she cooed.

I kissed her and said, "Yes! Let's take a shower, shall we?"


We walked hand in hand and entered the bathroom. I closed the door behind us, and led her to the shower stall. She turned on the water. We waited for a while until it went warm and then, stepped under the showerhead.

The water had a soothing effect on us as it flowed down, soaking our bodies all over. We locked our mouths in a French kiss, and went on with stroking the backs and booties reciprocally.

I broke the kiss when our heads were completely wet. "Now, shampoo your hair," I told her.

She laughed, and applied some shampoo on her palms. Then, she raised her arms and began rubbing her scalp.

Without further ado, I touched and squeezed her boobs; they were too big to be cupped. I ogled at her dark brown nipples. The jets from the shower had hardened them already.

"Wow," I said, pinching her nipples. "What a view!"

"Don't just look at them," said Ronica. Her eyes were closed as she kept on lathering her hair.

"Sure," I said and opened my mouth to take her right nipple. I held it in suction, pressed my lips together, and let it slip out. Then, I moved to her left nipple and sucked it hard until it was released from my mouth.

"Ooh yes, like that Jess! Suck them for me, yesss..." she chanted.

I sucked her tits for a while and held them into the deep cleavage, and ran my tongue across them from nipple to nipple. After that, I grabbed her by the hips and kissed my way down her stomach. As my lips brushed on her bald pussy, she reclined against the tiled wall and opened her legs. I fondled her fleshy thighs. Her pussy lips looked swollen and provocative. Therefore, I tilted my head up and went for an easy feast.

My head bobbed as I began to lick her inodorous snatch and so, clamped my lips on her hood. Ronica hissed and convulsed. She reached down and ran her hands into my hair, shampooing it.

I licked her pussy and sucked her hood until she stopped rubbing my scalp. It was a hint that she had finished lathering my hair. Therefore, I got on my feet and took her mouth for another lip-lock.

We rinsed all the shampoo out of our hair. Then we took washcloths and soaked them in the bodywash. I began to rub Ronica's face, neck, and middle in gentle circular motions. She followed my example. I tweaked her nipples and she grinned at me. "You can't suck them," she said, rubbing my back. "They are slick and soapy."

"No problem, babe," I said, washing her booty. "We've got the whole day."

"Hum-it looks like you won't be going to the Center."

"No. Today is my day off. Ray called me a couple of hours ago. He asked if I would be free tonight and bring you with me at KFC."

"That's a great idea! Will he be alone there?"

I frowned at her question and answered, "Of course he will be until we join him."

"Ok," she said and moved her hand around to wash my pussy. I bit my lip and rubbed her twat with the washcloth.

After enjoying some reciprocal washing of the pussies, we proceeded to rub our legs and arms. Then we stood under the shower and roamed hands over each other until no bodywash was left on our bodies.

I turned off the water. We took towels from the shelving, wiped our bodies dry, walked out of the bathroom, and put on some moisturizer to minimize the itching effect. I looked at Ronica and smirked. My eyes followed her hands as she rubbed her badonkadonk and hips.

She cast a glance at me and asked, "What are you up to?"

I reached up and held her by the arms. "I wanna eat your peach babe," I told her, "because I'm still hungry."

She laughed and said nothing. I led her to the pillowed bed. She stretched out and shivered. After the heat of the shower, the bed sheet felt icy.

I hovered above her and she took me in her arms. I kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Then I proceeded to lick her neck. For a brief moment, my eyes fell on her face. She was looking at me dreamily. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. She sighed.

"Sis," I said, "may I ask you something?"


"Were you expecting Ray to bring some girl with him tonight?"

She gasped and asked me instantly. "How do you know that?"

I could sense the incredulity in her tone. "I'm a psychotherapist my dear, and I can read minds," I said and took her left nipple into my mouth.

"You're right Jess," she affirmed. "I thought he might bring Bianca with him."

I released the nipple and asked her before sucking its counterpart, "Who's she?"

She began to run her fingers into my hair and answered. "She's my classmate. Ray told me yesterday that he was in love with her."

Her nipple slipped out of my mouth. "Impressive! Tell me everything," I said.

Ronica told me whatever she had learned from Ray about his adventure with Bianca and its aftermath; meanwhile, I went on with sucking her tits.

"So," she concluded, "I sent him her number and that's all I know."

"I think, he wants to tell us something more about him and Bianca," I said and crawled backward, showering a trail of kiss on her stomach.

"I Know, he'll win her for sure," she said.

"Yeah, I hope so," I said and pushed her thighs open.

Her body convulsed as I began to eat her cunt.

Raymond's story: The desire unsatisfied.

J and V met me at KFC because I had invited them. Grizzled chicken was the specialty for the night. We enjoyed the feast and I chatted with them about Bianca. V looked impassive but J went on with nodding. When I fell silent, she assured me that everything would turn out well. Moreover, it was her suggestion that I should communicate with Bianca if she didn't call me within a week.

I looked forward to Bianca's call and my patience was rewarded on Friday night. The alert tone rang at eleven thirty. I took my cell phone and grinned at the red heart that blinked on the screen.

"Hi," I answered her call.


"How are you Miss Bianca?"

"I'm fine and-I hope I haven't disturbed you."

"No, but I'm glad you've helped me out tonight."


"I've been waiting for your call since four nights and I knew you'd talk to me."

"Um-I called you because I wanted to ask you something."

Realizing that she had been thinking about me as well, I smiled. "Sure, Miss Bianca," I said. "Ask me anything-and anytime."

"No-I mean, it's just a question."


"You told me that you wanted to meet me."


"Why do you want to meet me?"

"You know what my answer was."

"Yes, but I can't promise you anything."

"You can trust me, Miss Bianca. I gave you my word."

"Well, I think you should answer me plainly."

"Right! Will you promise to meet me tomorrow night if I tell you a plain answer?"

She said nothing, and I mouthed another question, "What do you say, Bianca?" I skipped Miss before saying her name and my own boldness amazed me instantly.

"Yes, I promise," she said.

"THANK YOU," I exclaimed and fell silent. The answer that she wanted to learn was not so plain. For me, the confession of love to her was the hardest thing I had to do. Nonetheless, I made up my mind and said, "Erm-I don't know how should I tell you everything, but it's true that I couldn't sleep well after we met at the bar. When you weren't around, I felt so lonely and hopeless. Do you know why it was the happiest moment in my life when I found you out?"

I paused for a while and resumed, "I was thinking about no one but you because I wanted to see you, to be with you, and to hold your hands into mine. You've asked me to tell you a plain answer, and I must not beat around the bush. Bianca, I can't live without you and I confess with all my heart that-I love you!"

I was shaking all over and could hear nothing but a faint sigh. "Yes Bianca," I went on, "I've never been so serious in my life. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. For me, you are an angel. I love your face. I love your hair. I love your smile. I love everything about you. I..."

"Please Ray, no more words!"

"Why? You know I can't help it."

"I just wanted to hear..." she paused abruptly.


"I just-wanted to..."

I perceived that she spoke in a quivering voice and my heart throbbed. "Yes, tell me Bianca," I said. "Tell me please! What do you want to hear?"

She sighed and her call was dropped.

I frowned and stared at the cell phone incredulously until she sent me a message. I pursed my lips and read it: Please Ray, I'm sorry. I didn't want to end the call. I've been thinking about you since we met at the bar, and I just wanted to know how much you feel for me. I'm sorry if I've hurt you. I replied: I'm not hurt a bit, but I'm happy that you care for me. I'll never get in wrong with you because I can't do that. She sent me another message: I know. Where should I come to meet you? I texted her: I'll wait for you at Knight's Park.

I can never forget that night. It brought me the big elation. The more I read her messages, the more solace I felt. Bianca had been thinking about me. She cared for me. She loved me. She promised to meet me. Yes, I had won her!

The next night, I arrived at Knight's Park after seven thirty. I walked over to a bench, sat down, and fixed my eyes at the gate. Shortly afterward, Bianca walked into the park and gazed the area. She looked gorgeous in her green chiffon gown. I got up. Her lips curved into a smile as she found me, and I beamed at her.

Bianca resumed walking and her hips swayed rhythmically. I could smell the pleasant wafts of Tresor Midnight Rose as she came closer to me. "Hi," I greeted her. "You look lovely for the night."

She laughed and eyed my chalk stripe suit. "And you look dashing," she said.

I took the bouquet of roses from the bench. "Before coming here, I thought of expressing my gratitude in a special way," I said.

"Thank you. They are beautiful," she said, taking the bouquet.

"I had no idea what color you love the most and I chose them in all colors."

She grinned.

"I was sure you'd love them," I said. "People symbolize roses for feelings, and I wanted to share all the feelings I have for you."

"Yes," she said. "You've shared everything."

For a brief moment, we looked at each other in silence. Her eyes searched mine and my heart throbbed in elation. I held my hand out and said, "Let's take a stroll through the park."

"Ok," she said. After putting the bouquet down on the bench, she took my hand.

We sauntered for a while until I led her to a bushy corner. We stopped there and I looked up. Bianca followed my example and asked, "Do you love the full moon?"

"I love it now. The stars are twinkling and the sky is brighter than it has been before. I can feel that they are happy for us."

"Yes. The entire universe pulsates in happiness when two hearts beat together."

I looked at her and said, "We can make them happier."


For an answer, I took her waist. She smiled and snaked her arms about my neck. We kissed each other, closing our eyes for the blissful intimacy and warmth.

Kiss is the key of love and love is the lock of life. I had kissed her at the bar and her love was unlocked for me. Then I kissed her in the park and she kissed me back. The kiss changed the course of our lives to a new dimension.

Since then, I changed my routine for the days that followed. First, I took Bianca to Florida's Seafood Bar & Grill because she loved eating seafood. Then, we went to Club LaVela for partying on Saturday nights. Hitting the beach on Sundays was the top-notch priority for us. Of course, we were an eye-catching couple. Bianca's swimsuit accentuated her breathtaking curves and my strong build made me a fascinating chap. I loved the idea when she suggested me for taking a stroll along the coast. We grinned at the straight couples, who went on with some kissing demo. However, Bianca stopped in her tracks as she noticed two lesbians making out with each other.

"It's common here," I said. "I've seen many girls who don't like men."

She said nothing. Her eyes were fixed on the girls.

I tapped her on the shoulder. She gave a start and looked at me.

"Are you with me?"


"You were staring at these girls," I said. "What's so special about them?"

"Oh, I-I'm sorry," she said.

"Is something troubling you, baby?"

"No. I'm fine."

"Cool. Some people regard lesbians as perverts but I believe they just follow their sexuality. We must not wonder at a girl who goes intimate with another."

Bianca smiled. "I'd call it love if I were you," she said.


"Yes. Haven't you heard that love does not discriminate? It may cut across all the boundaries. It can also overcome the differences of creed, race, and gender."

"Ok, I get you! These girls are kissing and touching each other so open because they are in love, right?"


"And-we are in love too."


"Then we must show it."

"Yes-I mean, no!"

I laughed and added, "We'll show it for sure."

She gasped as I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her for a crushing kiss.

"Hey! People are watching us," she said when I released her mouth.

"So what, let them watch us. We are in love and they should know this."

"Sometimes, an open kiss embarrasses a girl."

"I see. Will you be embarrassed if I kiss you before the minister and all the people attending our marriage?"

"Oh wow! I just thought you weren't that serious for marrying me."

"How come you say I won't marry you?"

"Cause you never proposed me," she said, resting her hands on the waist.

"All right," I said, and knelt before her instantly.

"Oh God," she said laughingly.

"Dear Bianca! I hope you won't mind if I ask you for something very sweet."

"Ray, I was just..."

"Oh my fair lady, I desired to say this for ages. Please don't reject me if I open my heart to you."

"Ray, please! That was a joke."

"I don't know how to pop the question before a girl but I'll ask you anyway."


"Will you marry me?"

She pursed her lips, rolled her eyes up, looked down, and said, "No!"


She burst into laughter and flung herself in my arms. We fell down and rolled on the sand until I was atop her.

"Yes, my dear Raymond! I will marry you," she murmured.

I squealed in delight and we kissed each other on the spot.

A month later, we were married at Amore Wedding Chapel. We had taken vows to live as partners in life, to cherish each other faithfully, and to value the bond that made us inseparable. I knew she was too happy to be embarrassed when I kissed her before the minister and all the guests. For me, it was the happiest and most memorable moment.

All the friends accompanied us to home and they left after some merrymaking. Neither Bianca nor I felt exhausted for the night. Her words came to my mind when I looked at her. 'The entire universe pulsates in happiness when two hearts beat together.' Yes, the happiness was everywhere.

We walked over to the bedroom. I opened the door for her and she entered. I followed her example and closed the door. The interior of the room was well lighted, classy, and serene. She looked around and said, "Wow, it's so romantic and beautiful!"

I grabbed her by the waist and she looked at me. "Yes my darling," I said affectionately. "It's romantic, beautiful, and promising. You know why?"


"You've come here to live with me forever. That's why!"

Bianca laughed and I took her lips instantly. She fell silent and closed her eyes as I inserted my tongue into her mouth. We could not moan for the warmth and passion of the kiss; it was too agreeable for us to suspend the oral connection.

We continued kissing each other. My hands roamed over her back and I groped with the zipper of her ball gown. After opening it, I let her lips go.

She ran her hands up my middle and asked, "May I help you with your jacket and tie?"

"You don't have to ask me for that," I said and winked at her.

Bianca grinned as I released her. She took my jacket and tie off. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and fumbled with the belt to unbuckle it.

"Aw," she exclaimed as I held her hands and smiled. "Not yet baby. It's my turn," I told her.

"Ah, ok."

"You look stunning in this gown."

"Yes. I knew you'd love my wedding dress."

"Too bad, it has to go off. I want to see the most desirable body in the world."

She laughed and punched me on the shoulder. I moved my hands to unknot the pink sash of her gown. The white satin material fell in a mess as I peeled it down her body.

"Oh no," I said and shook my head.

Bianca's face fell. She asked me solicitously, "Is something wrong?"

"Yeah. It's your lingerie and I can't see your body yet."

Her lips curved into a smile. She snaked her arms about my neck. "So what are you waiting for? I'm yours," she said seductively.

"Of course," I said, and moved my hands around to unfasten the hook-and-eye closures of her torsolette. Then I unknotted her Tie Side G-string.

"It's unfair. You are still wearing the shirt," she said as I threw her torsolette and G-string aside.

"Nothing will be unfair tonight. Take my trousers off."

Bianca did as I told her to do. I yanked the shirt away and stepped out of the trousers. She reached up and hooked her fingers into the neck hole of my A-shirt. "Now it's your turn," she said.

"I know."

She laughed as I picked her up, and cradled her in my arms. Then I laid her gently on the king-size bed.

I stood there for a while. My eyes roamed over her voluptuous figure and I licked my lips. Her garter belt and ultra sheer stockings hid nothing from the view. She lay before me so nude, vulnerable, and inviting. Without further ado, I joined her abed and began to explore her body with erotic rapture.

I kissed Bianca's mouth, cheeks, and forehead. After kissing her lips again, I sucked her ears and flicked my tongue on her neck. I went on with licking her chest, grabbed her tits into the deep cleavage, and squeezed them deliberately. Her nipples stood out like little rosy rockets.

I opened my mouth and went for her nipples, sucking them as if I were a newborn. The texture of her areolae felt rough yet pleasing against my lips. I held one nipple in suction, then released it, and took its counterpart. Bianca moved her arms up around the pillow as I proceeded to suck and lick her tits with adroit substitution.

I hanged around her tits, patting and pulling them. Then I licked her cleavage, sucked her nipples with clamorous smack, and slid backward to shower a lavish trail of kiss on her stomach. My lips brushed lightly on her belly button and I pressed my mouth into her soft flesh.

I moved down, kissing her shaved mons and pussy. She moaned as I flicked my tongue on her slit, and stroked her thighs lovingly. Then I splayed her sexy legs and pushed them until her knees were at her own chest.

I held Bianca's legs in place. For a brief moment, I looked up without taking my lips off her pussy. The flush on her face and the dreamy look of her eyes were the obvious signs of her arousal.

My mouth and nose sank into her pussy. It wasn't wet but the odor denoted her desire. A sudden realization of my erection did not compel me to rise on knees and remove the boxers I had on. Instead, I resolved to lick her vaganus and asshole.

Bianca hissed as I went on with rimming her. The salty taste of her asshole was great and I pursed my lips to kiss it. Then I slipped my tongue out, passed it up her vaganus, and resumed licking her pussy.

"Mmm... ooh... mmm... ahhh... ahhh... mmm..." she moaned as I ran my tongue on her pussy lips. I kissed her there and moved down, licking her pink flesh.

I let her thighs go, slid my hands under her ass cheeks, and pushed her up. Bianca moved her legs down, hitting the mattress with her feet.

I opened my mouth, pressed it against her pussy lips, and shook my head. She moaned and clawed at her tits, squeezing them. I got a raging hard-on in no time but she was not lubed so far. Therefore I moved my hands and stretched her pussy open.

I probed my tongue into her pussyhole and came up to her hood. My lips closed about her clit and I began to suck it. Her pussy lips quivered under my chin. It was a promising sign. I was leading her to the peak.

I went on with sucking and licking her. My tongue flicked on her clit in circles, sideways, up, and down. Of course, I could eat her out for ages!

Bianca went delirious. She squealed in delight and strained her torso. I resolved to tease her and let her clit go. Consequently, she grabbed my head and pushed it between her thighs. Then she humped her hips against my face. I resumed eating her cunt and kept up the good work even though she stopped moving her body.

Shortly afterward, her grip softened on my head. I realized that she was not uttering a sound. The idea distracted me right away. I released her clit, rose on my knees, and looked at her incredulously. She lay before me, with her eyes closed and her mouth half-open. Instantly, I frowned. Her response to my oral service was annoying indeed.

I reached down and touched the wet bulge in my boxers. The pre-cum oozed from my cock already. Her submissive consent to my sexual advance aroused me. Then she fell asleep in the heat, letting my desire for her be unsatisfied.

My eyes fell on her pussy. There was no sign of the wetness between her thighs. 'It's crazy,' I reflected. 'I went well with her. She loved me at her cunt, and yet she's dry. That's just impossible!'

I stooped and hovered above Bianca to rouse her. The charismatic appeal of her face allured me at one and I couldn't resist an urge to kiss her cheeks.

"No. I won't disturb you, my darling," I spoke softly. "It isn't the end of the world. We can make out anytime and every night."

I smiled and clamped my lips on her mouth.
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