Love Never Dies
I held his picture close to my heart. I could feel the pounding in my chest as I waited for his return. Knowing he was asking her for a divorce so we could be together, would take its toll. We hadn't planned for it to happen. It was one of those unforeseen events that took us both by surprise. I read about it but never expected it to happen to me. If the truth be told, I never quite believed it ever happened to anyone.

We were at a dinner party, 5 couples including Alejandro and his wife and me and my boyfriend and 3 other pairs. Alejandro was seated next to me and when he passed me the bowl of peas, he looked me straight in the eyes and smiled. I knew at that moment I was smitten. When we got to know each other better, Alejandro admitted he had felt the same. It was as if a burst of energy zapped both of us and rendered us helpless to fight it off.

I went outside for a breath of fresh air after dinner, enjoying the crispness of the cool breeze as it gently brushed my hair. I didn't hear him approach until a hand lightly touched my shoulder. I jumped a bit and he said, "I didn't mean to startle you. You look so lovely in the moonlight." I am sure I blushed, but hopefully he didn't notice in the darkness of the night, with only a shimmering light nearby.

"Thanks," I managed to reply. Alejandro's slightly greyish hair looked distinguished, I couldn't help noticing during dinner. I knew I was older than him, I was 65 and he couldn't be a day over 50, but that didn't seem to have any bearing on either of us. I kept myself in good shape, working out at the local gym several times a week. I dyed my hair back to its youthful red color and had always been quite proficient at wearing makeup.

We took a stroll along the pathway adjacent to the patio. The affluent host had many acres of land beautifully landscaped. We got to know each other better as we walked. Alejandro was a police chief; he planned to retire in the next few years. He and his wife had a good marriage early on, blessed with 2 children, one son and one daughter and a dog. The picture perfect family or so it seemed.

Candace, his wife, was too devoted to their kids. It always seemed to end up that she had to take sides, her kids or her husband. Guess who lost out? Alejandro started working later hours and Candace was exhausted from her work as secretary and tending to her kids at night. Sex had been minimal for a long time but he was devoted to his family nonetheless. He had remained faithful despite the little loving he had during their 26 years of marriage.

My story was quite the opposite. I married my husband at a very young age, I was 18 and he was 20. Despite our parent's protests that we were too young, we lived happily married for 42 years until he died from cancer 5 years earlier. It wasn't easy to move on or date but my 3 kids encouraged me to do so after I hadn't dated for years. I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend last year and even though there weren't sparks like with my deceased husband, I enjoyed the companionship.

After our walk, we joined the others and hoped our absence wasn't noticed. When Candace and Alejandro said their goodbyes to all the couples, I felt sad knowing that would be the last time I would feel the excitement he elicited in me. "It was nice meeting you," I uttered to Mr. & Mrs. Fernandez.

A couple of months later I was shopping at my local supermarket when I felt a hand on my shoulder once again. Startled I saw Alejandro smiling broadly at me. I teased him, "Planning on making a habit of scaring me to death?" We both laughed. He asked me to a nearby café for coffee and I gladly accepted.

Alejandro took my hand for the first time and seemed to see right into my soul, as he gazed into my eyes. He began, "This will sound very strange to you but I fell in love with you from the minute our eyes met. I will understand if you don't want to ever talk to me again but I thought you should know." Alejandro let go my hand and got up to leave but I stopped him.

"Don't go. I feel the same," I cried out. He sat back down. We talked for hours about anything and everything. He was my soul mate, that elusive thing we all want and rarely find. My deceased husband and I didn't even have that connection. Alejandro and I made plans to meet at noon the next day, at a Westin Hotel a bit out of the city. Then he got up and left, giving me a quick peck on the cheek to tide me over.

The evening crawled by and I went to bed early. When my boyfriend called, he noticed I was a bit distant. I blamed it on a cold and he was none the wiser. I felt somewhat guilty but I couldn't deny my feelings, at least not to myself.

The next day arrived and I decided to take the day off work for my rendezvous. I dressed to the nines. My perfectly coiffed hair, manicured nails with the perfect red nail polish and matching red lipstick, all part of my preparations. After putting on a black lace bra and panties, I put on a garter and some black sleek thigh highs. My sexiest black dress came on next. It showed off my considerable cleavage. It fell to just about the knees, showing off the slenderness of my shapely legs. I reached for my 6-inch high heel shoes. I was ready for my special date.

I wanted to arrive a bit late to not seem too eager but my anxiousness won and I came a bit early. Alejandro hadn't yet arrived so I sat on an inviting chair to wait. Keeping to tradition, I felt a hand on my shoulder. This time I wasn't startled. Instead, I got up from the chair and gave him my hand as he reached out for it. We checked in and in the elevator we had our first real kiss. We were the only two in there and we couldn't hold back.

Alejandro was tender and my welcoming tongue played with his. We were breathless by the time we left the elevator, lightly petting each other before we got out. He opened the door to our room and as the door shut behind us, we kissed again. As he led me towards the bed so we could fully give ourselves to each other, I momentarily thought of my boyfriend and his wife. Alejandro started blowing into my ear and those pangs of guilt quickly vanished. " I want to make love to you," he whispered softly.

His warm breath in my ear aroused me, and my body responded. He expertly nibbled at my neck and unzipped and removed my dress, my arms held up to help. He admired aloud what he saw, "God you are so beautiful." His words warmed my heart as his mouth and hands warmed my body. As he peeled the clothes that remained, the walls I built around me since my husband's death, came tumbling down. I stood naked in front of my love, with no holds barred. I could feel his mouth all over every inch of me. I hungered for his touch.

I began to remove the garments off his body. I unbuttoned his shirt and his pants and unzipped what was in the way of what I wanted to feel in my mouth. He pulled his pants and briefs down and removed them along with his shirt. He was in good shape with a bit of a potbelly but I found it sexy. I craved pleasuring his nude body. When he felt my mouth reach down to take care of him in ways he hadn't experienced in a very long time, he didn't hold back. He seemed to be amazed that I swallowed down every drop he shot out and confided I was the first to ever do that with him. "Get used to it. I want to taste you whenever I could," I told him.

His hands knew exactly what would make me shudder and what would bring me to heights of delight I could no longer remember. When his hand reached down between my thighs, his fingers stroked and pleasured me until the wetness dripped down my legs. His tongue thirstily took over for his fingers, which brought him more to drink. He couldn't get enough and neither could I.

When I felt him inside me, we moved in synch, our rhythm totally in tune with each other. My muscles held him in, I didn't want him to ever leave. All good things must come to an end so too did our day of enrapture but not before we held each other tight and our combined outpourings mixed together. We slept for hours, arm-in-arm, and our juices still lingered in our mouths as we kissed, enjoying the resultant mixture.

We got together on a regular basis after that day and I broke it off with my boyfriend. He understood, knowing that we never had the passion that we both longed for. Today was Alejandro's turn to tell his wife so we could begin the long procedure culminating in our marriage. He proposed to me a few weeks ago and told me it was only a matter of when not if, we would spend our lives together forever. My happiness was overwhelming when I accepted. We celebrated in bed together, later that evening.

I grew worried when I didn't hear from him since he was supposed to come over at 2 pm and it was now 2:30pm. I put on the TV to keep my mind off of it, when a news bulletin came on. "Police chief's wife shoots him dead," the reporter announced. My heart stopped when I saw a picture of Alejandro up on the monitor and barely heard much after the words "Alejandro Fernandez was pronounced dead at 2:03pm."

Suddenly I heard Alejandro and my dead husband both calling out my name. I wanted to go to both. I also heard my son's voice though he seemed far away. "Her heart just stopped beating," he cried. I could hear my 2 daughters sobbing.

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