Love That Neighboor
I just got out of the Marines. I thought I would take it easy for awhile before I either looked for a job or enrolled in college. I was having a ball. It was a party every night.

I was still living at home with my parents. Mom and Dad owned a double house. Living next door was a older gentleman, Jack, 62 years old. He had a younger wife, Jean probably around twenty years younger. They had a daughter about my age, 23. Her name was Dedra. Dedra and I fell in love. We started dating and everynight after our parents would go to bed. Dedra and I would make out. We were so in love that when we started to make out we couldn't stop and Dedra got pregnant. So I did the honorable thing and asked her to marry me.

Our two familes became real close, so close we would walk in each others house without knocking. Now Dedra's mom was a good looking woman. She had auburn hair, big tits and a figure to die for. Every time I would go to her house she would playfully flirt with me until Dedra was ready.

I was going to have to get a job now so I started looking for work. I was taking a shower one morning when I thought I heard someone knocking on the bathroom door. The door opened and Jean was there. I grabbed a towel and covered myself as best I could. Jean smiled and said Jack called and there is a opening at the Insurance office. Could you come in later this afternoon? I was embarrassed and said that I would. Jean just smiled. She walked over and grabbed the bottom of the towel covering me and lifted it up exposing my cock. She reached down and grasp hold of my cock. Immediately, my cock started to rise. Oh my she said. You are so big. She dropped to her knees and started to suck on my cock. Ohhhhhhh I moaned as she deep throated me. She sucked and sucked and finally I exploded filling her beautiful mouth with cum. She got off her knees and started kissing me. Her tongue dancing in my mouth. She reached down again and grabbed my cock again. Come with me she said as she led me to my bed. She sat me on the bed. She then started to undress. She had on a blouse, no bra, slacks, and no panties. OMG I said, she was beautiful. She pushed me back on the bed. She straddled me hanging her big titties in my face. She pulled my head between her tits and started to sway side to side rubbing my face to her big tits. I couldn't help myself. I started to feel and suck on those big tits. She moaned in my ear do you want to fuck me? Yes, yes I said. She said not until you eat my pussy. With that she rolled over, spread her legs wide and guided my face onto her sopping wet cunt. I spread her cunt lips with my fingers and started fucking her with my tongue. I put my mouth on her sweet clit and gently bit her . She cried out yes, yes, I took my tongue out of her cunt and inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. I started to finger fuck her.. Yes, yes she screamed as she had her first orgasm. I was in control now. I put her legs over my shoulders and slowly plunged my cock deep into her pussy. I started fucking her faster and faster. She got in perfect rhythm with me. She started to scream faster faster give me that big cock. Finally, we both cum multiple times. We lay there totally spent. After awhile Jean sat up. Come on we have to get your ready for your interview. She pulled me up and led me to the shower. I stepped into the shower as Jean held my hand. Before I realized it Jean was in the shower with me. We were suddenly in each others arms kissing passionately. She reached down grabbing my now rock hard cock and started to squeeze and stroke my big cock. We kissed passionately tongue fucking each others mouth. I started kissing and sucking on jeans big tits. Jean put her back against the wall of the shower. She spread her legs wide as I lifted her up. My hard cock entered her hot cunt OHHHHHHHHHHHHH she moaned fuck me fuck me hard. We fucked and fucked it seemed for hours. We went back to he bedroom and fucked some more. I finally rolled off Jean, totally spent. She kissed me and said get some rest I don't want you to miss the interview. She started to get up. I grabbed her arm and said what about Dedra? What about her? she said. I love her. She laughs. Marry her. You are going to have all the sex that you could possible want.
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