Love in the Time of Need

Chapter 1

They came into the bank where I worked early one morning, just three men who were no more different than any of the other customers, that was until they pulled out guns and demanded that we put out hands up. I looked over at the bank manager who nodded at me to do as I was told.

It was 1935 and bank robbery was a happening everyday somewhere in the country. I knew that the police wouldn't get there in time to do anything as the town of Eden Washington was such a small place with farming as the major business and we only had one sheriff and a deputy. I was not very impressed with their abilities as were most of the people in town, but it at that moment I wished they were here.

"Ok give me all of your money," one of the robbers said as he came up to my window pushing Mr. Clarke a local farmer out of his way.

I looked at the man, who appeared to be at least 5'11, fair in complexion with blue eyes, with that said he was non-descript as his hat covered his hair so I couldn't tell it color and a bushy brown beard covered the lower half of his face. His clothes were dark and dusty, the coat the he worn was over sized and made of heavy black material.

"Hey woman do as I said," he demand and then stuck a shotgun in my face through my window.

It didn't scare me it just made me mad and I guess it showed, because one of the other robbers came over and to my window and told the man to leave me alone. I looked at the man and started to tell him were to go when I noticed his beautiful eyes. They were the like golden disk large and prominent in his face, which was covered by a bushy black beard, topped by again a large black hat. He was taller than the other man and his presence was most noticeable at least to me.

"Let's go the other man said the third man who I hadn't seen up close,"

They robbers let the bank and the town in a screaming of wheels with three thousand dollars of the town's money. I thought it was the last time I would see those golden eyes, but it was just two weeks later when I saw them again. This time it was outside my father's barn.

There had not been a day that I hadn't thought about those eyes and wondered about the man whom face held them. Needless to say they were not caught or even heard of again, in our part of the state. For a while it was thought that it was a onetime deal. I didn't give it much thought and went on with my life, the life of a twenty year old woman, single and living in 1935's America.

The Depression had been around for a while and the country,the world was suffering and some more than others. In my case I was lucky my parents own an apple orchard and ran a small farm which had been in the family for over a hundred years. My mother had passed away some years before during the influenza epidemic, she was one of many in the town to die from the disease and even thought my father was not infected he almost died as well. The love he felt for his wife would have taken him to his grave if my mother who as she laid dying had not asked him to walk in the world a little longer for her and to see her baby married to a good man. He had promised to do that with tears in his eyes and a heavy heart. Time had gone by and my father had found a way to hold on to life and other reasons to live. Thou I am sure that what he had promised my mother was still on his mind. He had tried to set me up a few time with sons of friends and others that he thought were worthy of the hand of his only child and daughter. I wasn't impressed and I knew that there was someone out there for me and given time we would find each other, but for now the memory Mr. Golden eyes would keep me company.

Chapter 2

It was a hot summer day about two weeks after the Bank of Eden had been robbed and I was thinking of making an apple pie, yes and apple pie on a hot day but was a craving and it needed feeding. I knew that my father would be spending the weekend at my Aunt Annie house helping her out, so I was able to do what I like and that was to walk around outside naked. Our farm was off the beaten path and our closest neighbor use to be Mr. and Mrs. Folks but they let their farm go and move to parts unknown so no one to see me. I wasn't worried, I had the company of our two dogs, Geri and Friei both mixed breed large and protective, plus I had a hand gun and a shotgun and knew how to use the both.

So after cleaning up in the house naked I went outside to water the house garden and to then to the apple orchard to pick some fresh ripe apples for the apple pie. I thought about stopping off at the watering hole and swim a bit to cool off on the way back from the orchard as I walked down the path. The tree overhead provided shade from the noonday sun since I wasn't one to wear a hat unless I had to. My black hair was loose and flowing down my back to ending just at the top of my hips and felt the soft brush of it against my skin as I walked along. I was a healthy country girl, had also inherited my Italian mothers full breasts, narrow waist and full hip. From my father I had inherited his clear pale Irish completion and his deep blue eyes. My father was always quick to say that I am quite a pretty woman, but then he was my father and was somewhat biases in his opinion.
Walking along enjoying the what breeze there was as it caressed my skin I let myself think of him and wonder where Mr. Golden eyes had gone after robbing the bank?

By now I had reached the orchard and had picked a small basket of Grannie Smith apples and had even gotten some cherries. I started by walk back up to the house and decided to stop by the barn and chicken coop to get some fresh eggs. The dogs had been playing with each other the whole time and had run in front of me to the barn. I heard then barking loudly and knew something wasn't right and here I was naked as the day I was born. I started to go back to get my father's gun as the noise the dogs were making grew louder. I slowed my walk and look for a place to hide so that I can see who came out of the barn and to hide my nakedness. The sun had moved in the sky to where the barn door was filled with light so who ever came out would have to cover their eyes. I looked around for something to arm myself with. I found a strong tree branch that had fallen off during out last storm. It had weight to it and it was long enough that it wouldn't put me in reach of the intruder.
The dogs who had entered the barn were still barking up a storm and I could tell by their barking that they had gone into attack mode. In seconds a tall man came running out into the yard before the barn swinging at the dogs with his coat to keep them from getting a hold of him. I couldn't see his face clearly as he had his hat push down almost covering his eyes. I could hear him talking to the dogs in authorial manner telling them to back off and stop their pursued of him. If he had been my father, they would have or at least me, but they rarely listen to strangers. Then something strange happened, the dogs stopped chasing him and stood a short distant away from him. He stopped swinging his coat at them and just kept talking to them calming, almost like you would a child. I stood there in my hiding place behind a large bush watching all of this in amazement. I had forgotten that I was naked until the stranger reminded me of it.
Hey Miss you can come out now. I am not going to hurt you. The stranger said still facing the dogs but not me, which gave me nerve to respond to him.

What do you want here? I asked trying to stay hidden and keep him insight at the same time. Just encase he did something luscious I could still put the dogs on him.

"Nothing I just wanted to see the lady with the pretty eyes again," He answered back in a clear calm voice as he took off the hat slowly and turn to ward my bush.

It was him, the man from the bank... the bank robber. Except this time he didn't have a beard, in fact you could see his face clearly and those eyes.

We stood there looking at each other me from behind my bush and him from his position of being surrounding by the dogs.

If you were to ask me what had gotten into me, I couldn't tell you but at that time something did.

Could you please throw you coat over here toward the bush and keep your back turned?
He didn't ask me why he just did as I had asked and threw he is jacket at the bush.
I scrambled out leaving my weapon, the tree branch behind and grabbed the jacket and ran back to my bush. I quickly slipped the coat on which proved to be as big and as long as I thought it would be if it was to fit him. On me it was down to my knees and I had to roll the sleeve up to clear my hands. I came out from behind the bush with my branch still at his back. The dogs came to me and got in space between us as he turned to face me. Again we stood there looking at each other him a bank robber and me naked under is coat. I guess the two of us had a lot to hide as we stood there taking each other in. I didn't mention the bank and he didn't mention me being in need of his coat.

"I am sorry to come up on you like this but, I just had to see you again and to apologize about what happened at the bank. I... I sorry but well we were desperate. One of men with us wife needs medicine and another is needed money to hold on to his farm... I know none of that make what we did right but... well..."

I have heard every word he said but I didn't connect I was so lost in his eyes. They were the kindest eyes that I had ever seen and his voice was so gentle a reassuring. Now able to take him totally, with the beard,he was a very handsome man. His hair now under covered was a dirty blond and need of a good cutting. His skins on his arms and face were a golden brown from days spent in the sun. His eyes looked so green in his tan face that they seem to glow ... yes his eyes were beautiful.

"My name is Gavin Starks," he said as he stood there looking at me wearing his coat to hide my nakedness.

Something in me said that it was ok to put the branch as I would not need to use it as a weapon to defend myself or my honor.

"I am Zoee Mead," I said as I continued to look at him putting him to memory from his dusty well-worn boots to the top of his dirty blond head.

His shoulder was broad and strong telling me that he was use to a good days work when he had it. I quickly remember what he said about why they had robbed the bank. He had given reasons for the others but I didn't remember him saying anything about himself. It was hard times all around for everyone. The stock market had crashed cause banks to fail and just financial woes for the whole country and then the drought in the mid-west and the dust storms that followed. Yes it was hard times and many were going hungry at the very least. There had been an influx of people coming from the drought areas looking for relieve from their woes only to find financial ruin, lack of jobs and even bigotry for those that they had encountered. I quickly made the decision that Mr. Starks was in need of a home cooked meal.

"I�m ... well I'm going back up to the house and fix dinner. I was wondering if you would like to join me ," I asked think that it was right bold of me to do so as I didn't even know the man and my father wasn't home . It was not also wasted on me that I had set the dogs on him to do him bodily harm and I had considered doing harm to him myself with that tree branch. It looks like he was remembering that as well as he seems to take his time answering me.

"Wellll I guess so and I would like to get my coat back," Mr. Stark said as he looked at the pretty woman in front of him... God she was a sight.

In fact she was beautiful with her dark hair hanging free and down her back and those blue eyes of hers along with that sweet pouty mouth. Ms. Zoee Mead could have been on the big screen as an actress he thought as he gazed at her. He watch and then followed behind her with the dogs as they walked the short distant from the barn to the house. The coat on her ended at her knees but he could tell as he walked behind her that she had strong nicely shaped legs and feet.
When they reached the house a two story building, she had him follow her in and directed him to bathroom where he could freshen up. She went off to another part of the house; he assumed her bedroom still wearing his coat. One of the dogs stayed with him and the other went with her. He went into the bathroom shutting the door behind putting a barrier between himself and the dog that had stayed behind to... guard him.

Gavin looked around and found a stack of small towel and ran it under some water in the sink as he looked round. He had never been is a bathroom like this, small simple and efficient, looking into the mirror as he took off his shirt exposing a chest that was muscular and smooth. He using the soap and wash cloth to good purpose and evening rinsed his hair combing it into somewhat of a control style. He had shaved before making the long walk over from where he had been staying or rather hiding out with Jim Fletcher after the other men had gone home or had taken off to parts unknown. He had thought about doing the same but Ms. Mead had made such a great impression on him that he just had to see her again ... if only to say that he was sorry and....

"Mr. Starks when you ready the meal is on the table, a sweet elegant," voice said from the other side of the door.

He finished washing up and came out of the bathroom to find guard dog still there sitting quietly waiting for him. It then stood and started walking to the back of the house, stopping once looking back at Gavin as if to say are you coming? Gavin follow the dog to into the big kitchen where on the table was more food than Gavin had seen in a week.
I heard him walking down the hall toward the kitchen as she was just putting the last plates of food on the table. I had finished some baked chicken, with mash potatoes and green beans all fresh produce from their farm. I had also taken time out to make my famous biscuits which got me a blue ribbon at the fair last year. I put them on the table with the butter as I wonder if there would even be a fair this year. Geri came into the room leading Gavin into the room and took his place next to Freki in their spot near the stove and the pantry.

"Please Mr. Starks have a sit," I said to him as carried a bowl of fresh fruit salad that was for dessert. I had added on as a last minute addition to meal along with tall pitcher of cold of tea to wash the meal down. I took my usually seat at the other end of the long wooden table. Gavin took the seat at the opposite end where my father would sit. I found myself thinking that is seemed so distant and just unfriendly so I got up to my plate and silver wear down to join Gavin. The spent the rest of the evening eating and talking about ourselves very little but a lot about other things. By the end of dinner we were comfortable in each company.

Gavin found himself throughout the evening looking at Zoee and wondering if her full deep pink lips were as soft and sweet as they look and other such things. He found himself able to let reality step back a bit and just enjoy the time with her without hoping or wanting for more. Gavin wasn't willing to assume anything as he hadn't told Zoee that the bank in town wasn't the only one that he and the other had robbed. He sat there basting in the warmth of her company and enjoying the sound of her voice and the way she looked at him when she was listening to him talk. She saw him, heard him and was very aware of his presence and it made him feel so good. After dinner they took a walk around the farm under the summer night sky that was clear and full of stars. The moon was near full, in two night it would be and it magic was in the air it was felt but laid well hidden but lying close beneath the surface.

I looked over at him out of the corner of my eyes and wondered I wondered about what Gavin hadn't told me. I am sure that there was more, but was it important for me to know? I in held the scent of the forest and the night time air surround the farm as closed my eyes. I stood there under the night sky my feet apart and my arms at my side letting myself go with the night. Gavin stood nearby looking at me with his face closed, but his eyes were focused on me and what I was doing. Then off in the distant a wolf howled adding a mournful sound to the night.... he was calling for his mate.
Gavin and I looked at each other feeling the pull, desire and something more animalistic. I closed my eyes again for a moment and open them to find myself standing alone. Gavin was gone.

I went back to the house not looking for him along the way as I knew that he was nowhere to be found. Later that night as I lay in my bed alone, I thought of Gavin and the wolf. Just as sleep claim me in its embrace I again heard the mournful howl off in the distance.


It was the night of the full moon two days later, when I saw Gavin again. Since that time, he and his friends had robbed a few more banks but not around my way. They were making a name for themselves and had come under the notice of all the local law enforcement people. No one had been able to find them or even to identify the robbers.
My father had return from his trip and seemed to be in good spirits. I had told him about Gavin but not about what I thought he was up to. That I kept to myself ...

Gavin found his way back to the farm and me on the night of the full moon. My father had gone out hours early with friends. I waited down by the barn and waited for the Gavin under the rising full moon alone. The dogs Freki and Geri had gone off with my father and his friends leaving me alone to meet Gavin.
The moon was high in the night time sky when he came from behind the barn. He walked toward me slowly his eyes so beautiful and his fur was as black as night. He stood there on all fours the size of a pony with his mouth closed as not to frighten me. I wasn't frightened as I now stood before him naked. I knew the day that they had come into the bank where I worked that they were more than they appeared to be, which is why the gun in the face didn't frighten me. I was never in the way of harm, but it did anger me that someone or something would do that to me.
I stood there with waiting for him to make his move... this had been our way since farther back then I can remember. On the every four years on the night of a Blue Moon, a young woman of child bearing age from our small town would go naked into the surrounding forest on that night. This time it was an August Blue moon and the night was warm with no hint of the fall and yet I shivered as if I were cold. I am not afraid I told myself as this time it was different, at least for me. Gavin and I knew each other I said to myself as I watch him slowly moving like a black void with glowing yellow eyes coming toward me. I closed my eyes and waiting for what was to come. I felt the heat from his massive form radiate out toward me and then I felt a wet tongue lick me from the instep of my right foot up to my woman hood. There it lingered briefly before parting it way through the fine dark hair that was the same color if not texture of that which was on my head. It slid deep inside and touches that part of me where now man or male had ever touched.

I let myself focus on that then the fact that this wolf was going to kill me and eat me later. Yes, this is what I knew to be true as no woman had every returned from the Blue moon meetings. It had said and the known as fact that no woman had ever returned and none of their remains were every found.

My eyes shot open when the wolf butted me with his head knocking to the ground on to butt. Then he push me on to my back where I laid with the wolf standing between my legs and my eyes shut again praying that Gavin wouldn't hurt me . He didn't, he started to lick with his long rough tongue between my legs dividing the lips of my womanhood with each passing of his tongue. Oh my!! It felt so wonderful and with each lick that pasted over the head of my nub sent chills of pleasure up and down my body. I moaned aloud my pleasure as my hips pushed my womanhood forward asking for more. I had placed my hands on his head and was holding him in places as much as I could as Gavin...the wolf sent me into the heavens. I came like I had never done so before as I was a virgin as it was required. Even when I pleasured myself it was nothing like this! I seem to have lost the ability to breath as my body jerked withered as waves of pleasure ran thought me and over me. I was panting like one of my dogs when he started to licking the rest of my body. The roughness of his wet tongue against my skin started another wave of sensual pleasure to run through me. I could feel the wetting flooding out of me as I came was hit by another march of pleasure waves. This time from what I can remember of it was hit so hard by them that wetness shot from the place between my legs and sprayed all down my thighs in a warm wet sticky film. My large breast with their large nipple were sticking up demanding attention from tongue or hands, I used my hands to massage my aching dark nipples where hard. I did something that I would only do when I was alone pleasuring myself, I put the nipple of my left breast into my mouth and sucked on it . The wolf had stopped what he was doing and was staring at me. I opened my eyes briefly to see him staring at me with something that can best be described by me as lust. I let the nipple fall out of my mouth as he moved on all four up and over my body using his lower body to push my legs further apart.

Now I had seen dogs and other animals mate before, so I knew that this wasn't the way to do it so I scooted backwards on my bare skin fast knowing that the I would have remembered later of my decision to do what I was about to do . Not looking at Gavin I quickly turned over and got on my hands and knees with my head down. My dark wild mass of hair was even wilder with twigs grass and leaves all tangle up in it but I was able to move it to one side off my back and hips to present myself in a favorable light. Gavin took the offering and slid up behind me close enough that I could feel his manhood... his wolf whatever at the entrance into me. I was scared of what he was about to do and what he would once he was in me..... but.

Chapter 4

I hid out among the men when I overheard that they were going to rob the Eden Bank. I had been following her sense for around town for days and had not come up with a way to meet her that would not be noticed by the town elders and those of my own people. When I walked into that bank and saw her I knew she was more than the Price, she was the one for me. I knew that our joining would be more than a contract between what was and what is... we the Varg what was and the human who are what is. My ancestor had travel across the great divide when it was no more than an ice road from Russia along with migrating humans. Our numbers were four times great than the human numbers and they were most definitely considered to be on the menu when we were hunting for food. In time their elders met without the Varg elders and came up with the contract that we would co-exist with the human always going about our business and staying out of each other way meaning that we the Varg would take humans off the food list when hunting. As the human part for this every four years when there was a double full moon a woman of child-bearing-age was given to Varg. A woman was decided to have this honor instead of a man as her flesh would be soft fresh and sweet to the taste. What the humans didn't know by then many of us could change our form at will from wolf to human. The humans were allowed to think that the woman of the Blue Moon Price was eaten which many had been. The situation change when a chosen wolf and the Price mated and a child was born from that union. The humans were never told and the woman never was allowed to return to her family by her own choice or forced. After that no Price was consumed but was mated to the chosen wolf. Who was the one who actually let the elders know which woman should be chosen when the time came. Thus the chosen wolf always picked his mate.

Now on the night of the Blue Moon, Gave was the chosen wolf and Zoee the Price. He had tasted her flesh and knew it to be sweet and fresh. He had spent time in her company and knew her to be kind and attentive. The rest was obvious to the eye human or wolf, that she was a beautiful and desirable woman. Now as he watch as she reposition herself underneath him into the proper mating position his body roared into fulfilling his long waited desire to claim and mark her as his mate. He must be a wolf when he started and man when ended it. Zoee's virgin state was not wasted on Gavin and he was mindful of the pain that he was about to give and the pleasure that he would give in place of it. Positioning him behind her and placing his manhood at the entrance of Zoee's womanhood. Gavin gave her back one long wet lick with his tongue from the top of her hips to the base of her neck. As he slides his cock in one swift motion into her maid head not stopping until he passed through it. He added his howl to her screams of pain then holding her lightly with his sharp teeth that lined his sizeable mouth, Gavin started moving back and forth slowly in and out of Zoee �s body. In a short time she joined him as they found a rhythm that suit them both, the moon was now moving on it's nightly path across the sky as the woman and the wolf .. Werewolf moved in an intimate rhythm.

Zoee was the first to cumm amid screams and moans of passion saying Gavin's name over and over again. Her body sheathed his cock in such warm wetness that Gavin almost lost it, but he was able to hold on when he started to change from wolf to man. He now could feel the softness of her skin against his own and his hand sought places and parts of her body to hold on to has he drove his body into hers . He could tell by her body and listening to sounds that she made, Zoee was not far from cumming. He pulled out of her tight hole with a pop and flipped her over on to her back. He wanted to look in her face when she came and when he marked her....

Chapter 5

Zoee had never in her life had such a feeling. The sensual sensations between her legs were more than she could have imagined that any man would give her. She had not looked back for fear of the unknown when Gavin was in wolf form, but after flipping her over she looked up into his face as he drove her pass the point of caring. Zoee wrapped her body around him and matching his movements she joined him as they laid claim to each other. The first electric wave of her orgasm came at Zoee hard and fast. She threw her head back and arches her back driving herself further on to Gavin. Who took the opportunity to latch on to her shoulder with his mouth as their body moving faster and faster. Zoee started screaming in response to the full feeling of their joined passion. Her body convulsed as she clawed the muscular flesh of Gavin's back and arms. Then she was hit by the full force of her orgasm and Zoee eyes all but rolled back in her head as she came in one long rush of orgasmic pleasure.

Gavin took this moment to mark her as his mate while she was in the grips of her orgasm. He bit down into the sweetness of her flesh, tasting the coppery goodness of her blood and held on as his own orgasm shook him to his core.

Tears of joy and release were mixed with blood and passion as they kissed and held each other tight.

The moon was on her way to her bed when Gavin and Zoee stood up and started walking toward the forest. She had no idea where they were going but as long as she was with Gavin it was all that matter to her. She looked over her shoulder at the farm one last time with loving eyes as she said goodbye.

As the dawn rose softly over the horizon and the moon disappeared, two wolves both black as night, the male with glowing golden eyes and the other a female with eyes of blue could be seen going to the forest and blending into the shadows.

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The Maid
Sunday's Sex
To Protect and to Serve
The Gift
A Blast from the Past
My Vacation
Safe Sex
The Right Man
Her, Him, Them
Santa's Presents
Dreams and Basketball part 2
Dreams and Basketball
Dessert...PLease Continue
Playing Poker
The Storm
Rain and Wind
Night Dancer
Her Diary : Eating Out
In Class
There is a Ghost in My House
Her Diary : A Cross the Alley
Her Diary : A Day in Court
Her Diary: The Elevator
Her Diary: The Subway
The Energizer Bunny and Little Blue Dude
The Dance
The Mistress of Rose Plantation Part 4
Mistress of Rose Planation Chapter 3
Ode to My Little Blue Dude
The Mistress of Rose Plantation
Knocking at My Door
The Spanking
Mistress Green Eyes Part V: The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Mistress Green Eyes: Part iVi Is You or Anit You My Baby?
Mistress Green Eyes:: Something new, Something Borrowed and Something Blue
The Dominate
Mistress Green Eyes II : Fucked
Sex 101: Lesson Taught and Lesson Learned
Mistress Green Eyes
Run Little Girl Run
Sex 101: Doing as you are told
The Barn
The Shadow of his Smile
My Baby Girl
The Plumber
The Ties that Bind
Praying on Sunday
The Brief
One Last Kiss
The Tattoo Artist
Part 2 of Just Because... Teacher's Pet
Weekend At The Garrison's
Just because...
Another Kind of Family
Choose Me
A lovers view
The Spaces in Between
She Walked In Beauty Like the Night.......
Control and Release
Dream Lover
Same Old Same Old.....
Mistress May I ......
Love Never Leaves.
Lanie's Hubby
Only love knows
Love Lost, Love Found
The Examination
The Red Velvet Mask
Private dancer.
The Garden of Many Delights or How I Met My New Neighbor
Finding Passion...........
Pleasure and Pain
Instructions on how to eat an ice cream cone

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