Love out of nothing Part 2
Anya's eye and lip were almost healed to the point of no more bruises, and Thackery decided it was time to put her back in the line up. Thackery walked into her cubby hole size room and threw a piece of lingerie at her. "Here, wear this tonight, you, Marsha and Kristin are going to a house party tonight, and youre going to be dessert." Anya held up the piece and rolled her eyes. It was hot pink fishnet bathing suit, with with an opening in the crotch and the nipples. She turned back to the mirror to finish her make up, her thoughts racing back to the last time she was ordered to go to a house. She jumped off the balcony in six inch heels and almost made it down the driveway before Dimitri caught her. So close.
Finishing her make up, she sighed and dressed, wrapping a black leather trench coat around herself and strapped on the pink heels.

Matthew practically dragged his friend Jared into the car, shoving the door shut tonight. "Dude, your'e getting laid tonight, that's final." Jared rolled his dark brown eyes and settled into the seat. "Whatever man, i dont want to sleep with a hooker." Matthew raised his blond eyebrows. "Bro, you havent had sex in months...besides, theyre not hookers, theyre call girls." Jared cracked his knuckles, looking out the window at the passing scenery. The houses were getting bigger and bigger as they drove down the road. "What's the difference?" Matthew laughed, and nodded his head. "Not much man, they're just cleaner and better at what they do best, ya know?" They pulled up to last house on the block, the biggest one too. Matthew got out of the car, the valet taking his keys.
Once inside, they were both greeted by their friend Ross, handed a beer, and shown into the house. Inside their were more guys. Their were also stripper polls were set up, with two hot blonds sliding hotly up and down the poles. To the left, there were three cages, each had a girl in it.

Anya let go of Marsha and Kristin's hands as they each walked into a different cage. She had already removed her coat and stood against the bars, trying to look as unsexual as possible, despite her great body and sexy lingerie. Two guys walked up to her, A blond smiling idiot and dark haired straight faced guy. "Dude," the blond said, "Take this one, my treat." He dark haired one glared at him. "What if she doesnt want to?" The blond smacked him upside the head. "Of course she wants to! That's what she's here for!" The blond reached out to undo her cage. He reached in for her wrist and pulled her out, shoving Anya into Jared's muscled chest. "Have fun bro," the blond said and walked away.
"Hi...I'm Jared." He muttered, not really sure what to do next. Anya faked a smile. "Hi Jared, Im Anya." They stood their a few moments, Anya pressed up against his chest, his hands on her hips. "You look...very pretty tonight..." Anya raised her eyebrows, suprised at the compliment. "Um, thank didnt have to say that." For the first time, Jared smiled. "Yeah, i did, you look great, extremely sexy, but youre more than just that...beautiful."
Anya stood speechless, not sure how to react. This was so different than the regular guy. Maybe this one might not be so bad after all...but he'd still want to fuck. She sighed, and said thank you again, and led him out of the room to the upstairs bedroom.
Jared was suprised at the turn events. At first he didnt want to go to this party at all, but now...Anya had led him into a room and shut the door. Once inside she started to tug at his shirt. He grabbed her hands gently, and laid them on his chest, dipping his head to kiss her, but she jerked away. She was scared, and he could tell. What had this girl been through? She tried to remove his clothes again, and once again he stopped her. "Lay down," he instructed, and she did what he asked, laying on her back and spread her legs, closing her eyes. Jared crawled up beside beside her, and gently kissed her forehead. He feathered little kisses all over her face, not missing an inch of skin, then slowly, so not to scare her, he brushed his lips against hers, softly gently.
Anya's mind was going crazy, not knowing what to do about the situation. No one had ever...he so gentle...what was happening to her?
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