Loving Me
We had a fight the night before. He stormed to the spare room, I slammed the door to our room. Very little sleep that night.

I woke to him getting in bed behind me. His hand touched my bare shoulder. He whispered, "I'm really sorry." Fresh tears ran down my cheeks. He kissed my neck where it curved down to my shoulder. "I'm sorry too." My hand reached back, I felt tears on his cheek.

Turning, our mouths meeting, swept away by his kiss. His thumb gently drying my cheeks. My body moved, closing the space between us. Feeling him so close, I became wet somewhere else.

My fingers curled his dark hair, our kiss saying how much we cared. He had on a tank top and boxer shorts. He couldn't sleep naked without me. I had a nightie over my underware, I couldn't either.

I threw his tank to the floor, his boxers were barely off his legs before I had him in my mouth. I love how hard he get's, how I make him moan. Sucking him slow, turning us both on more then we already were.

In between my spread legs, his tongue doing wicked things to me. He holds me down, knowing I'm so close. The only crying out he likes me to do, I do, with the sweetest release.

Our anger, sorrows, drift away, replaced by kissing. Holding one another, I gasp into his mouth. His hardness always takes my breath. Slowly, powerful thrusts, into me. I hold him to me, my legs wrapping around. Harder he loves me, tears of pleasure fill my eyes. He kisses them.

He can't hold me down here, my body meets his. Our tempo is perfect. Faster, in and out, back in. My flame is white hot, blinding me. He knows my moans, my cries, his knees get under my ass, lifting me into his powerful thrusts.

My flame flares white hot, consuming me in it. I fall over into bliss, hearing my cries outside of myself. My cum squirts, little low pressure arcs. The pleasure too great to describe.

He pulls out, I stroke his cock, dripping with my cum. Groaning, his cum squirts, way more pressure then mine. Thick puddles on my breasts, higher, just under my neck. More hot seed on my stomach.

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