Loving My Touch
You always sleep like the dead. A bomb could go off next to you and I swear you wouldn't even hear it. That definitely works in my favor for what I have in mind. I have set everything up exactly how I want it. Now it is time to set my plan into action. I carefully take your one arm and put the restraint on your wrist, I stop waiting for any indication that you are waking up, nothing. I take your other arm and fasten the restraint on that wrist. You stir a little, but now it is too late. I have you exactly how I want you, and knowing what is to come has me feeling very excited. I carefully pull the covers back, exposing your naked body to my hungry gaze.

I start to stroke your soft cock. You stir but stay asleep. I keep stroking and you start to harden. I lean down and take your semi hard dick into my mouth, rubbing my tongue all over and around it. I feel it getting harder and harder in my mouth. Feeling you grow is such a turn on for me, knowing that I did this, that I made you hard gives me a sense of power. I start to slowly suck your cock, your hips start moving in your sleep. I hear a change in your breathing and know you are starting to wake up. That suspicion is confirmed when you moan and say sleepily "I thought I was having a dream that you were giving me a blow job, but now I see and feel that it was no dream. I love your wake up call, my love" and chuckle. "I thought you would" was my reply. I can tell the minute you come fully awake because you go to stretch and your arms won't move much. You smile "what are you doing my love?" I reply "it's a surprise that you are going to love."

I walk to the dresser and grab a bottle of raspberry flavored edible massage oil that has been heating in a bowl of hot water. I pour some into my hand and rub them together. I start at your feet pressing both my thumbs on the underside of your foot rubbing up and out. I rub the bottom of each toe. I kneel down at your feet and touch my tongue to your big toe. I lick it and draw it into my mouth sucking it as if it were your cock,watching you closely to see if you are liking it. You gasp as I start sucking it harder, so it seems that you like it. I give each of your toes the same attention, licking and sucking them. I then do the same with each of the toes on your other foot. Licking off all the flavored oil that I have just massaged on. By the time I am done your cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum. I put more oil into my hands and rub them together, then start rubbing and massaging your one leg, my hands getting very close to your cock but never touching it. Then more oil and I do the same to your other leg, again getting very close to your cock but never touching it.

I walk around the bed till I reach your head, bend down and give you a very passionate kiss, my tongue rubbing against yours. I reach into the bedside table and take out something but you can't see what it is. When our kiss ends, I pull a blindfold over your eyes, saying "this is all you get to see, the rest you only get to feel. I pour more oil into my hands and run them up your inner thighs and keep going until I reach your balls. I take them into my hands rubbing and squeezing, gently tugging and lightly running my nails over them. I bend down and lick the massage oil off of your balls. Then suck first one into my mouth, running my tongue all over it and then give the same treatment to your other one. I put a little more oil in m hand, you can hear me rubbing them together and think you know what I am going to do next. But you will find I am full of surprises today.

You feel the bed shift on each side of your head, then feel a wetness on your lips. You can feel a presence just above your face and the scent of aroused pussy is strong in your nostrils. You stick your tongue out experimentally and there it is, my wet pussy right above your mouth. Your tongue slides into my slit, and you taste the sweetness of my cum. I lower myself a little more so I am sitting on your face, your tongue inside of me like a tiny squirming cock. You are licking, sucking and biting my pussy lips, every so often sticking your tongue into my hot, juicy cunt. I bend down and grab your steel like shaft in my hands and start slowly stroking you, the oil I have on my hands making you slick. With you in my hand, I rub my pussy back and forth on your tongue. Bending down I take your rock hard cock into my mouth, sucking you with abandon, the raspberry oil making your cock like the sweetest of deserts. Your tongue on my clit is driving me crazy, I suck you deep into my throat and keep you buried, your balls against my chin while I lick around the base of your cock and your balls. You suck my clit into your mouth and I let out a long and loud moan around your cock, flooding your mouth with my sweet cum. I feel your cock start to swell and know you are getting close to cumming yourself so I stop.

I move off of you, give you a kiss and tell you "I will be back, I just have to go to the grocery store and run a few errands, I will be back shortly. Don't go anywhere." You say "WHAT! Wait, you can't leave me tied and blindfolded like this." I chuckle and tell you "I was only messing with you, I will be right back babe." You hear the door to the bedroom open and close. You lay there wondering why I have left you and what more I have in store for you. A few minutes later you hear the door open and close and then a rustling. You feel my tongue licking your cock and lips wrapping around your head sucking you into my mouth. Then you feel my lips on yours, kissing you. Your body jerks in surprise, and then without skipping a beat, being your usual smart ass self say "that other set of lips better belong to a woman." Both me and the other woman laugh and I tell you "of course it is babe." She resumes devouring your cock. I am kissing you lustfully, our tongues entwined. Kissing, licking,sucking your neck I leave a hickey as a physical reminder of our threesome. I know each time you see it you will think of our time together. I look down and watch her, happy to see that she gives a good blow job as well. I can tell you are enjoying it too as you are thrusting up into her mouth. I move over and whisper in her ear, she stops.

You wonder what is happening, you don't have long to find out. The bed shifts on each side of your head again and you feel a pussy on your lips. You start to lick it, you can tell it's not mine as the taste is different. But it is good as well and you start eating her pussy. Licking, sucking, nibbling on her lips and she is loving it. I can tell from her breathing and the way that she is moaning that you have her close to cumming. I bend down and take your cock into my mouth and start sucking you. I reach down and grab your balls squeezing them in my hand as my mouth moves up and down your shaft. The more excited I get the faster and harder I suck. And I am getting very excited listening to her moaning and gasping as your tongue works feverishly on her pussy. She lets out a very loud moan and is rubbing her pussy back and forth on your mouth almost sobbing with pleasure, she floods your mouth with her cum and some even drips down your chin, which I can see from where I am. I start sucking you even faster, desperately wanting to taste your cum. You are lapping at her pussy trying to lick up all of her juices. I feel your cock swell and you thrust up into my mouth hard and with a long drawn out groan you explode, filling my mouth with your spunk, I can feel you pulsating with each squirt you give me and I am swallowing quickly not wanting to miss a drop. When you are finished cumming I lick your cock clean. She climbs off your face and gives you a kiss, tasting her own cum on your lips. She looks at me and whispers "why did you make him cum?" She obviously thinks the fun is over. I tell her "don't worry, he can go at least another round, maybe more."

You feel a tongue on each side of your cock. We lick up your cock, each of us staying on our own side until we meet at the top. When we get to the top of your cock our tongues collide and we both lick all over your head. Our tongues touching one another's as well and we kiss. We keep going this way until you are fully hard again. Once you are hard she gets on top of you. Since she is a guest she gets to go first. I grab a hold of your cock and rub it back and forth on her slit, making sure to rub against her clit as well. I can see her getting wetter and wetter, her juices starting to get all over the head of your dick. The next time when you are positioned just right, I put your cock at the opening and she pushes down, sliding onto your cock slowly. I see inch after inch of you disappearing into her cunt until you are buried deep inside of her and I can no longer see you. What an incredibly hot sight! I come to you and kiss you lustfully, I am so turned on by what I just saw. I whisper in your ear how much I want you and love you, and then I tell you that while she is riding you I am going to play with and suck her nipples and kiss her, you moan at this. Then you feel my nipple against your lips, you draw it into your mouth licking, sucking and biting it. I don't stay there long though as I want to do the same to our beautiful guest. She is riding your cock, her head thrown back and back arched. Her hands are braced behind her on your thighs, making her breasts stand out even more, begging for attention. I watch for a few minutes, her full breasts bouncing up and down. She is not as busty as I am, but not much smaller, and watching her is getting me even more excited.

I am standing beside the bed which is just the perfect height to play some with her. I lean in and kiss her, it starts kind of hesitantly as I am not in the habit of kissing women but soon the kisses grow bolder and more passionate. She is kissing me back lustfully as she continues to ride your cock. I reach out and cup her breast, rubbing my thumb over her hard nipples. I lean down and draw it into my mouth, she gasps. I suck, lick and nibble on her pebbled nipples,I know from personal experience how good this feels. She starts moving up and down on you faster and faster, her breathing is getting heavier and she starts to moan then screams and I watch as her cum flows out from around your cock and down your balls. She is obviously a squirter, but of course with your cock inside of her it just flows out of her. She keeps sliding up and down your cock until her orgasm subsides and she starts to calm a tiny bit. She bends down and gives you a kiss.

Then it is my turn. I am so excited from watching the two of you that I know I am not going to last long before I orgasm. I get on top of you and just like I did to her, she grabs your cock and rubs it up and down my slit and against my clit. I am so close and it feels so good that I explode into orgasm before you are even inside of me. She sees what is happening and shoves you into my pussy while I am still spasming, and I take you fully into me until I feel your balls against my ass. You can feel my pussy squeezing and contracting on your cock. You start thrusting up into me prolonging my orgasm. When it subsides I keep moving on your cock but I bend down to hold you close against me giving you a soulful kiss that seems to last forever. I sit up and start riding you harder and faster. She grabs a hold of my hair and pulls my head back for a deep passionate kiss. By the time she is finished I am breathless. She starts playing with my nipples, her touch is rougher than mine as we have talked about what we like ahead of time and she knows what gets me excited. She is pinching my nipples, softer at first but getting harder and harder. The harder she pinches the harder I slam down onto your cock. I am moaning almost constantly, the fucking that I am getting from you combined with her playing so roughly with my tits is filling me with lust. I say to you "when you're getting ready to cum tell me." I keep slamming down onto your cock and you are lifting your hips up to meet me, you can feel my muscles tightening around you. One more time I bury your cock deep inside me and I explode, screaming, my inner muscles tightening like a vise around your cock. I ride you until the waves of sensations subside. I climb off of you, my cum coats your cock and balls.

We both sit on each side of you. I start stroking your cock using my cum as lube. She and I take turns stroking you getting faster and faster. You are in my hand and tell me you are going to cum. We both get our tits down by your cock and I keep stroking you, pointing your cock towards our tits. I feel you swell in my hand and with a loud groan you start to cum. Your spray hits my tits first then I move your cock to get hers as well. You have quite alot of cum to give us, which I am happy about. When I have wrung every last drop out of you, I lick your cock clean. We then lick and suck all of your cum off of each others tits. I tell you what we are doing and you moan. I can just imagine the visual in your head.

She comes and gives you a kiss. You hear a rustling, then you hear her and I kiss and the door opening and closing. After she is gone I take off the blindfold and unfasten your wrists from the bed. You pull me into your arms and hold me close. I ask if you enjoyed yourself and you said, "of course I did, but one thing I am curious about, why did she never talk?" I reply, "like most of my friends, she is married and did not want you to see or hear her in case anything in your demeanor changed towards her, tipping her husband off. We also thought it might be fun to see if you could tell the difference between us." You told me "I could always tell the difference." I ask how. And you tell me "after all this time that we have been together I know and love your touch." We kiss and cuddle up together drifting back to sleep in each others arms.
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