We have been playing this game for a long time and I am ready...past ready for what I am going to make happen today.

Finally lunchtime arrives, in he walks and takes a seat across from my desk in one of my visitor's chairs. I get up and walk around the desk, shut the door, lock it, and then reach over and turn the blinds so no one will interrupt our lunch visit. Today I am wearing a tight black skirt, low-cut clinging shirt that emphasizes my breasts, and heels that make the most of my toned legs...needless to say I chose my wardrobe very carefully this morning. I sit down next to him in the other visitor's chair. I turn it a little bit towards him and ask, "how are you?"

"Feeling much better," he says.

I cross my bare legs toward him slowly, and notice he is staring at them. "Good. You know how much I miss you when we don't get to see each other," I say with a smile on my face.

"I miss you too," he admits as he finally looks up from my legs.

I wonder if he realizes that I am about to push our friendship to a new level today. We have spent almost every day since we met fighting our attraction. We both have significant others and calling either of our respective relationships rocky is a mild description. We have spent a lot of time being naughty by text but we know that once we cross that physical line...there is no turning back. Well today I am crossing it and I don't want to turn back.

I reach over and touch his arm lightly, running a fingertip down to his hand. He flips his hand over and our fingers entwine. I lean forward and put my other hand on his knee slowly sliding it up his firm thigh. I watch him closely and all he can do is concentrate on my hand on his leg. I notice that he is breathing a little harder.

"Do you like that?" I ask.

"Yeah," as he looks up into my eyes.

"Do you want to play?"

He asks, "do you?"

"I have been wanting to play for a long time, but you know that. I have never been shy about admitting it," I say.

"What did you have in mind?" he asks.

"Mmmmmm....lots of fun of course. Are you up for it?" I ask.

"Definitely, how do you want to start the fun?" he replies.

" about I tell you what I am going to do to you first, but....while I do that, I want to watch you touch yourself, watch you get hard. Then I want you to tell me what you are going to do to me. I will touch myself, my breasts, my pussy, imagining it was you and your hands all over me."

"Oh damn, when do we start?" he laughs.

"Right now sweetie," I say. "Turn your chair so we can watch each other. Now I want you to unbutton your shirt and open it up for me. Also, undo your pants and pull yourself out...I want to see you stroke your cock while I talk. Close your eyes and imagine me playing with your nipples while I am kissing you slowly, my tongue following the shape of your lips, slipping inside your mouth so I can taste you. Then our tongues meet, slide around each other, I gently suck on yours, drawing it into my mouth. I love kissing so that could last awhile. Then I am going to run my tongue along your jaw to your ear, sucking on your earlobe lightly. Mmmmm....your nipples are getting hard as I pinch them gently and twist them between my fingers. Now my tongue is running down the side of your neck, I am taking little nips along the way and soothing them with my tongue and soft kisses. I love licking and kissing my way along your collarbone to the spot at the base of your neck. How do your like it so far?"

"Want to feel you actually touch me, kiss me. I am already hard thinking about it."

"Oh I see you are hard. Fuck, your cock is beautiful! Pictures on my phone don't even come close," I groan as he continues moving his hand up and down his length. "Are you imagining that it is my hand, stroking you, my tongue sliding around the tip? Keep your eyes closed now."

I quickly slide from the chair to my knees and move his hand off his cock. I look up at him and smile as I lean down and touch my tongue to the tip of his cock. I watch his eyes pop open. I slowly swirled my tongue around him, tasting him, watching him as he tips his head back and groans one of those deep, sexy sounds. I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock down to the base and then back up, over and over, getting his whole cock wet with my saliva. Once at the tip again, I wrap my lips around him and slowly take him all into my mouth, stopping when he hit the back of my throat. I just held him there for a moment sucking lightly, moving my tongue. His hand was in my hair now, I knew he wants to be deeper so little by little I push on until he is all in my mouth. Then I start moving my lips up and down him, slurping on him as I move faster and faster. I watch him throw his head back and groan even louder. I reach up and start massaging his balls with my other hand. I could feel him getting larger and harder if that was possible.

"Fuck...I am cumming," he groans.

I take him as deep as I can in my mouth as he blows his load. I swallow most of it but I could feel some of his cum dripping out of the corner of my mouth as I slowly pull my head back. I use my tongue to lap it up and then proceeded to clean his cock off completely.

"You taste soo good sweetie," I comment as I look at him. His eyes are half-closed and I don't think I have ever seen him look so relaxed.

He laughs softly, "Fuck hun, I haven't cum that hard in a long time. You give wonderful head."

I smiled softly, "I don't believe you, I am sure SHE makes you cum that hard too. And yes...I do give wonderful head, too bad it took months to get to that huh?"

"SHE hasn't made me cum like that in a long time. Haven't even wanted to be touched by her...other things on my mind. Is it my turn yet?" he asks quickly.

"I suppose it's your turn," I said as I slid back up into my chair. I slowly kicked off my 4 inch heels, slid my skirt up just enough so that I could put a foot on either side of his legs on his chair.

He looked down at my feet and said, "Blue? You know how fucking much I love blue nail polish."

I laughed, "of course I do. Planned it just for you baby. Wanna see what else is blue?" I slowly began unbuttoning my shirt.

"What else is blue?" he asked.

"First tell me what you want to do to me." I had three buttons undone and knew he could see the swell of my DD breasts over the top of my bra. I paused on the next button, waiting for him to start.

"I am gonna stand behind you while you have your hair up all sexy like it is right now. And I am going to put my hands around your waist and pull you back against me. I am going to slowly kiss and lick the back of your neck, nibble on that spot right where your neck and shoulder meet until I feel you shiver against me," he said.

"Mmmmm...keep going." I said as I rub my hands over my breasts.

"I am going to slide my hands up until they can finish unbuttoning your shirt and then slide my hands up under your breasts, holding them so that my thumbs can draw circles over your nipples until they feel like rocks. Meanwhile, I am grinding my hard cock against your tight ass."

I close my eyes for a second while I feel my nipples do exactly what he described, imagining how hard his cock feels against me. I gave him a few more buttons on my shirt.

"Blue lacy bra, and it matches your toes...fuck that's hot," he groans.

I wink at him, "you have no idea how hot I really am." I slid my hands down over my breasts, down my body to the bottom of my hiked up skirt. I slid them back up bringing my skirt with them. As my ass wriggles in the chair he gets a view of the matching lace undies that I have on. "I am so wet right now that I bet I need to clean the chair after this little escapade."

"I want a taste of you now," he says. "Fucking electric blue panties too."

I chuckle as I watch him stand up and push his chair back a little. Then he drops to his knees in front of me, grabs my legs and slowly slides his hands up both of my thighs. He finishes pushing my skirt up so he can grab either side of my panties and pulls them down my legs and tosses them to the side. I groan as he takes one leg and drapes it over his shoulder. Then he does the same with the other which leaves me wide open for him to look at my trimmed pussy.

"Are you excited hun?" he asks.

"I am so fucking wet I am dripping so that question is a little unnecessary," I moan. "Just fucking touch me...please," I add.

Slowly he brings one of his hands to my pussy and lightly runs it up and down my slit, spreading my pussy juices all over. I can't help but squirm as I want him to touch me harder, to rub on my swollen clit.

"More," I beg.

He leans down and blows lightly on me, the sensation of the cool air on my hot pussy was enough to make me moan. I watched him inhale, breathing in my scent. It was so exciting watching him, I knew that one touch was going to make me cum and I wasn't wrong.

When his tongue found it's way on to my clit I felt my first orgasm take hold and I groaned, "that is one."

He looked up and asked, "one?"

I laughed, "yes first orgasm, now I want another so get to work darling."

He took me seriously and I felt his tongue slowly and thoroughly wrap itself around my clit and he gently starts sucking on me. I groan as he tips my hips up so he could run his tongue up and down my slit between my clit and my pussy. He stuck his tongue deep in my pussy lapping up my wetness. "You are so fucking sweet tasting," he says. He goes back to licking and sucking on my clit as he puts one of his thick fingers deep in my pussy.

"Damn, I knew you would be awesome at that," I groaned.

Then I feel him slide in another finger and he is curling them up inside of me hitting my g-spot. I feel myself buck up against him as he flicks his tongue on my clit faster and keeps the same rhythm up with his fingers inside of my pussy. I put a hand over my mouth to keep myself from screaming, work is not the place to scream when you are being tongue-fucked by your fellow employee.

"I am cumming baby," I say behind my hand. I feel my pussy start to tighten and then he pulls his fingers out and replaces them with his tongue as I shoot my pussy juices right into his mouth. He sucks and licks on my pussy until I am all clean, just like I did for him.

He looks at me and smiles, "was that what you had in mind when you wanted to play?"

"Fuck yeah it is," I reply. I look at him as he stands up. "But, I don't think we are quite done yet. You are hard again and I want to feel your cock buried deep in my pussy."

He pulls me up off the chair and pushes me back onto my desk. "Good thing I cleared my desk off before lunch," I laugh.

He climbs up on top of me and the desk and slides his cock right into me. "Mmmmhmmm...a very good thing," he mumbles as he starts kissing me deeply.

I kissed him back, getting more excited with every hard thrust of his cock. I loved the taste of myself in his mouth, I loved the feel of his chest against mine. I ran my hands over his back and grabbed his ass pulling him deeper into me. "Harder baby...harder," I moan.

"Oooohhh fuck," he cried out. "I am cumming again."

I felt his load of cum explode deep in me, which sent me over the edge. I came so hard on his cock that I couldn't help it when I cried out loudly.

We both just laid there for a few minutes, totally spent and not wanting to move. I looked up into his face and with a grin said, "thank you for lunch."
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