Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife
Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife
Don Abdul ©2010

Lynda Fox was born and raised in a small suburban college town. Her mum was a nurse and her dad was a college teacher, so she was raised in a typical middle class family.

She was very inquisitive as a child and did especially well at Geography which was her favorite subject. Although she was one of those kids at school who didn't really know what they wanted to do when they finished school, her interest in Geography later developed into a passion for travelling and interacting with foreign cultures in far flung corners of the world.

She therefore went to college and graduated with a degree in anthropology and modern European languages. Through a dint of hard work and determination, she became fluent in French, German and Russian.

At the end of her studies, she took a part time as an interpreter and was soon posted to Paris. "Life works in a mysterious way" as the saying goes; after only working as a translator in Paris for a year, a friend dared her to send a small portfolio of her pictures to a glossy magazine and so she inadvertently ended up being a successful Page 3 model.

A row ensued with her employers over the inappropriate "Page 3 affair" and she resigned. A year later she had teamed up with a rather hard working and even harder playing French couple who supported her in setting up an upscale escort service. As she herself continued to feature in a number of modeling campaigns, the publicity did her business a world of good. Many of her girls also did modeling jobs which she arranged and got a commission on.

Her business soon had her travelling around a lot, especially in Europe but also around the world. Everywhere she went, people commented on her hot, shapely legs and very pretty feet; Lynda most certainly used her best assets to get things done. That worked out for her perfectly too as it addresses her one big problem, a very high sex drive and a taste for new sexual adventures. Wherever the winds of business blew her Lynda loved to sample the local flesh, both hard and throbbing as well as soft wet and hot. She just had to satisfy voracious sexual appetite!


Matrimony beckoned on Lynda when her friends, the French couple introduced her to an American business man. Lynda had initially thought it absurd; believing nothing good would come of the match as Andrew was a 65 year old workaholic businessman and widower. But as she got to know him better she realized he might indeed be useful to her, and perhaps even a perfect match for her lifestyle.

As their relationship blossomed mostly through phone calls and connecting during short business trips to Paris, or abroad, Andrew made it known to her that he needed a smart, very beautiful woman to help him entertain and flaunt his wealth. He needed a trophy wife, and he was willing to cough out whatever it would cost.

On her own part Lynda had one condition; she would continue to run her own business as their joint schedule permitted. Andrew being a chauvinist didn't quite like it, but he eventually accepted her terms. They popped champagne later that night and set the date for a spring wedding; and so Lynda Fox at 25, found a husband who kept her in a lifestyle she had become quite accustomed to, and even broadened her reach as far as her desire to sample exotic sexual flavors was concerned.


It worked perfectly for Andrew, his new wife was an attractive, articulate twenty-five year old, with a great figure and a bit of class, all of which he flaunted at corporate events.

He was a very wealthy man, and he was very generous with it too. He never complained about what she spent on clothes and those essential items that women needed to buy, and Lynda loved spending other people's money. He kept his wife comfortable with his nice pent house apartment, home in suburbia and classy sports cars and other trappings, except the one thing she craved most, sex.

Lynda also quickly discovered that not only was Andrew an inordinately greedy man and ruthless husband whom she realized cared for no one but himself, but he was also a jealous husband.

He changed after their first year together. Although they still enjoyed the luxury lifestyle together: the business trips, the parties, the corporate events, sex had become a rarity, and what there was of it had become more of a chore to Andrew rather than a pleasure.

Lynda tried to take the edge off her frustrations at first by launching herself head long into her work, but sex was as essential as the air that she breathed. The men (and even the women) at the parties didn't make things any easier, they liked to chat her up and flirt. She was usually the youngest and most attractive wife there, and of course, since Andrew was often locked up in shop talk with his associates and ignored her most evening, Lynda would encourage and play up to them especially after a few glasses of wine.


Lynda's first act of infidelity occurred right under the nose of her jealous grumpy old man. It was at a party, and as she had done many times before, she sneaked out for a quiet cigarette. To her amazement someone else had the same idea.

When he got closer she realized it was the same good looking Italian man who had winked and flirted with her using only his sexy dark eyes all evening. She had also admired him earlier on at the party too, so as they stood there dragging on their cigarettes, Lynda started a conversation.

He looked anxiously over his shoulder towards the party, he seemed anxious and eager to get back to his wife, but she wanted him to stay. She had teased with her eyes earlier and she was feeling so horny at that point she didn't want to end up with his business card and phone number. No, she wanted him right there and then.

Teasing him with her sexy stocking tops, she made it clear that she wasn't wearing any panties. She placed her three inch heel up on a railing and her sexy silken stockingned thigh slipped through the long split in her evening dress. She swept the dress a little higher and gave him a glimpse of her bare pubis.

She could see his cock rising as he was turned on; soon he was confessing to having erotic fantasies about her since he first saw her at a corporate even three weeks earlier. He even told her he thought about her even when he was fucking his wife. That got Lynda's cunt abuzz with desire, she so horny that slipped her gloved finger into her pussy, watching him loving it and begging her with his eyes to add a second finger into her wet cunt.

"You want me to add another finger don't you?" she asked him in a sexy whisper. The Italian hunk nodded slowly never taking his eyes away from hers.

"Well in that case why don't you do the honors?" she said as she stepped closer to him gently pushing him deeper into the shadows. She took his big manly hands and guided it to her wetness, and she moaned softly when his big finger penetrated her pussy.

"Mmmm!" she moaned as she back into him grinding her round per ass into his tortured erection as she humped his finger. It was all so awkward because they were both fully clothed, yet it was so exciting too. As her ass began to buck wilding against his crotch, he started to thumb her clit as well, and in no time at all that sent her over the edge and she orgasmed all over his hand.

She quickly fixed her dress and then licked her own juices of his fingers too. Only then did she accept his card. His name was Giovanni Valachi. They soon afterwards rejoined the party separately so not to arouse suspicion of their spouses.

Andrew never even realized she was gone, I could have fucked the guy's brains out all evening and I doubt he'd ever notice I was gone,' she thought angrily.

Lynda fantasized about visiting Giovanni in the office and fucking his brains out at work; before she could act on her growing lust and call him however, Andrew announced they were leaving for the Caribbean on a working vacation.

Not wanting to miss out on the Italian experience all together, she called Giovanni and told him how much she had enjoyed their brief encounter at the party the other day. By the time their conversation ended, they had agreed to get together when she returned from her trip. With that commitment made, Lynda felt so happy she had fresh fuel for her fantasies.

To be continued....
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