Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife 4
Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 4)

Don Abdul (c)2010

It had been a couple of weeks since Lynda returned from her Caribbean vacation, and although the memories of her Caribbean Double Chocolate Dip' kept her usually voracious sexual appetite in check for a while, libido was on the rise again. The dull ache in her loins was once again becoming unbearably distracting. She was rather surprised that it had taken so long for the sexual monster inside of her to stir again, but then she had been really busy sorting out her business.

She quickly glanced at her desk clock, and scribbled a note to self' on her blotter; it said simply, "Set up interviews for a competent and interesting Personal Assistant; someone to organize my schedule and manage the office."

Opening her purse, she extracted Giovanni's card and smiled rather mischievously as she reminisced about their brief encounter at the corporate do just before her trip. She felt her tingling pussy getting moist as she began to dial his number on her phone. She paused for a moment and then looked at the clock again, it was 3:30 pm and the devil inside her thought it would be much more fun to surprise him by just turning up at his office unannounced.

"There's a Mrs. Bigg here to see you sir," Giovanni's secretary came through on the intercom. There was a momentary silence as recognition if the name eluded him, and then suddenly he whispered under his breath, "Could it really be her?"

"Pardon me sir?" His secretary sort clarification, and thus snapped his mind back to the moment. "Um... please let her through. Giovanni quickly rose from his place behind his desk and walked briskly towards the door to meet and greet his guest. When she was shown into his office however, he wasn't prepared for the sexy bombshell that smiled rather effusively at him. It took all of his will power to restrain him from whistling in deference to her lust inspiring beauty.

"Would you be needing anything else sir?" His secretary asked with a concealed touch of jealousy in her voice. Glancing quickly at the clock on his wall, Giovanni responded in the negative adding that she could close for the day, and promptly returned his attention to Lynda who had struck a rather revealing pose not a few feet away from him.

Her right foot was out in front with her left one somewhat behind it in a slightly open legged stance which showed off her nice fit calves and sexy hot legs. Her three inch heels enhanced the fullness of her round pert ass and complemented her short pleated sexy skirt which showed a bit more of her silken cream thighs than required to make a man hard.

Unbeknownst to him that he had been starring, Giovanni's eyes lingered at her skirt as if he was figuring out how best to strip it off her with his eyes only. With her beautiful exposed arms akimbo courtesy of her sleeveless scarlet silk blouse which showed off her slim waist line, Lynda's gorgeous 36 C breasts gave a rather glowing account of themselves through the partly unbuttoned front of her blouse. Her cleavage had him spellbound even as he finally basked in the dazzling radiance of her sexy smile.

Lynda's sexy eyes appealed directly to Giovanni's heart, bringing his hot Mediterranean blood to boil in no time at all. He felt his manhood swell as he accepted her preferred hand and shook it briefly and then lifted it to his lips for the most delicate kiss. It was as though he feared his hot manly lips might bruise her soft and beautiful skin.

His erection wouldn't let up or be hidden easily, so he quickly returned to his comfort zone behind his desk after urging her to sit on his visitor's seat.

"Do you mind if I sit on the corner of your desk instead? I'll feel more comfortable than sitting on that hard old chair and you will be able to hear my words better," she said in a voice that can only be described as sultry. Without waiting for an answer she perched on the edge of his desk allowing her skirt to slide further up her thighs.

Lynda noticed how Giovanni's eyes widened in lusty anticipation, and she let off a soft throaty laugh, and as he continued to stare at her beautiful legs she slowly began to rub her hand up and down on her bare leg. When he looked up at her face, their eyes met and the mutual lusty passion was unmistakable. She also had a wicked smile on her face. "You are such a hot Italian sex god; and you're making me so hot and needy too." She said in the naughtiest voice, getting right down to their unfinished business.

"I've been thinking about you too, I thought you'd never call..." his voice shaky with anticipation and trailing off as she rubbed her thigh higher. He leaned back in his chair giving her unrestricted view of the huge tent in his pant.

"Mmmmm! What do you know," she said eyeing his erection hungrily.

"Now I know you want to see my pussy and eat it too. So be a good boy and lock that door, we wouldn't be needing any interruption now would we?" she said picking each word to tease him as much as possible.

Lynda watched his tight butt as he hurried off to lock the door, and then she laughed softly as she remembered something. At first she wasn't going to say anything, but the devil on her shoulder urged her on. "Talking about intrusions, it might not exactly be a bad idea if your rather jealous secretary were to walk in on us now would it?"

If she had been expecting some kind of reaction from him, what she got was even more rewarding. Giovanni froze mid stride and turned to face her. He looked quite unsure of how to respond but she noticed rather excitingly that his cock pulsed even more vigorously and his eyes soon clouded over as though he was actually seeing that scenario in his minds eye.

"Oh, so you've been dipping your sausage in her honey pie then uh; you naughty Italian lovable rogue." She scolded playfully as she herself got even hornier. She made a mental note to pursue the subject later. For the moment though, her fires needed to be quenched.

Giovanni rubbed his erection through the fabric of his pants; he had not been so sexually excited in ages. It was as if all his fantasies were about to come true. Lynda suddenly stood up and unzipped her short skirt and let it fall on the carpet, and then she sat back down on his desk completely nude below the waist. At first Giovanni struggled to maintain some measure of control and not to look at her pussy directly but as he strived, she tore through his resolve with her sexy demanding voice.

"Come on, you know you want to look at my pussy," she teased him as she slowly caressed her moist pussy with her long fingers. "You know you want to kiss it, don't you?" she continued this time with a smirk on her face. Giovanni's dry throat produced no sound but he could feel his head nodding up and down of its own volition.

Unable to take her teasing anymore, Giovanni sprang up and swept her off the edge of his desk. Depositing her in his recently vacated chair, he got down on his knees and first licked her juice off her fingers, and then proceeded to start kissing and licking her smoothly shaved wet cunt.

He pelted her with a few kisses as though to establish his desire for her and then he threw fresh fuel in the fires oh lust as he began to favor her cunt with long slow licks starting at the bottom of her pussy and licking his way slowly up to the top. Resisting the building desire to stick his tongue inside her wet tunnel of pleasure, he kept it as wide and flat as he could manage and kept repeating those long slow licks that sent waves of pleasure crashing throughout her sexually charged body.

"Oh yesssssssss!" she cried out in as she exhaled amidst blissful sensation that seized her soul. Her hips began to buck wildly as she humped his. As though that was the signal he had been waiting for, he started fucking her tingling cunt with his long tongue. Lynda moaned and writhed and cried out passionately as he gave a good account of himself by thrusting his tongue in and out of her. He matched her thrust for thrust as he tongue fucked her faster and harder; she cursed out loud as he scratched her itch and touched her in places so deep no man or woman had ever been there.

She moaned out so loud and shivered so violently as she climaxed; alas her sexual cacophony was lost on Giovanni whose head was held in the vice grip of her silken thighs. Even his skin was oblivious to the pains of her nails breaking his skin as she dug them into his shoulder in the throes of her orgasm.

As her tremors receded, she was deeply touched to feel him gently kissing her pussy and lapping up her juices in an apparent show of adoration, this despite his own urgent need for sexual gratification. She admired his thoughtfulness considering that his steely aching hard-on needed some relief.

When she was done licking off her juices, he rose to his feet, cleared away the stuff on his desk, and then once again scooped her up into his arms, and laid her down on his desk. Giovanni hurriedly stripped off his clothes, and then positioned himself in between her legs, spreading them even wider apart. Lynda was feeling really naughty, her arousal was reaching it's peak yet again, and she locked her feet behind his back resting them on his firm muscular butt.

He leaned forward and rubbed his throbbing erection against her wet sex, whiles rubbing her gorgeous breasts and tweaking her erect nipples. Lynda moaned softly as her skin broke out in goose bumps and then she began to hump his turgid cock, rubbing her wetness along his rigid shaft.

Feeling the moment was right; Giovanni reached between their crotches, and guided his throbbing meat pole into her wet, hot and needy cunt. The bulbous head of his cock slid effortlessly past her swollen lips and swam up her river of lust until he was fully embedded inside her. He was excited by the force of her sigh as the air seemed to rush out of her lungs with his penetration of her womanhood, yet in a feat of self restraint he held himself still in her blissfully warm core for a full minute.

Meanwhile, Lynda was hoping he'd hit the ground running but when he decided to hold still deep inside her she tried to make the most of the situation by alternately flexing and relaxing her vaginal walls around his throbbing shaft. His stillness seemed to last for an eternity, and when she couldn't help it any more she began to hump his cock until he got the message, recognizing her desperation for immediate bump and grind.

Giovanni pulled back and almost withdrew his cock from her juicy cunt but just before the head pulled clear of her lips, he drove his long shaft right back into her pussy until his balls pressed tightly against her ridge. "Aghhh yess!" She moaned her encouragement of his emerging rhythm, as he began to thrust faster and harder, fucking her like she wanted.

Looping his arms under her spread legs he lifted her legs onto each shoulder and piled his rock hard cock deeper and harder in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Lynda moaned louder and begged him to fuck her harder. "Oh yes, please fuck me harder, make me your cock slut."

Her dirty talk was turning Giovanni on so much he soon lost himself in the heat and careless abandon of the moment. Maria would never talk dirty in bed, never like this hot slut.' He thought, regretting the conservative attitude of his uptight, mass-going Italian wife.

"Oh, you're so hot! You're such a hot a bitch in heat Lynda!" he whispered almost out of breath as he rammed his manhood in and out of her pussy faster and harder until the desk was shaking under the impact of his thrusts.

"Mmmmm! Make me your bitch Giovanni, tear up my slut cunt.... Yessssssssss." She whispered between moans and gasps of pleasure. Her words threw fresh fuel in the fire of his progressively mushrooming list and the thought of her being married to a business mogul like Andrew Bigg, and yet whoring herself to him turned him on even more.

Sensing that he was close to climax, Lynda begged him to feed her his cum, "I want to eat your cum darling, every single drop of it. As though acceding to her demand, he pulled his cock from her cunt and pulled her off the desk, turning her and bending her over it. He guided his cock into her pussy from behind and fucked her doggy style for another ten minutes before he groaned deeply and announced he was about to cum.

Lynda felt him withdraw his cock from her cunt and quickly spun around and got on her knees as if in worship of his totem pole of manhood. She grabbed his cock and sucked it greedily into her mouth, whilst jerking him off.

"Oh shit!" Giovanni cursed out as he shot his load of copious cum in her mouth. The taste of her cunt juice which had been whipped into a sour sweet cream coating his cock tasted great but when it mixed with the taste of his freshly ejaculated spunk, it tasted so heavenly and she guzzled it all down. She sucked the dribbles of cum from his slightly less hard cock and then licked her cream off of him, giving his cock a tongue bath in the process.

With their clothes still strewn about on the floor, the adulterous lovers retired to the couch and shred a cognac while chilling in each others arms. Lynda was shocked at her response to the man's animal charms. She had come to his office unannounced hoping for a quick after hours tryst, but instead the man turned her pussy inside out and shifted her kidneys in the most torrid sex she has had in ages. Wow!' she thought as she smiled in the progressing darkness of the office.

Giovanni on the other hand was simply amazed at how horny and extremely wayward Lynda was. He knew he should call his wife and give her some reason why he'd be home late, but as he laid on the couch with Lynda in his arms all he could think of was fucking her once more before they both had to get back to their normal lives.


Will he, should he? What would Giovanni do next? Where and to who would Lynda's insatiable appetite for extra marital sex take her nest? Find out when the story continues in Part 5.
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