Lynn and Chelsea's Surprise
I had just turned 18 in September and for my birthday my parents let me take a few of my friends to our cottage house on the lake, unchaperoned. They felt like they could trust me. And being an A student and on the High honor roll and never really disobeying them, I had given them reasons to trust me. I was the youngest of all my friends, Everyone was 18 or older and my 18th birthday was like a coming of age thing for us. So I decided to take Karyn, Chelsea, and Jenna up to the cabin. We were just going to chill and hang out, maybe do a little 4 wheeling. whatever. Nothing was really planned. The drive was about 4 hours from my house and I was driving, Karyn was in the front seat and Chelsea and Jenna were in the back. After the first hour, we decided to play a game of truth or dare. I was the emcee because I was driving but the other 3 were fully involved.

"Karyn, Truth or dare?"

"Mmmm, Truth!"

"Oookay, have you ever made out with another girl?"

She looked thoughtful for a minute. She glanced at the other girls.


"Oh yeah/" came the cheers.

"Okay, Jenna Truth or dare?"

"Dare! Definitely dare!"

"Okay, I dare you to flash the next car we pass."

Jenna giggled and said no problem. She pulled off her shirt with ease and then unsnapped her bra. Her very voluptuous breasts fell forward and I pressed the accelerator down a little more. We were coming up on a car. Jenna pressed her tits to the window and the girls cheered and let out a little whoops. I honked the horn at the car and they honked back.
I couldn't help but stare at Jenna's tits. I had this brief desire to lick her nipples, even though I was not a lesbian. I had a boyfriend and just last night he fucked my brains out. But Jenna's alluring breasts kept my attention.

"Okay, Chelsea, your turn! Truth or dare?"


I thought for a moment. I know, I would try to embarrass Chelsea because she was the shyest of us.

"Have you ever played with yourself and made yourself orgasm?"

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw her turn red. She looked out the window and then said yes in a small voice.

"There's nothing wrong with selfpleasure Chelsea," Karyn said reassuringly.

"That's only because you do it all the time Karyn," I said bantering with her.

"well, some of us have to play with ourselves because we don't have a hot boyfriend to pleasure us with his monstrous cock," she snorted back.

We all laughed and i pulled onto the exit ramp for the cottage. When we got to the cottage, we all lugged our bags inside and unpacked.

"Okay, who wants to go grocery shopping because there is no food in here," Karyn said.

"I think i'm going to stay here and unpack and be lazy," I said. It's my birthday!"

"I'll go with you," exclaimed Jenna. She looked over at Karyn and winked as if they shared some secret.

"Chelsea, you coming or staying?"

"I think I'll stay with Lynn so she's not by herself>"

"Okay, we'll be back in a bit," and they bounded out the door.

Chelsea and I busied ourselves for the next hour and a half cleaning up a bit and unpacking our things. The next thing I know, Karyn and Jenna come bursting through the door with armful's of stuff.

"What did you get?"

"Oh you'll just have to wait and see!" Karyn said teasingly.

"Why don't you and Chelsea go put on some pj's then blindfold yourselves and wait by the door. Knock on the door when you are ready for us to come get you. And Jenna and I will prepare our surprise for you?"

Chelsea and I went to our rooms and put something on. I put on one of my new nighties I had gotten at Victoria Secret. It was sheer black and had spaghetti straps and it helped my B cup tits look like I have cleavage. It fell to about just above my knees so I didn't have to worry about pants or anything. I didn't think that my thong would be showing. I put the blindfold over my eyes and then knocked on the door. Jenna came and escorted me to the couch. She was dressed in a black dominatrix outfit, but I couldn't see her.
She had on fishnets, thigh high boots and a leather corset with her bulging tits spilling out.

Chelsea knocked and Karyn escorted her to the couch next to me. Knowing Chelsea she would be wearing plain pj's or something.

The next thing i knew I was being pushed back to lean my back and kind of slouch down. I felt
Chelsea moving too.
Then Jenna took my hands and brought them above my head. She tied them with something to a post that was behind the couch.

"What the hell?"

Jenna caressed my face and shushed me.

"Happy Birthday Lynn,"she whispered in my ear. And then she kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth and mine darted out to meet hers. I moaned as pleasure that I have never felt spilled over my body. Chelsea gasped as Karyn fondled her tits and rubbed her nipples into hard peaks.

"Ohhh, this is so wrong. I'm not gay but it... ohh, oh, feels so good."

"I know you like it. I'm helping you Chels," Karyn whispered.

Jenna's hands rubbed my body and she run her hands over my already hardened nipples. I arched my back towards her touch and she pressed her mouth to my exposed flesh. I moaned again and i felt her mouth press kisses down my belly and then she parted my legs and began massaging my thighs.

Karyn was now passionately kissing Chelsea and fondling her tits. Jenna was now kissing my thighs and she pushed my nightie over my thighs up to my hips.

She Touched my damp pussy lightly and I shivered with pleasure. She rubbed my clit through my thong and I writhed beneath her touch. She lightly pushed the thin material separating her hand from my body to the side. She ran her finger up and down my naked flesh.

"Ohhhh, Jenna, oh my god, you are making my pussy so fucking wet."

She slide her finger into me and quickly pulled it out, teasing me mercilessly. I moaned again as she brought her finger to my lips. I licked her finger eagerly, my horniness very apparent. She then pulled my thong all the was off and I heard Chelsea cry out in pleasure as Karyn fingered her. Jenna knelt down and parted my legs. She slowly kissed her way up each leg and stopped as she reached my pussy. She first rubbed her nose all over my cunt, my juices running down her face. She then parted my folds of my sweet hole and licked my clit to to bottom. I wriggled my hips around pressing my cunt to her sweet tongue.
She began a slow rhythm with her tongue. Lick up and down, all around, and then fuck me with her tongue. I thought I was going to die. She then started to play with my clit with her right hand as she kept tonguing me. She lapped up my expelling juices and licked me faster. I knew I was close to cumming and she knew it to.
Jenna rammed her tongue deep within me and worked her right hand fast. A few moments later, my orgasm swept through me like a tsunami.
Wave after wave of pleasure swept me away. Jenna drank my sweet nectar like it was a delectable juice. She then took of my blindfold and untied my hands.
She pulled me into a passionate kiss.

I glanced over at Karyn and Chelsea.
Karyn was now sucking on Chelsea tits and playing with her pussy through her pj pants. Jenna looked at me and motioned me to follow her. She pulled me into the other room and pulled out a huge strap- on dildo. It was at least a 10 inch cock with a 3 inch girth.

"This will help Chelsea<" she said. "I want you to fuck her."

I was so horny that I didn't care. I quickly pulled on the strap- on and set to fuck Chelsea's tight pussy. I knew that Chelsea had only had sex with one person and that was her ex. I also knew that the sex wasn't good at all. She said he had a small prick. So tonight Chelsea was going to get her first taste of good sex and with another woman to bet.
Karyn had untied Chelsea and taken off her blindfold and they were making out with each other on the couch. Karyn saw me and scooted over to the left side of the couch. Chelsea looked at me with shock and excitement lining her face. I smiled and leaned in to kiss her. I cradled her face in my hands and we began a duel with our tongues. Karyn and Jenna where on the other side, playing with each other and watching us closely. After kissing Chelsea for a little bit, I slid off the couch onto the floor in front of her and I leaned down to get her wet. It was my first time eating pussy, but I've watched porn a million times before and knew what to do. I first slid my tongue in and out a few times and then I began a rhythm, Just like Jenna did to me. I made sure that I hit her hot spot a few times also. I liked feeling her hips move when my tongue flicked over her button. She moaned and wiggled around.

I then sat up and kissed her, my hand was making sure she was plenty wet, which she was.
I positioned the strap-on at her entrance and lubed it up. I slowly began pushing it in her, watching in amazement as each inch disappeared in her pussy. Karyn and Jenna were on each side of Chelsea and were fondling, sucking, and kissing her. When the whole dildo was inside of her, I slowly began to fuck her.

"Oh my god, oh fuck! That cock is so huge! oh, it feels so good! Oh keep fucking me Lynn!"she cried.

I thew her legs over my shoulders and grabbed onto her hips as I pounded Chelsea's tight pussy with my cock.
Jenna moved off the couch and onto the floor beneath me and began to lick my pussy as I fucked Chelsea. Karyn was now sitting on Chelsea face, forcing her to eat pussy. I thrust harder and deeper into Chelsea until I thought she was going to explode. Her orgasm hit so hard that it shook the couch.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck! Yes, I'm cumming.... oh I'm fucking cumming hard!!!"

After Chelsea's orgasm subsided, I slid the dildo out of her and Jenna began sucking it. Karyn came shortly after Chelsea did and was screaming as her hips rocked over Chelsea's face. Jenna slid the dildo off me and put it on her. She bent me over the table and began to fuck me doggy style. I love doggy style. I always get of fast when i'm fucked like a slut. Jenna rammed the cock into my pussy hard and fast, She knew that's how I liked it.

"You like being fucked like this? Huh? You like when you'r a fucking whore, Don't you?"

"Oh, yes, oh fuck! Fuck me hard! I love it! Ohhhh!!!"

Within minutes my 2nd orgasm swept through my body, leaving me breathless and exhausted. I looked over at Karyn and Chelsea and they were in the 69 position and Karyn had a vibrator shoved in Chelsea's pussy. Jenna pulled the dick from my dripping cunt and took it off. I licked it clean for her and set it aside.
She pulled me into an embrace and kissed me passionately. We turned back to Karyn and Chelsea to see them both cum again. When they were finished we all settled onto the couch to watch some TV. The last thing I can remember before drifting off to sleep was Jenna whispering in my ear, wishing me a happy birthday.

From that day on, we have been best friends. For the last 3 years, it has been a tradition to go up to the cottage on each of our birthdays. We always love when one of our birthdays roll around, because we know that it's a chance for the 4 of us to get away for a lust filled, sexy, all girls weekend.

The End

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