MILF Exposed
Mrs Wilkins is here to share with us a few items which we might use for the raffle, Mrs Wilkins?' Mary Wilkins was the 53 year wife of the head of the computer laboratories in the college, Ben Wilkins. She was well known in the college and often supported events. In this case she wasn't quite sure what items they meant, for some reason she felt a little confused, she shouldn't have had that cup of coffee as she only drank decaffeinated and she wasn't sure that it had been. Actually it had tasted a little alcoholic but that was silly, it had been nice though. Mrs Wilkins was always very popular with the students, especially the young men. She was referred to as the departmental MILF', a reference which had not gone unnoticed by her husband. He had been quick to tell her because he knew she would be flattered and because he knew her well enough to realise that she would respond in a way that would benefit him in the bedroom. Although they weren't swingers', that just wasn't something that a college tutor could afford to risk, they did have an active sex life which featured toys and porn and fantasy role playing. He particularly enjoyed wife sharing fantasies and the idea that young men were fantasising over his still very attractive middle aged wife was extremely stimulating and was an idea that they had discussed many times.
This evening Mr Wilkins had gone to a meeting of the heads of department and on the way had ferried his wife to this workshop which was being held by the young men from his department. They were raising funds for a project, but she still wasn't quite sure what the project was about even though it had been being discussed for the last hour. The idea of a raffle seemed uninspired and, she thought, out of place amongst the technology around the hall they were using for the workshop, mainly camera so she guessed it was some kind of photography project. The young man who had announced her over the surround speakers was waiting on the small stage, a raised platform which reminded her of her days as headmistress of...somewhere but she couldn't recall the odd...
Because they were videoing and photographing the workshop, the lights were very bright, she couldn't quite make out the words on the aide memoir she had been handed when she had ascended the short flight of steps, the letters seemed to be changing, marching like little stick men across the page. She shook her head and fought to focus. Thank you Mrs Wilkins' said the young man, he spoke into the microphone and seemed to be talking into a camera, one of the several arranged around the stage. Mrs Wilkins has also agreed to be our model tonight' he announced to tumultuous applause and some yelling and, the newly appointed model thought, unusually disorderly behaviour. So, to begin', said the young man, how much do I hear for the first item, a crisp white Classic Collar Turn Up Sleeve Woven Blouse, usually £12.99 from M&S, though this one is second hand I'm sure you will agree it's worth a little more tonight?' There was a wave of raucous laughter from the audience. That's odd', she thought, there seemed to be a lot more young men in the workshop than she had expected. But then she didn't really know how many students were in her husband's department's classes. There were various offers shouted out, but her mind had wandered again and she didn't hear the amount which was held or who had won the bid as the young man shouted gone, sold to....', she watched dispassionately as the young man undid the buttons of her blouse and her bra was revealed, she was glad it was a warm night, or at least they seemed to have the heating on very high in the hall. She gladly lowered her arms and allowed the blouse to be slipped off and watched it fluttering out over the whooping and clapping crowd, many hands reaching out for it. It seemed to come apart very easily when it was pulled from several different directions at once. The winner of the bid would be disappointed, she thought. The young man was speaking again. I'm sure that you all appreciate the wonderful contribution being made by Mrs Wilkins', her name was met with loud clapping and whoops of appreciation, how nice' she thought, she had always liked her husband's students, though she didn't recognise many here tonight, they seemed older nowadays too. One or two appeared to be middle aged, she shook her head, silly, they must be tutors', she thought. So now, let's get on with it', cries of yes stop talking and get on with it' and out of place abusive language, shouts of show us her tits' and strip her', obviously some hecklers and very rude ones at that, she thought she would mention to her husband later that some non-students might have got into the hall. How much will you give for this high waist pencil skirt in black? This is also M&S and I think it's usually retailed at £29.99, so let's have some more reasonable offers this time, at least to kick off!'. It occurred to her, as someone fumbled with the clasp of her skirt, that this was actually an auction not a raffle, she was about to mention it when she was distracted by the rasp of a zip and she felt her skirt pulled and then fall in dreamlike slow motion. She made a half-hearted attempt to stop it but found herself gazing down at her nylon clad legs past black panties and suspender belt. She automatically stepped out of the skirt pooled at her feet and it was immediately whisked away over the audience to follow the fate of her blouse. The audience whooped and applauded at the voluptuous sexy middle aged woman standing unashamedly in her underwear at the front centre of the stage, this was what they had been told to expect yet none of them had believed it could actually happen. Students and tutors alike cheered and shouted and cameras flashed and whirred as they captured the show. Ok everyone calm down please, we have more items which must go', an announcement which received an even noisier response than before. Now, to recap on what is on offer, Mrs Wilkins is modelling for us a Cotton Rich Padded Underwired Bra, retailing from M&S as a two pack for £16', there were more cheers and more shouts of show us her tits'. The stockings are autograph back seam and they are supported by an autograph rose lace suspender belt. This set would retail at £9.50 for the stockings and £12.00 for the suspender belt' and I'd just like to say that I think she is modelling them beautifully don't you?' a question which was answered with huge cheers and applause and some very obscene suggestions were shouted out. Mrs Wilkins actually felt a little embarrassed and exposed for the first time, but a little excited too. This was quite a dream, she thought, quite stimulating! So what should go next' asked the young man of the crowd. This was met with shouts of everything' and strip her now' but there was little doubt that the loudest call was for the panties. Ok, I hear you! Sorry I forgot to mention those', shouts of shame' and sack him!' Mrs Wilkins is modelling a gorgeous autograph low rise rose lace thong. Let's have a look at the back too Mrs Wilkins'. He tugged her arm and she allowed him to turn her back to the audience, her buttocks were round and full and split by the black thong and the tumultuous reaction of the crowded hall caused a surge of excitement to pass through her as she thought, that was for me!'. She was turned all the way back to face the appreciative audience and she found herself smiling, she was beginning to enjoy this exposure!
But this new excitement turned to humiliation as the young man's hands slipped around her from behind, his fingers hooked into the cups of her bra and he pulled it down, completely exposing her breasts! She looked down and saw her nipples were obscenely erect, her body revealing her unwilling but undeniable sexual arousal that had no place in public and in front of all these men, most young enough to be her sons. Her wrists were grabbed and she was restrained as she sought to cover herself. She felt her bra unhooked, dragged off and tossed into the sea of upturned, leering faces. Two others had joined the young man on the stage and she immediately recognised them as her husband's colleagues, tutors not students. She realised in horror that someone was dragging her panties down and she could do nothing to stop them, down over her hips and thighs, over her knees and then strong hands lifted one foot then the other. Her shoes fell off as the panties were pulled over them. A wave of humiliation washed over her as she realised that she had been publically stripped. Except for stockings and suspenders she was now absolutely exposed in a state of heightened sexual arousal to the hungry eyes of dozens, probably hundreds of students and, she realised with a jolt, most of the male teaching staff. For the moment, the fact that this purported to be a photographic project had not crossed her muddled mind. She found herself being lifted and carried by strong arms and placed on the open mattress of a classic framed bed which had appeared on the stage, she was laid flat on the mattress and then her knees were pulled up and her feet parted. Her ankles and wrists were being bound lightly but irresistibly with black satin strips to posts on four corners. On a monitor screen positioned near to her head she saw the image from a camera placed so that it pointed along her body between her legs, she saw her own pussy edged with short neatly trimmed hair, the slit glistening wetly, lips puffy and engorged, her breasts lying flat to left and right, her nipples still erect and the side of her face looking at the monitor. She looked incredibly obscene and aroused, her body was betraying her and had turned her into a slut and this is how she would be perceived. She seemed to be coming out of an almost trance like state and with clarity came an incredible surge of humiliation and, she realised, sexual excitement. This was one of the fantasies she and her husband had enjoyed, but this was real and yet, it was not complete. In their fantasy she would not be alone on the bed and those men who had climbed onto the stage from the audience and seemed to be handing over tickets would probably have a part to play....

The man now approaching the bed, she could see him approaching from the foot of the bed between her feet, was not one of the young students. He was grey haired and thinning on top she saw; he had his head downward as he crawled onto the mattress. She felt his breath, hot between her legs and then wetness and...mmm a surge of pleasure. He was licking her and it was with the expertise that comes of maturity, she turned her head and watched on the monitor, which aroused her further despite yet another surge of humiliation when she recognised him. He was the caretaker old Jim, the pensioner who continued to work part time at the college. She closed her eyes and lifted her thighs to meet his probing tongue, groaning in ecstatic abandonment and shuddering uncontrollably. She felt another mouth on her left nipple and yet another on her right. Opening her eyes she saw Mr Bartlett and Mr Timothy, both tutors in her husband's department enjoying her naked breasts and stimulating her nipples with their tongues. When Bartlett looked across at Timothy and winked, Timothy lapped across her nipple and said, as if she weren't even there, Wilkins certainly has one hot slut at home, I can't wait to feel my cock sliding into this bitches cunt'. Bartlett laughed, I think the first fuck is going to belong to old Jim!'.
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