Last Valentine's Day I was in Miami on business. Wondering what to take home to surprise my wife, I looked In the window of the hotel's boutique. Begging me to buy it, was a short, bright yellow dress. It was easy to imagine it on Jana, my beautiful, sexy wife. I had to have it and told the clerk to gift wrap it.

The minute I got home I gave it to her. She loved it, and said she couldn't wait to wear it. Later that night, she insisted on modeling it for me. It didn't look just good--it looked great! But we both agreed, there was no way, she was going to wear that dress, anywhere, and not in our conservative little town. But then it hit me.

"God Damn, Jana, the dress will be ideal for our New Year's cruise--that's the place for it--at night when we are all are partying and dancing."

Before we knew it, the time had come for our annual cruise. The first things we packed were the yellow dress along with my tux. We looked forward to getting out of town. This time, a little business, was going to be mixed in. But we didn't care. A few lectures here and there were nothing, compared to our recent hectic work schedule.

Once on our cruise ship, we discovered that every day, for a few hours, we were scheduled to be in meetings on the main deck's lecture hall. It was there, that it soon became obvious to me, that my wife Jana had the hots for the lecturing professor. I could see he had his eye on her, as well.

The first night we dressed for dinner, we ended up out on the dance floor, the time had come. And, OMFG--what a hit! The transparency of the dress, combined with her wearing a yellow bra and thong, was over the top. Soon, she was dancing with every man on the floor. Finally, on the dance floor, she met up with the professor. It was obvious from the way he looked at her, she turned him on.

We found out he came from Seattle, and his name was Paul. Somehow, he had left his girl friend behind, and had come on the cruise with his friend Jim. Jim who was also from Seattle. He was a forty-five year old, single and successful restaurant chain owner, and just as nice as Paul.

Jana flirted with both of them and then sat a bit, to chat. Paul ordered her a Martini, her favorite drink and the one she loves the most. She was already loaded when we joined them, so it didn't take much encouragement for her to get playful. Before long, I heard him ask her to stand up--so he could see her outfit--what his eyes landed on, really turned his crank.

The lecture coordinator was sitting around--an old, ugly single skinny woman. She didn't like what she saw. But she was our host, and he was our lecturer, so nothing was said, and it all passed. That is until Jana came and told me about the details I hadn't seen. Of course, I loved it.

"'Come with me," I said, "Be at tomorrow morning's lecture. I want you to moon him."

So the next day, she snuck in the very back of the auditorium, where it's the highest level behind every one. And while he was lecturing, she did indeed, turn around and moon him. He literally was shaken. He fumbled and blushed and looked, at her and at me before she sat down.

New Year's Eve came, and before midnight we all gathered at the pool deck. As soon as the band began playing, we danced. Then the two guys walked in. I sensed Jana's excitement, immediately.

Paul is blond, 6' and 180 lb. Long hair. Jim is dark like me 5' 10" except he has no mustache. A clean cut kind of a guy, about 175 Lb, same size as Paul. My Jana is 5'' 6 "and 120 lb. max. Looking at the photo taking of us together in the ball room, no doubt about it, we looked great.

At the midnight stroke, Jana and I did our dance and kissed and then she said, "I'll be back."

I thought Jana was going to the bathroom. Well, I was wrong. She had gone to look for Paul and Jim. I should have known she was off to give them, what I call, her famous New Year's kiss.

At the back of the ball room, I found her French kissing one of them, and then the other while I watched. She dirty danced with each one of them. The next thing I knew she came over and sat down beside me. Giving me this, "Come fuck me look," she said, "Honey, DO you mind if I go do something for half an hour or so?" Immediately, I got this hard erection, knowing she was up to no good.

I said, "What do you have in mind?"

She said, "I'll tell you later."

I said, "No, I want to know."

She said, 'Well you know, your professor and his friend ?"

"Are they gay?" I asked.

"OMFG, they are far away from being gay. When I went and french kissed them, they asked me to spend the night with them in their suite. I told them, I can come for a little bit, and asked if they have drinks. They said they'll bring them with them."

I looked at her and got so aroused. "Go for it, and I want details!"

"You got it!" With that, she picked up my Martini poured it in her cup kissed me smack in the lips stuck her tongue in my throat and turned around with the sexist look on her face.

God she was beautiful. She was wearing a New Year's Eve sparking gorgeous red gown she had just bought in the ships dress shop. She was a sight to behold. I watched her walk out the door with flip of her hand, and her hips swaying. She was a woman on a mission, eager to taste two hungry men. With a final wave to me, she blew me a kiss. "I will see you," she said, "at our room later tonight."

I gathered my stuff up after a while and went to my cabin and had a terrific erection imagining all that was going on.

At about 2:30 a.m. the door opened. In walks Jana. She thought I was asleep until I jumped out of bed and pulled her down--undressed her naked--rubbed her from head to foot and said, "I want to hear it all."

"Did you have fun ?"

She said, "OMFG, yes. A night of my dreams!"

"How did it go?"

She said we went back to the bar sat between both them. Drank one more Martini and flirted with both.

"They touched me, and each rubbed my thighs. I rubbed Paul's thigh, 'Your stiff,' I told him."

"Was he really stiff?"

"Yeah, they both were."

"How did you know?"

"I could see the bulge in their pants."

"Did you start rubbing them at the bar?"

She said she did--and all too casually. Well, now my heart is pounding out of my chest and she's blushing.

I said, "Okay. Then what?"

"They said, 'Let's go see our suite,' and I agreed. We took off, and as you remember we passed by you."

"No, I didn't see you."

"Anyway, we took the elevator to the room, but nothing happened on the elevator. There were other people on it, so we were proper. Once we got to the room, they showed me around. I went out to see the balcony, and listened to the ocean sounds. We all had our drinks with us stood a little outside and talked."

"All right. All right. Give me more, what happened next?"

"Then Paul came from behind me. He held me tight against the rail. I could feel his dick in my ass through my clothes. He cupped my breasts, and I moaned. Then he turned me around and started kissing me first on the lips then on my neck--that really made me weak in the knees. I held him tight against me and reached the back of his head and pulled on his hair."

Jana stopped to get comfortable. Impatient I stroked her head. Somehow, I managed to control myself.

"Okay, go on, go on."

"He stuck his tongue in my ear, and that drove me nuts. And when he pressed his waist against mine, I felt his dick pressing against my pussy--my thighs spread wider--and he got in further and started rubbing me as Jim watched."

'Wow, you are something," he remarked. "Do I get a kiss too?" He continued to watch and reached for his drink.

"Jana, how did you handle that one?"

"I grinned. And when he came close, I wrapped his arm around my waist as he kissed me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth--I liked how he did it. And when the dark one did it--Jim--I was more turned on than ever."

Just hearing all this was making me hard as a rock, but I controlled myself, I wanted the full effect when it got so much I couldn't take it anymore. I told her to continue.

"When he pressed against my crotch, I was mush--I was so wet now--I was ready for anything.

Next thing I knew, one of them said, 'Lets go inside.' And we did. I sat on the couch, and each one of them came and sat next to me. We sipped on our drinks we started touching each other. I started rubbing Jim's dick through his tux. I was about to explode when he started passing his hand into my breasts, and then Paul did the same, but from the left side. Boy, was I hot!"

"Did they take you over to the bed, or what?"

"Yeah. It was then they took off my fancy shoes. Paul took one. Jim took the other one. I can't remember which one started unzipping my dress. We were kissing all the time through this. Once my dress came off, they both moaned. I figured it was my red lacy Victoria Secret bra and a matching red thong. I loved how they marveled at my body--touching me and kissing me--here I was between two men in only my bra and wet thong. It was wild."

"So what did they do next?"

"Well, now it was my turn. I grabbed their tuxes. Pulled on them to me. They took the hint, and in no time they were undressed. Jim laid me on down on the sofa and took my bra off, and proceeded to kiss my breasts, as Paul took all his clothes off and came at me with hard cock about 7 inches long. It was thick and circumcised. He took my panties off--dove in my pussy and started kissing and licking. I was moaning so loud I simply came right away--got my first orgasm in no time. Then I wanted a breather. So we took a few sips of our drinks, and moved back on to bed Now both men were naked, and I was ready for those dicks--to taste them. I stroked Jim's cock first and scratched his big balls with my long red nails. He started moaning."

About this time, I was ready to come with no penetration--just hearing her tell this story--but I wanted it all and demanded, "Did he come?"

"Not yet. Next I reached for Paul's dick and heard him moan, while Paul came after my breasts and laid me across on the bed. As I reached for his cock and started sucking it, Jim went down on me and started licking my pussy. Then suddenly, he stuck his dick in me--It startled me--I looked down at him--and gasped. Within 2 minutes, we both started screaming. Anybody in the hall could have heard us. But I didn't care--doubt they did either."

"I wish I could have been there to watch it all."

"Yeah, you would have loved it. Especially, when Paul came in my mouth--when he started calling--'God, Oh, my God!' I told him, 'You can call me Jana.' We all laughed. Then I got up went to the bathroom. After I showered and put on my clothes, I kissed them goodnight. Then I ran straight here."

By the time Jana finished talking, my dick had become hard--throbbing--oozing. I grabbed her and fucked her hard--then I turned her around penetrated her ass--fucked her into the loudest orgasm we'd had in months For sure, it was one hell of fucking night. And we're still talking about until this day.

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