My wife turns 46 today and my thoughts turn to our recent fantasy discussion. Though she swears she has no desire to have sex with another man, but I have a growing desire for her to do just that. It excites me to think of her riding atop another man; burying him deep inside her.

Before I go on, I must tell you that I often get the comment that I am robbing the cradle when people discover we are together. I'm 7 years older than her and she looks at least 10 years younger than her actual age. She is petite with an Irish decent she has fair skin with big green eyes. It's a girlish, sexy look!

Let me return to our fantasy discussions. In the past, her fantasy life involved either a vague character or an older distinguished man with graying hair. Yet our last conversation, which had a special heat to it, she mentioned that it was a younger man she dreamed of. It may be because I was now maturing into her younger year fantasies. The young man fantasy lured me to thoughts of raw lustful sex more than a mature couple's love making session and I grew rock hard at the thought of it.

To her surprise and possible distain, I told her if she had the chance to do it, she had my overwhelming permission carry out this to reality as long as she told me about it. There was a moment of thoughtful silence between us and the subject was changed.

There was only one more mention of the young man fantasy, when after a quick afternoon romp in the bedroom, I told her that I was thinking of her having sex with a younger man and it made me cum. She asked if I thought of her having sex with someone else often. I admitted I did. Again, the subject changed and life went on.

That is until we had a number of people over for a gathering for a group we are involved in. There are about 150 members of the group, but as usual you only see about 35 active participants. This night, there was an irregular - a good looking young man named Darren who seemed a bit shy. Not shy by nature, but maybe reeling from a broken relationship. He had an eye for my wife and she sure seemed to be enjoying it. Not one to flirt much and never one to tease, her behavior was quite noticeable to me. I encouraged her to make the newcomer comfortable and welcome. She obliged. By the end of the night they were talking and fully immersed in each other's company. As it happened everyone had left and I could see him become a bit uncomfortable as he was aware of hubby' standing there. I came right out and told him to stick around - the night was young. I winked at my wife as I turned and she blushed. How sweet I thought.

Darren had discovered that I was a massage therapist earlier in the evening and asked intriguing questions. He was authentically interested. Looking for a way to see if there was a fleeting chance to create a spark to getting things going, I asked if he'd like to learn a couple massage techniques. I quickly got out my massage table and asked Beth to be the student's recipient. She agreed. She began to lie on the table when I said she needed to take her top off. She began to protest in need of a blanket, but I said a bra was the same as a swimsuit top and helped her remove her sweater. I was almost shaking at this point. She tried laying face down, but I quickly returned her face up. Her breath was causing her breasts to rise up and down as I sat Darren in a chair at the head of the table where he stared straight down her cleavage.

I had him place his left hand under her neck and I placed his right hand on her chest between her breasts. I told him to pull with his left hand and push with his right which this soothes and stretches the neck. With a few more instructions Darren was oiling and massaging Beth's face, neck and chest. Beth was encouraging and melting at his touch. It was time for a move. I couldn't hold out much longer. I said we'd move to her legs as I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down. There she was in her bra and panties with a man she had just met. As he moved his hands up and down her legs I helped him with his hands to move them up to her panty line. I told her to turn over to her stomach and I unsnapped her bra and had him oil her back. I told Beth we were going to massage her glutes and I went for her panties. She tensed and I knew it was ending right there. My heart still pounding I was feeling at a loss. I gave one last assurance to her that it was OK. She relaxed and I slid the frilled lace down to her ankles as she lifted her feet for their removal. She lay there naked, relaxed, covered in oil with our fantasy man touching nearly every part of her body. I poured an over abundance of oil on to her cute little ass and we watched the oil soak down her crack to her already moist vagina. I told him to go ahead and massage everything. He was no fool. He began to work his way to the most sensitive area of her body, gently and carefully working his way closer. At this point Beth spread her legs enough for him to reach the destination. He sunk his finger in and then down to her clit and then back in and then back down to her clit. At this Beth said, "OK, I see where this is going". She turned over and looked straight at me, then to Darren. "Now it's my turn, she said" She helped with his first two buttons of his shirt and then moved to his belt and zipper while Darren finished removing his shirt.

He was ripped muscularly and his chest was free of hair. "Face up" she said. Darren got on the table with what looked like a massive flagpole shooting straight up in the air. Beth bent over casting the oil aside and began to suck and lick on his right nipple. She flicked and pulled the other nipple with her right hand while she ticked and flicked his throbbing member with her left hand. The triple is what I call that move. I knew what he was feeling as she did this. There is no return from this type of teasing. Just as she was about to push him over the edge she crawled on top of him and jetted her tongue in his mouth and circled his lips. They embraced sucking, kissing, and hot breathing and moaning. I thought I was in my fantasy world until it dawned on me I was standing there watching it unfold before me. It was then she instinctively knew we were thinking the same thing. She slide down, sat up and stroked his cock from behind her back. She led it to her awaiting swollen lips. She lowered herself down and began to take him in. With him being larger than me it was a stretch, but one she was enjoying. Once she relaxed, she lowered herself all the way and let him fill her. She milked him, tightening on the way up and relaxing herself back down this shaft. With her palms on his chest she continued this milking action until the young man's body tightened up like a spasm and he gushed like a geyser in her. From behind I saw the white fluid dripping down the inside of her thigh. It was then that she smiled. She had done it. I got to be part of it.

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